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About Us

This is dedicated to people who are interested and enthusiastic about the world of psychic interpretations and revelations. Nowadays, people are already growing accustomed to the benefits of psychic readings and interventions. Across the globe, you can see millions of people trying to make sense to some of the most pressing questions in their lives through the help of psychics.

Because of this, I did get the idea of putting up a platform where people who seek the help of clairvoyant and extra-gifted individuals can gather. In this site, I have incorporated numerous guides and articles that expound the mysterious of our mundane world. I made sure that all of those who visit this site will be able to find these readings worthwhile. Even if you are skeptical about this particular field, you won’t find the contents strange and utterly foolish. 

All the things that I have put on DejaDream are the results of my daily contemplations and meditation. Day by day, I encounter different things that lead me to various realizations. I always take the time to mull, and through some unseen forces or energies, my mind became receptive to these enigmatic experiences. Specifically, I have the ability to unravel these things. Once I see their real implications, I immediately share them to this site.

Of course, I am not alone in this endeavor. I have a lot of psychic mediums who also contribute to DejaDream. What we do is usually link ourselves with another so that we can have synchronized ideas. We exercise our clairvoyance and spiritual receptiveness so that we can able to see past through things. Our readings, despite being delivered simple, are a product of our mindfulness and connection to energies coming from higher realms. 

In DejaDream, I am hoping that you will be able to find something relevant. If you are looking for answers to some questions that you have a hard time to answer, you can come to us. We will do our best to help you find the exact meaning to the thing that is mystifying you. 

We cover a lot of fields here. One way or another, some of our psychic readings will really appeal and make sense to you. Here are some of the psychic-related topics that I discuss on DejaDream:

? Angel Numbers

Angel Numbers

This site of mine has been focused on delivering answers and interpretations to various angel number that people encounter. You see, some numbers do not appear unless they are intended to. If you are beginning to notice that some numbers have been present in your life, then you should take time and contemplate. There’s a good chance that they are messages and signs coming from your guardian angels. If you want to discover their meanings, you can refer to this site.

?Spirit Animals And Totems

Spirit Animals And Totems

Even if you are not a psychic enthusiast, there’s still a high probability that you accept the idea of spirit animals. This concept is pretty standard nowadays. People openly discuss them daily. Many consider this as a simple topic. However, one should know that spirit animals can be explicitly connected to our lives. There are some creatures out there that represent your soul and personality. In some cases, these spirit animals represent the things that you need to become or achieve. 

Do you want to know more about your spirit animal? Better check it now on this link!

✔️Dream Interpretations

Dream Interpretations

Dreams are powerful. They serve as windows to our souls and a portal to higher and otherworldly dimensions. Even the field of science cannot fathom the exact explanation as to why dreams occur. For us psychics and spiritualists, dreams have deeper implications. Every setting and element that are present in the hazy world of your dreams have certain symbolism. They don’t occur randomly. Some serve as reminders, while others are visions of what to come. 

Do you have a dream that keeps on rolling in your head? You can find explanations for them here!



Zodiacs are a pivotal part of the lives of many people. It is undeniable that many right now based their decisions and actions on the zodiac readings that they get every day. When a reputable psychic gives a zodiac interpretation, somehow it makes sense right? Of course, these zodiacs are relevant to various aspects such as relationships, work, and even family life. The alignment of stars has an influence on how things work out for you. 

If you have questions about zodiac signs, you should check out my readings here.

There are other psychic-related subjects that I am planning to include in DejaDream. I am looking forward to meeting more people who share the same enthusiasm as I have about these matters. You can always make this site as your home. If you are looking for help with these matters, don’t shy away from seeking help from me! 

About The Author

Carol J. Aguilar

Carol J. Aguilar is a professional and expert and psychic medium. Her gifts manifested when she was still five years old. She has always been seen with extreme clairvoyance and extraordinary abilities to unravel some of the mysteries of the day-to-day world. 

As the owner of, Aguilar wishes to extend her gifts to others. Specifically, she is aiming to help people who are in need of the service of reputable psychic mediums. With her skill sets, she assures that all the interpretations and readings she does are real and sensible. She is far from those people who are pretending to be psychics.

Aguilar has a record of predictions that actually came through. Her previous clients can attest that she is a medium with strong receptiveness to the elements and energies. She has a profound spiritual connection which allows her to “see through things.” You can consider her as a seer and an oracle. But for her, she is just using her innate skills and talents. 

Aside from her natural gifts, Aguilar is also a well-learned woman. She has a degree in Psychology and currently works as an entrepreneur and content contributor to other psychic sites. 

She created this site for the purpose and intent to extend help to other people. All of you are welcomed to read all of the topics that she discussed here. 

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