Are You In Love? These 7 Signs Help You Find Out

Are You In Love? These 7 Signs Help You Find Out. Hello everyone. I hope all of you are doing fine. May all of you be in safe conditions and in the care of your loved ones. 

Today, we are going to discuss love. Specifically, I am going to share with you some of the hints and tell-tale signs that you are in love with another person. 

Of course, I know that the feeling of love is different from one being to another. Maybe you are among those people who can immediately tell that they are falling to someone. Or, if not, you are those who often get confused about the feeling. 

Luckily, there are hints that would tell if the feeling you have for another person is love or just infatuation. Your body has a good way of making itself subtly obvious when it comes to this matter.

Always remember the following signs as they might help you elucidate what your heart actually feels!

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You Always Catch Yourself Staring At Them

You might not notice it, but the instances that you stare at someone could be a sign that you are into them. 

Surely, this is different from the normal staring that you do from time to time. A person who is in-love gazes passionately and intently. When you stare at a person that captured your heart, things are going flowery in your head. 

Staring is a sign of fixation. So it is completely normal for love-struck people to keep on staring at the being that captivated their hearts. 

In fact, there are studies that suggest that partners that often stare at each other have stronger romantic attachments than those who don’t. The next time you caught yourself staring at a person uncontrollably, you might need to ask yourself what you are feeling. 

It Feels Intoxicating

It Feels Intoxicating - Are you in love
It Feels Intoxicating – Are you in love ?

Love is like a drug. Many said it, and many can attest it, as well. 

It is entirely reasonable if you feel that you are losing your head whenever you are in love with a person. A particular study from the Kinsey Institute was able to discover that the brain of a person who is “emotionally in-love” has the same appearance as the brain of a person who has a significant dosage of cocaine. 

Of course, that’s not something unusual. You can blame the hormone called “dopamine,” which is considered one of the happy hormones. 

Sure enough, this particular “love symptom” is one of the apparent reasons as to why some people who are in love tend to act and decide irrationally. 

The Object Of Your Affection Is Running On Your Thoughts

Those who have experienced falling in love know how difficult it is to remove the person-of-their-interest in their minds. You will eventually realize that you are into someone if their thought keeps hanging on your head. 

One of the plausible reasons for this condition is due to the hormone “phenylethylamine,” which is released by your brain. Interestingly, this hormone is also referred to as the “love drug.”

When phenylethylamine hormone is present in your brain, it induces a heavy dose of infatuation. 

Even if you are not in love, you can still experience the power of this hormone when eating chocolates. It is one of its ingredients, which also explains why we can’t get enough with just a single bite. 

Pretty sweet, right?

Their Happiness Is Your Priority

Their Happiness Is Your Priority - Are You In Love
Their Happiness Is Your Priority – Are You In Love

One of the important signs of love is the irresistible desire to make a person happy. Genuine love should be equal. It should follow the give-and-take concept. But sometimes, you just want to prioritize their happiness over yours. 

This kind of love is definitely impactful. Anyone who becomes a recipient will feel overwhelmed and valued. It is one of the effective ways of showing your sincerity and dedication. 

Compassionate love is considered as one of the signs of blooming and healthy partnership. It indicates that you are willing to give all of your best so that you can make your partner delighted, safe, and content. 

These acts do not need to be extravagant, too. The simple gestures of reminding them never to skip their meals or putting an umbrella over their head during a heavy downpour are signs that you are a sincere person.

You Are Perplexed And Baffled

Love does not only carry happy feelings. It can also become a source of stress, anxieties, and any form of emotional distress. When you are in love, there’s a tendency that your brain is going to release cortisol–the hormone that is related to stress. It is part of the surge that happens whenever someone is falling in love. 

Once you have noticed that you are not yourself, then don’t fret yet. You might need to examine yourself and find the source why you are feeling a little agitated. Maybe you are just stressing because of love. 

Pain Means Nothing

Surprisingly, love is also about reducing the pain you feel and the tolerance for it. Of course, I am not talking about emotional pain here; that’s one of the repercussions of falling in love with someone. 

Instead, I am talking about physical pain here. When you get resistant to it, that could be a good sign that you are in love with a person. 

One study conducted by the Stanford University School of Medicine allowed some participants to look at the pictures of the people they love. This particular action caused the reduction of moderate pain by approximately 40% and extreme pain by 15%. 

If ever if you are going to partake in something that could cause excruciating pain, you might want to look at the display photo of your loved one on their Facebook or Instagram accounts. That could be handy. 

You Become A Version 2.0

People who are in love are prone to impress the being that holds their affection. It is quite evident when these love birds finally get into a formal relationship. They will show sides that they have never exposed before. 

However, if they keep “showing off” consistently, that’s a sign that they have indeed fallen for each other. People who experienced being bitten by the love bug often tell that they acquired various interests, hobbies, and personality traits. Most of the time, these things produce positive effects, and that’s a good thing!

Have you ever felt these symptoms? 

Share your experiences in the comment section below!

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