The Blue Jay Spirit Animal And Its Meanings

There are numerous spirit animals out there. We have discussed a significant number of them already. One of the most obvious ones that people always look for is the blue jay. 

The blue jay is a wonderful bird. It is small, but it is alluring enough to catch your attention. Throughout time, many cultures and traditions see this bird in a special manner. They use it as a totem to give them a special affinity toward the powers around them. 

This time, allow me to explain to you the implications of having this spirit animal. If you feel a special connection to this creature, then I encourage you to read on. 

Blue Jay Spirit Animal

A significant number of my readers have told me to interpret the blue jay for them. Accordingly, they have extraordinary encounters with this bird, which made them think that it is connected to their lives. 

Well, if you feel that the blue jay is your spirit animal, you are quite fortunate. After all, this bird brings good fortune and provides a person with the necessary qualities that will make him/ her succeed in life. Here are some of those things that the bird can give to you. 

Inquisitive Mind

Inquisitive Mind

They always say that curiosity is the first step to discovery. Humanity did not evolve without this particular trait on hand. People who are curious and inquisitive tend to know more than those individuals who think that they have all the necessary knowledge in this world. 

Inquisitiveness means that you can work well in uncertain situations. You are not afraid to delve into the unknown and seek the answer for yourself. You do not settle to feelings of doubts because you precisely know that it will not lead you to a better place. Instead, you tend to probe and interrogate. You seek answers to every question your mind is asking. 

And so, it is entirely for you to feel stressed and perplexed over matters. After all, you don’t need to do some stressful guessing. Nothing is hidden in your life because you are curious enough to reveal all the unknowns in your life. 

If you are a student, this particular trait of blue jay is quite useful. It improves your mental strength by being able to question everything that is being taught to you. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you are going to challenge your teachers and professors; instead, you will gain the heart to learn more beyond the four corners of your classroom. 

One way or another, your curiosity and desire to learn new stuff are things that will serve as the grounds for your success. 

Openness To Communication

When the blue jay comes into your mind, this is a sign that you are indeed someone that people can easily talk to. 

Openness To Communication

You see, the advent of technology enabled communication to become more diverse and easier. It is not a problem anymore if we want to communicate with someone that is from a distant place or country. But at the same time, this development has eroded our ability to be open with ourselves. It somehow forced us to depend on these modern means of communication to talk with others in a virtual platform. In real life, people barely talk and shy to start up a conversation. 

This is the particular blue jay omen that I want to address. Being able to communicate is something that is important to human survival. Keep in mind that many people these days commit suicide because they can’t express that they are suffering inside. Mental issues like depression are not lethal at first; they only become deadly if the person that suffers them was not able to share his/ her problems.

Communication is vital. Perhaps the blue jay omen is suggesting that you have to exercise this skill. Right from the start, you are a person that has been seen with this particular talent. Specifically, you are good at communicating with others. Aside from that, you excel in encouraging them to talk with you. People see you as a person worth trusting. Therefore, they don’t find it too difficult to share their burdens with you. 

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At this point, I do believe that this is one of the most important spiritual gifts that a person can get these days. It is something that you have to treasure and practice so that you can develop it even further. And since the blue jay visited you already, there’s no point anymore to keep it hidden. 

Blue Jay Feather Meaning

Interestingly, I have heard people that they saw some of the feathers of a blue jay throughout their journey. The most riveting part about this is that the feathers are seemingly vibrating with energy. The feathers seem to be too unnatural to be ignored.

And so, they keep on asking if there’s something that should be realized here.

Well, that encounter is something that you have to be happy about. This particular object symbolizes happiness and contentment in life. When this thing appears to you in the most unexpected situations, it is a sign that your life will experience periods of unmatched delight. Things will fall right into their places, and you will find satisfaction in your current status. 

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But even amidst struggling times, the appearance of the feather of blue jay is an assurance that there’s nothing that you should worry about. All these periods of difficulties will certainly end. You just have to trust that God is with you, and there’s nothing that you need to fear. In fact, you should use this opportunity to hone yourself. 

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With all of these things stated, it is pretty evident that people who possess the blue jay spirit animal or blue jay totem are blessed individuals. They are the ones that have a special affinity to things that can make the world and their lives better. If you are among those people that have been embraced by this creature, I recommend that you practice whatever spiritual gifts that it gives to you. Trust me. It will make you a better and happier person. 

That’s it for now. If you have questions about spirit animals and their symbolism, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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