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The 838 Angel Number And The Concept Of Karma

It is quite great to experience or witness the wonders of 838 angel numbers. It is an influential figure in numerology that contains a myriad of implications for your life. 

Of course, there’s a need to explore these angel numbers. They are far from being mundane and ordinary. While it is true that it is too easy to feel skeptical about them, it is still better to have faith in them. 

Interestingly, the angel number 838 carries wonderful symbolisms. Most of them, when inspected properly, are there to transform your life for good. It can help you discover some aspects about you that can help you realize and materialize success. If you want to learn the specifics about this number, read on. 

838 Angel Number: Meanings And Interpretations

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The powers brought by the angel number 838 have magnitudes that couldn’t be ignored. It provides a platform for its recipients to enjoy the spiritual wonders that the higher planes have showered this world. 

Understanding this number will bring us as to how it is constructed. The combination of 8 and 3 is quite integral here. It is peculiar as compared to the harmonious 828 angel number. Nonetheless, it still holds energies that are equally riveting. Since number 8 appeared twice, this means that the urgency of the number has been amplified.

  • Number 8 speaks about you. Specifically, it tells us that you have the capabilities to make yourself great. All you need to do is to trust yourself and gain self-confidence. Of course, self-esteem is different from haughtiness. Your guardian angels don’t want you to be cocky at all. 

    Another essential symbolism of number 8 is authority. It could be to yourself or to other people. It works the same way. Being able to govern your emotions and actions is an essential feat to harmonize yourself with the world around you. Moreover, this angel number pertains to the concept of giving and receiving, positive thoughts, and the need to contribute holistically to the growth of others. In short, this number represents the cycle of karma. Do good things, and good things will come to you in return. 
  • Number 3 indicates happiness and vitality. It is a number that defines the importance of happiness in one’s success and development. It has been said that people who are joyful and stress-free are more impervious to sickness than those who are dreaded by negativity. A soul expands if it has joy and contentment on its core.

    Also, number 3 expresses the value of enthusiasm. Growth doesn’t happen if you are not passionate about trying new things. You can only manifest realities if you are zealous enough to forget them. Enthusiasm and optimism are interrelated concepts. Hence, there’s a need for you to change your life stance. Start to become proactive. See the positive things in life. 

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Overall, the 838 angel number is a message that you are doing just fine. You are on the correct path, and you should do your best to keep it that way. Do not let temptations or forms of immaturity veer you away from your true purpose. The appearance of this angel number can be seen as a type of encouragement. Your guardian angels are telling you to keep ongoing. They are sending positive energies so that you can continue your journey toward the light. 

Moreover, the 838 angel number is an instruction that you need to unravel your abilities. All of us have been blessed with gifts. We did not come to this world empty-handed. Since the day we were born, we are already wielding unique talents. The only thing that hinders us from using them is our obliviousness toward them. It is the time that you have to reflect. Seek higher forms of wisdom so that you will be able to uncover the actual capabilities that you possess.

It is also interesting to note that the angel number 838 is encouraging you to be creative. It wants you to form your own realities by being constructive and efficient. Utilize your skills and talents so that you can seize whatever goals or dreams you have. You are the only one capable of doing this to yourself. Never doubt and elevate your current position to the highest standards. 

Angel Number 838: Others Meanings and Symbolism

Learning How To Be Considerate

838 angel number -  Learning How To Be Considerate
838 angel number – Learning How To Be Considerate

One of the important implications of angel number 838 is kindness and awareness of the things that are happening around you. Keep in mind that this world does not revolve to anyone–even yourself. All your actions should be considerate enough so that you will not harm or take advantage of others. Achieving success by stepping on someone is not good. 

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Similarly, you should not pursue your happiness in a manner that other people’s happiness will be robbed from them. You have to be responsible. You have been given the gifts not to hurt others, but to help them instead. Trust me. You can be happy without ruining the lives of others. And that’s something that you have to achieve.


838 angel number -  Reciprocality
838 angel number – Reciprocality

As I mentioned earlier, number 8 is the symbolism of karma. The things that you do will reflect on the things that you get. Those who are showing positive vibes will experience the same jovial feeling in return. 

Of course, you should see this one as a warning. You see, it is a reminder that you need to be cautious about your actions. It is the very reason why the angel number 838 wants you to be as considerate and holistic as possible. Since all of your efforts are accounted for, you have to make sure that none of them can cause misfortunes to you. 

Do not aggravate others. Do not abuse your powers or position to take advantage of the situation. Remain to be good and work for the betterment of the world. 


These are the meanings of the 838 angel number. There are a lot of exciting takeaways that you can get from it. On the surface, it is a numerical symbolism of positivity and repercussions. Overall, it reminds us that our actions are met with various stipulations. Hence, there’s a need for us to be prudent and contemplative at all times. 

That’s it for now. If you have questions about angel numbers, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. 

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