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1114 Angel Number: Deciphering This Beautiful Symbol

Angel numbers have a special place in our hearts. One way or another, many of us are eager to encounter these numbers. After all, there’s a strong belief that these numbers are messages coming from our guardian angels. 

Now, there are a lot of angel numbers out there. Every combination spells a different meaning. The list could go infinite, especially that your angels can use multiple sequences and figures to communicate with you. 

The 1114 angel number is one of the most significant angel numbers today. However, it is pretty essential to note that encountering this number is quite a rare occurrence. Therefore, if you feel that this number has been popping in your daily experiences significantly, you should feel blessed. After all, it holds a lot of promise. 

Are you interested to know about this angel number? Read on to find out. 

Angel Number 1114: Meanings and Interpretations

Upon witnessing this angel number, I immediately felt a different mixture of energies. There are two numbers that compose this figure: one and four. One is being repeated three times, which means that its energy has been multiplied a couple of times. Meanwhile, number four is placed on the last. However, it still imposes strength and dominance. 

strength and dominance

Because of this unique combination, the angel number 1114 symbolizes assertiveness and persistence. Keep in mind that the number one represents beginnings and fresh starts. With that being said, this angel number dictates you have the desire to take on new challenges. You have a burning spirit that seeks for adventures. You are motivated to do new things and experience all the things that you haven’t felt before. 

This kind of drive is a good thing, especially if duly enacted. You have to direct the energy given by the number into something useful. Utilize it as your main arsenal in pursuing a new career and learning. Ensure that it won’t go to waste. Make it as a source of your productiveness. The more it can make you goal-oriented, the bigger your chances to reap success sooner or later. 

The 1114 meaning could also indicate the call for you to grow and mature. Well, I am not speaking of your biological age here. Instead, I am referring to your spiritual and mental growth. When this number appears in your life, it could mean that you are being called to stop dawdling around. Your guardian angels know that you can’t fulfill your life purpose and soul mission if you keep losing on track. 

As a result, you are already required to establish a sense of responsibility, focus, and self-initiation. You need to acquire these skills and traits to succeed in this life. If you keep on being complacent, you will never realize your true potentials. You are a rough gem. There’s a need to refine you so that you can shine. Yes. Your guardian angels believe that you deserve all the good things in life. But without effort, you will never get them.

Angel number 1114 is proof that your spiritual guides are encouraging you to be the best that you can be. 

Other Meanings of 1114 Angel Number

There are other things that you should know about the angel number 1114. Just like I said earlier, being a recipient of this number is a blessing. It can give people different gifts and opportunities. 

Here are some of them:



When you have the angel number 1114 in your life, you are bound to experience a sense of positivity. Your situation could be dire and severe. But with this number, you will be able to feel hope and courage. The repetition of the number one on this angel number proves that you have the capacity to create good things for yourself. Just believe that your guardian angels are there to help you out. As long as you exert effort, it will never be in vain.

So instead of being grumpy and despondent, it is essential that you can keep your chin high. Every challenge that you are facing right now is just temporary. There are still a lot of things that you have to be thankful for. For them, you shouldn’t feel too cynical or negative. Attract positive energies as it can help you turn the odds.

Love and Loyalty

Love and Loyalty

When this angel number appears in your life, it means that you need to double your time in showing your affection to the people you care. There’s no need to search for love because you have already found it. You are surrounded by beautiful souls that simply want the best for you. Show your appreciation by loving them unconditionally. It is the perfect time for you to cherish your family and friends that have been with you through thick and thin. 

Romantic relationships are just around the corner. You just have to take the initiative to spark things up. Just keep in mind that the number 1 on the angel number 1114 has been repeated many times. Therefore, you are being called to make the shots if you want to win someone’s heart. Show that you are sincere. Express your desire and intentions. As long as you remain wholesome, you will really get a love that you can hold for a long time!

Finding a loyal partner is quite difficult these days. But with the appearance of this angel number, you have the assurance that it is completely possible. Be patient and assertive at the same time. 

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Bottom Line

Angel number 1114 is an existence that you should not ignore. It is a message from realms that we haven’t reached yet. It may contain instructions and promises that are meant for us. Being able to know them should give us a clear direction as to what we should do with our lives. 

Don’t be scared if the 1114 angel number appears frequently. It could just mean that there’s something urgent that you have to attend. It is pivotal that you can respond to its real intentions for you. Trust me. It will be for your ultimate good. 

If you have other questions about angel numbers, don’t hesitate to drop them below.

4 thoughts on “1114 Angel Number: Deciphering This Beautiful Symbol”

  1. Point well take, Carol ! A lot of people missed big opportunities in their lives and career just because they tend ignore Angel numbers when they appear at one point of their lives. In my personal experience, the number 1114 made me do the leap of faith- and brought me to where I am now. How do we even know that it’s the sign? Well, believe we just need to trust our gut feeling!

  2. Thank you for this post Carol. I read many on 1114 but I think this one described my experience with this number the best especially the part about feeling hope and courage again. I have been having personal issues lately but every since I started seeing 1114 I have felt a sense of ease. Thanks again!


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