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The Cobra Symbol: How This Might Snake Represents You?

The cobra can be considered as a deadly creature. It is a venomous snake that has a lethal potency. One untreated strike from this reptile can guarantee a fatality. That’s the very reason why a lot of people will never dare to cross ways with this snake.

However, this doesn’t mean that the cobra is not a spirit animal. This being is still one of those prominent creatures that have mystifying symbolism. When they appear to your dreams or your experiences in a very unusual manner, there’s a good chance that you are being called by them.

The cobra symbol typically varies. Many cultures and traditions view this creature differently. But interestingly, some of these symbolism are almost alike. You can easily piece them together.

Here are some of the most exciting things that are attributed to the cobra spirit animal. Read on!

Cobra Symbolism

The cobra holds a lot of power and beauty. It is one of the reasons why some people are eager to embody the creature on their life. As a prime symbol of strength and audacity, cobras are definitely not ordinary animals. Even their spiritual representations can be enigmatic at some point. Therefore, fundamental analysis and clairvoyance are necessary to deduce the true symbolism of this creature.

Based on what I have gathered, the following aspects directly reflect the cobra as a spirit animal.


Just like any other snakes, cobra tends to molt or change their skin. This is a seasonal process that they undergo as part of their restorative mechanism. You will eventually know if a snake has been in a particular place if you can see their skin molts lying on the ground.


Of course, this particular nature of snakes can be reflective to humans as well. Those people that have the cobra totem are capable of changing based on stimuli. They are never stagnant individuals. You will always see them changing for the better. They stick to the fundamentals because they can discover a lot of innovative ways in achieving their dreams or aspirations.

Change is something that they are not afraid. They always welcome it. They embrace it with open arms. The cobra spirit animal will always push you to accept new things in your life. It believes that these things will give you new experiences and insights so that you can grow as a person.

Always remember that this spirit animal will only motivate you to change if it is for your own good. It will never push you to do  something that can cause you harm.


Cobras, albeit the popular belief, are not aggressive creatures. They don’t attack first. They only bare their fangs if their territory or well-being is threatened. Most animals have this primal nature. We are just scared of them because of the lethal effects that they can induce.


Protectiveness is a cobra symbol that has to be revered. If you possess this particular trait, then it is entirely possible that other people can rely on you. After all, your instinct to protect others is a sign of your reliability. You are good at taking others, especially children and older people.

Of course, this protectiveness does not only apply to other people. It also falls to yourself. Self-preservation, after all, is an innate survival skill that all must possess. But for those that have the cobra totem, such trait is already natural.

In any adverse situations, these individuals can find a way to overcome any obstacles. Even if the situation is already severe and deleterious, they will never fall down easily. They are persistent enough to survive, and that’s an admirable quality that they possess.


Even if you don’t see it, cobras are intelligent creatures. They will not be a top predator in the wild if they only have strength and agility. Perhaps it is their wits that make them scary and dangerous. Before they act, they think first. You will rarely see these creatures rush in a fight. One way or another, they will have to calculate the outcome of things.

The wisdom of cobras is something that you can carry in your life. In fact, it is a trait that you must replicate because that will help you overcome various challenges and obstacles. Spiritual wisdom is also necessary so that you can see your real purpose in this world. As a result, you have to hone this skill so that you can use for your own advantage.

Hidden Abilities

Many cultures believe that the cobra symbolizes hidden potential and abilities. Just like what has been implied earlier, the cobra is said to be cunning. It may not be deceptive, but it can always hide its intentions and motives.  

Hidden Abilities

People who have the cobra totem are often secretive of the things that they can do. Of course, there are multiple reasons for this. For one, these individuals don’t want to show off. They will just use their talents whenever it is necessary. Second, they don’t want to be abused. It is pretty common for other people to take advantage of us if they know that we are more than capable.

But of course, hidden abilities can also mean that there are aspects in you that were not discovered yet. You have to contemplate and meditate so that you can uncover whatever hidden gems that you have. However, some of these things can be divulged accidentally. It will just come like an epiphany. Once that happens, you need to make sure that you can utilize the abilities that you have gained.

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Bottom Line

As you have seen, the cobra represents a lot of things. Surprisingly, none of these is seemingly bad or harmful. They are actually good traits that are worth replicating. Although it is true that the cobra is a dangerous being, this doesn’t mean that their spiritual significance is vile and ominous. The creature still has qualities that we can use for our good and benefit.

That’s it for now. If you have questions about spirit animals and their symbolism, drop them in the comment section below!

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