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Biblical Meaning Of Snakes In Dreams: Should You Be Worried?


The biblical meaning of snakes in dreams don’t really give a good foreboding. Right from the start, snakes are not treated well. They represent betrayal, treachery, and the most sinister form of evil deeds.

Always remember that in the time of creation, the devil took the form of a snake to tempt Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. That alone gave the absolute conception that snakes are creatures that are equivalent to deception and misfortune.

You cannot see any references in the bible that snakes have good attributes. Ever since the world of Christianity and even Islam has a bad connotation to snakes. Therefore, if you are searching for good fortunes, you must never make the snake as your spiritual totem or animal. You will not get anything good.

What Does The Bible Say About Snakes In Dreams?

Just like I said, snakes are not the very creatures that you want if you are searching for fortune and pleasant tidings. They are the exact opposite of it. Even in your life, you call those toxins and traitors as “snakes.” When a snake suddenly appears in your life, there is a chance that will be encountering problems or issues.

Enemy and Difficulties

There are various ways you can meet a snake. Most of the time, those that have ominous symbolisms are encounters in dreams or visions. Once you have dreamt of a snake, there’s a good chance that it is not just a product of your playful mind. Instead, it is a message that there are difficulties that you will face eventually.

Enemy and Difficulties

Majority of biblical scholars believe that snakes represent your worst enemies. When they appear on your dreams, it means that you are drawn to conflicts with those things that are opposing your victory. They will use a lot of methods to defeat you. Such of these are deceit and trickery. For instance, if you are trying to reach your objectives, there are obstacles that will interfere you along the day.

Sometimes, the enemy does not appear in physical form. Sometimes, it is on your mind. You can feel it most when the ideas of hopelessness and defeat come to your senses. Although you don’t welcome them, their presence is quite strong. It is then that you should realize that there is a “snake” that is creeping in your life. You need to expel it; otherwise, you will not get to your objectives.

Poison and Death

Dreams of snakes can also mean that your life is on peril. In the biblical context, snakes are bringers of death. They are regarded with such kind of identity that it is quite difficult to remove such a notion to them. While other interpreters believe that snakes are not that bad because of their said “medicinal” purposes, the bible says otherwise.

Other snakes will kill you through constricting your body. However, the most terrifying way they can kill you is through the venom they carry. When struck, the fatality is almost close to 100%. If there are antivenoms present, survival is not guaranteed. And even if there are, permanent can still be sustained.

In your life, the snake represents people or things that are consuming your life. Those predicaments that are draining your enthusiasm and energy should be avoided at all cost. There’s no point to fight them. Creating resistance is almost a futile. The best thing that you can do is avoid them. You cannot change the kind of poison that is present on these predicaments. However, you can always change your path.

For instance, if you are being offered to do something sketchy (such as taking illegal drugs), you should turn it down immediately. That’s something that your mind and body will regret. It will slowly kill you. There are other things that can alleviate your stress or make you feel good. Drugs should not be a part of this. The bible has a strong condemnation against these things. They are killers to your mortal body and invisible soul. In short, they are snakes.

The spiritual meaning of snakes in dreams could also be the unexpected death of a family member, close friend, or relative. Seeing the creature in your dream in a very morbid way is quite alarming. It is not something that you should take lightly. Once this vision appears, you have to ask your closest circle if they are doing okay. Are they healthy? Are they suffering from illnesses? These questions might help you save a life.

Spiritual Enemies

What does the bible say about snakes in dreams? Perhaps, the best explanation that I can give here is wickedness and evil deeds. Nothing more. Nothing less. You see, snakes in biblical representation are spiritual enemies. A lot of scholars believe that the snake is representative of the devil. Others think that the creature is a symbol of any objects or things that are against the will of God.

Sin is one of the things that are commonly attached to snakes. Because sin is the very thing that God hates, then it is not an exaggeration if Christianity and other world religions will visualize it through the form of a snake. Always remember that the very first sin in this world took place through the invention of a snake. Therefore, any spiritual battles that you have could be due to this deceitful reptile.

Is your faith fragile? Are you having difficulties in praying? Do you sense fear and danger? These are some of the “symptoms” that could indicate that you are being attacked by your spiritual enemy. But once you have dreamt of a snake, this assumption is already valid.

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By far, the bible doesn’t say anything good about a snake. It is always antagonistic about this creature. It is still being labeled as evil and ominous. Somehow, I am inclined to believe this. After all, even in other fields and beliefs, the snake is not seen with positive traits. This reptile is always connected with betrayal and sickness.

Dreaming about a snake is an issue already. Depending on the context, the repercussions could be severe. The best thing that you need to do prevent these unwanted predicaments is to pray.

That’s it for now. If you have some questions that require biblical explanations and interpretation, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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  1. I am walking & I saw a lot of snakes in my dream last night in my way , with different colors .
    What does it mean? I’m worried

    • Although the dream appears to be worrisome, it should not cause any concerns.

      Seeing colored snakes mean that you are experiencing roller coasters in your life. Walking in front of them means that you have to face or deal with them. Otherwise, they will affect your day to day living.

      The portrayal of snakes is an indicator that you are scared in dealing with your emotional issues. You dont want others to see your weak side. But if you want to grow, then you have no other choice but face them head on!

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