Angel Number 123 And Its Progressive Meanings To Your Life

It is somewhat confusing if you keep seeing the angel number 123 in your daily experiences. At first, you shrug the encounter off. But sooner or later, you have begun to realize that the number is seemingly ubiquitous already. At this point, you know that its existence is far from being a coincidence. 

So what is the meaning of the 123 angel number? How does it impact your life, and how can you take advantage of it?

Well, to figure out the answer to these baffling questions, you should check out the sincere interpretations I’ve made for this angel number in the later sections. See if any of these revelations ring a bell to you. 

Let’s get started. 

Angel Number 123: Meanings And Symbolisms

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Allow me to emphasize the angel number 123 is among the thousands of angel numbers in existence. Hence, you should never treat it with indifference, as its appearance is a sign that you are receiving guidance from your guardian angels. 

Angel numbers are numbers that are believed to be of divine origin. For example, the number seven is believed to be the number of the angels and, therefore, a number of great significance in the eyes of the angels. Numbers can be assigned meanings in different ways. Some people believe that the angels can place a message into your mind, but the number itself does not represent that message. Other people believe that the angels have assigned meanings to numbers and that these numbers can include both single digits and compound numbers (such as 11:11).

Angel number 123 is the same thing. Hence, it is better that we explore the individual nature of the numbers that create this extraordinary angel number.

  • Angel number 1 symbolizes something small coming into your life to make a huge impact. Like a crack in a wall that eventually becomes a gaping hole that cannot be repaired, the number 1 shows that things, no matter how small, can have a binding effect on the present. Angel number 1 is also the number for new beginnings. It is a reminder to start fresh and to put old baggage behind you. It is a reminder to start new projects and maintain a positive attitude, keep a smile on your face, and keep your chin up.
  • Angel number 2 is a sign from your angels that they are trying to get your attention. It is asking you to look around you and to see where you are going and where you have been. You have been asked to take a closer look at your life and what your life purpose is. Angel number 2 is trying to tell you that you have been given a gift and that you should explore it. There is something unique to you, and angel number 2 is encouraging you to find it. Angel number 2 wants you to be happy in life, and that includes doing what you love and being with the people that you love.  
  • Angel number 3 has always been a number associated with the spiritual world. It is a number symbolizing balance, harmony, and union. It is associated with the angels and is a very sacred number when it comes to the world of angels. The number 3 represents the Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, the three parts that make up the whole, a perfect union of the Divine. Angel number 3 is also a sign from your angels, letting you know that everything is in alignment and that you are moving in a positive direction.

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With these implications, we can already interpret the meaning of angel number 123:

Angel number 123 is somehow referred to as the “number of man.” Some interpret this to mean that this number is only a small piece of a larger picture, while others interpret this as meaning that you should take one step at a time. The number 123 also signifies a message from your guardian angel. This angelic message is telling you that you are capable of greatness and that you are able to get things done on your own. You should use this time in your life to focus on your spiritual side and to do things that you might not get the chance to do in the future.

Angel number 123 is said to be an auspicious number for many, and that anything that is related to the number 123 is said to bring luck and happiness to a person’s life. This number is also a reminder that you are getting guidance and help from angelic beings. 

Moreover, angel number 123 is a symbolism of progression. Keep in mind that these numbers are following one another. They are a sequence, and that has a lot of implications for your life. This number is reminding you that the things you do have rippling effects. You sow good things, and better results will come sooner or later. Keep doing bad things, and something horrible will come after you. It is also a reminder that this life is a journey. You cannot reach a particular destination without taking baby steps. 

123 Angel Number: Other Meanings And Implications

Finding Your Purpose

Angel Number 123 - Finding Your Purpose
Angel Number 123 – Finding Your Purpose

The angel number 123 serves as an instruction that you have a life purpose that you need to find and fulfill. Now, it is difficult to stumble on this particular realization, but you have to strengthen your resolve to discover it. After all, the appearance of the 123 angel number is already proof that you are nearing that particular goal. Once you know what you are meant to do, your life will be put into order. Everything would make sense. You would be able to see all the possibilities that you can seize. 

Living A Life Of Simplicity

Angel Number 123 - Living A Life Of Simplicity
Angel Number 123 – Living A Life Of Simplicity

Interestingly, the 123 angel number resonates with the symbolism of simplicity. You see, the number is a combination of the numbers 1, 2, and 3. These are the first three numbers if we exclude 0. They are not grand, but they are not weak either. They are telling that a simple life is not bad, especially because it promotes a healthy balance between your wants and priorities. The angel number might serve as a reminder that you don’t obsess yourself with material riches. Instead, seek simplicity and pursue a life of spirituality. 


Overall, the angel number 123 is a type of sign from the universe that is telling you to pay attention to what is happening and to trust in the journey that is unfolding around you. The message your angels are sending through this angel number is always positive, guiding you to a life of abundance, love, and peace.

That’s it for now. If you want to know more about spirit animals, dream meanings, and angel numbers, drop a question in the comment section below.

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