5 Bat Symbolism That You Should Be Aware Of

Bats are mysterious beings. They are often associated with evil and dark forces, as they are dwellers of the night. Right now, many people are quite scared of these creatures. The recent strain of coronavirus is believed to derive from these bats. 

However, when taken spiritually, bats aren’t so bad. The bat symbolism is actually a mixture of surprises and reminders for us to take in. You shouldn’t underestimate these winged mammals because they can actually help you connect better with your spirituality. 

Bat Symbolism: Meaning And Interpretations

As I said, the bats are natural inhabitants of the darkness. They don’t operate during day time. It made people think that these bats are harbingers of evil and other ominous events. However, it is guaranteed that these bats don’t mean any harm at all. Even in the spiritual aspect of your life, these bats can actually be beneficial. 

Happiness and Blessings

In the context of Chinese culture, bats symbolize happiness and wonders. In the region, they see the creatures as a sign of blessings that could potentially come to a person’s life. 

For instance, if an individual sees ten bats flying or hovering above, then it means that the said person will receive tenfold blessings. These bounties are usually associated with material wealth. But sometimes, they could also refer to health, long lifespan, and peace. They also believe that the presence of bats means that a person can receive a peaceful existence and departure to this world. 

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In some Western regions, some people make bat totems and statues. They tend to insert gold coins on the mouths of the bat. They believe that doing this would attract positive energies to homes and properties. Meanwhile, some traditions suggest that hanging bats on the doors and walls could protect people from sickness and unwanted misfortunes.


The bat has a different context if you are going to take it as a dream symbolism. Specifically, the bat symbolizes rebirth and rejuvenation whenever you see it in your dreams. It could indicate that a part of you will be reborn. If you are in a difficult situation right now, the bat will symbolize your escape. It represents the closing of a chapter. 


The bat in your dream could also represent some untapped potentials inside you. They are kept in the dark for too long, and you need to realize them. You have to harness whatever skills and gifts that you have. Perhaps if you can do this, the bat would transcend into something else. As of now, you can see the dream as a reminder that there are several things that you need to improve. 

Inherent Sensitivity

Bats are known to be sensitive creatures. They can pick changes in their environment that other animals don’t. They detect if there are dangers nearby. And even if they are blind, they are more proficient in sensing things, which is quite unique and impressive at the same time. But of course, it could be their blindness that made them extra sensitive. 

And because of that, it is already clear that one of the bat symbolism is sensitivity. It could be in the form of intuition, clairvoyance, spiritual awareness, or heightened senses. People who have the bat as spirit animals have a keen perception of their surroundings. They can even know if a person that interacts with them has bad or good intentions.

Furthermore, the bat symbolizes the innate ability of a person to be attentive. Specifically, those that possess the bat spirit animal have extreme attention to details. They can spot minimal changes and inconsistencies. They eventually know if a person is lying. They can heighten their awareness to avoid dangers and possible threats that are coming on their way. 


Of course, I cannot disregard the fact that the bat symbolizes tragedies and disasters. It is inevitable. One way or another, people will realize that this creature is actually related to these negative things. 

However, this doesn’t mean that the misfortunes that are anchored to this creature are life-threatening. Sometimes, it could indicate the loss of a job, damaged relationship, or dwindling resources. 

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In many cultures and traditions, the presence means a bad omen. Specifically, its presence implies someone that is close to you has passed already. It is quite a scary thought, but once you accept the fact that death is a part of the natural process, then you will perceive the bats as messengers. You don’t have to fear them. You just need to understand that they are there for a reason.

Bravery and Boldness

There’s a given notion that people are scared of the dark. Nobody wants to venture places that have poor or low illumination. Nobody wants to go and explore dark forests because of the fear that there are dangerous creatures that are lurking nearby. 

Bravery and Boldness

Interestingly, bats thrive in this kind of environment. They are those creatures that are comfortable to live away from the light. This doesn’t mean that they are evil creatures. It just goes to show that they are brave enough to venture on places where others fear to tread. 

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Because of that, bats symbolize bravery. It is a trait that you should embody. It will make you not fear to go to the unknown and jump into decisions that have no certainty. You are just not scared because you know that you are being guided by your guardian angels. 

I suggest that you incorporate this value into your life. One way or another, you will only answer the unknown if you are brave enough to go over your doubts and anxieties. You will find peace right after a big hurdle. You should always think that being brave is beneficial to you.

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Right now, you are already aware of the importance of bats as spiritual creatures. Whether they appear as a totem, spirit animal, or a symbol in your dream, this winged mammal is just there to provide guidance to you. Understand their existence and believe that they will not do any harm to you. 

That’s it for now. If you have questions about spirit animals, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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