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Crane Meaning and Symbolism: The Things That You Should Know

Many people are seeking for the crane meaning. Apparently, this particular bird is appealing to them on a very subtle and complex level. This fact did amuse me. After all, such an idea didn’t cross my mind at first.

You see, cranes are majestic creatures. Although it cannot hold a steady flight, the way it moves and glides is genuinely riveting. Seeing a sedge of cranes is something worth cherishing.

But aside from its visual aesthetics, cranes represent different aspects of our life and spirituality. You can find different crane symbolism. Some of them can reflect your current status or predicament. A crane is also used as a spirit animal and totem. Many cultures have a unique perspective when it comes to this animal.

If you feel that you have a connection with the crane, it is time that you know the possible meanings and implications. I have several explanations that I have listed below. Better read on.

Crane Meaning: Power and Strength

As a symbol of spirituality, crane represents longevity and creativity. These things are not anchored in the mundane world. Instead, they are more related to things that we cannot see, but we can feel. The wings of a crane justify the strength that it presents. Whatever it does, it will reverberate. It will be felt. Your creativity will be noticed, and other people will perceive the longevity of your life and purpose.

Whether you think of the crane as a totem or spirit animal, this doesn’t change the fact that the crane provides power to your life. In fact, even the simplest things that you do can sway the opinions and thoughts of the people around you. Once you let yourself immerse to this power, you will be able to take charge of your life. Nobody can be able to use you. You will get ahead and do the things that are meant for you.

But when does this kind of strength appear?

Based on experience, the mystifying ability of crane takes place on moments that you feel hopeless. The storms and the mighty gales can turn anyone asunder. But not you. Even in your breaking point, you will still hope. The more faith you put on your purpose, the more you can manifest the traits of your spirit animal.

Any bad situation is an opportunity to be rescued. And when this happens, you can expect that the one who saved you are your guardian angels or spirit guides. Of course, they will send their helping hand through visions and unusual experiences. Encountering or dreaming a crane is proof that you are not left behind.

Crane Symbolism: Other Potential Interpretations

Crane Symbolism

Meanings are always contextual. They are not as static as what other people think. Your experience is different from the other. In the same manner, you cannot expect that your destiny is the same with anyone else. You are meant to do something that only you can do. Even with the aspect of spirit animals, uniformity is still a far-fetched idea.

Therefore, finding the crane meaning can be a difficult task. Sometimes, you have to pause and reflect. Think of your current predicament and meditate. Try to connect all the dots so that you can make sense out of your situation.


Whether you believe it or not, people with problems are often visited by visions or encounters of a crane. The probable reason for this occurrence is balance. Dealing with various stuff in your life is not easy. Sometimes, giving too much focus to certain aspects of your life tip the scale. It can make you lose your stability, and that’s not a good thing.

Just imagine if you pour all your attention to your work. While it is true that you are earning out of it, overworking prevents a meaningful interaction with your friends and family. You go home late and tired. You are stressed; thus, causing you to become grumpy. Furthermore, it makes you sick and morbid. There’s no balance, right?

The crane is a simple reminder that you have control over your life. Don’t ever think that you can’t escape these external entanglements. You always have the choice to rest and drop all the things that are burdening you. The crane is suggesting that you are a flexible person. You are never limited to a few options.


In relation to the previous interpretation, the crane also represents clarity. Most of the time, meaningful encounters with this bird take place when a person experiences a lot of distractions in his/ her life. The appearance of the crane signifies that people must learn to set their priorities. In this way, they can focus better. Doing this successfully can help you achieve your goals easily.

Always pay attention to the movements of cranes whenever they are hunting. Are they rushing? Are they making rash movements? No, right? This kind of patience that is being exhibited by them must be emulated at all cost. They know how to focus and take things slow. They don’t rush to avoid any mistakes.

If you are quite overwhelmed by distractions, take time to pause. Try to organize your life and put first those that are important to you. Pour your focus and attention to them. Don’t bother those little details because they are not important. In fact, you have to shove them away. Otherwise, your distractions will not stop.


It is also interesting to know that cranes symbolize spiritual awakening. In some instances, the creature represents new beginnings. If you deem that you need spiritual enlightenment or realization, imagine a crane. It will certainly help you sort things out.

A crane can give you the real version of yourself. It can guide to your path and see the purpose that is being placed there for your soul. You have to fulfil your spiritual objectives so that your experience won’t go to waste.

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A crane can represent various facets of our life. But regardless of how it appeals to you, there’s a guarantee that this bird does not mean any harm. It is just there as a spiritual guide. It will just remind you that balance and peace are quite remarkable. If you want to be successful, make sure that you possess these traits.

That’s it for now. For questions regarding spirit animals and totems, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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  1. Last week I was feeling absolutely hopeless, made myself get out of the car to go hiking, and immediately saw a pair of Sandhill cranes. I knew it was a sign from my spirit guides and this article made me think about balance, slowing down, and not feeling trapped. Thank you for sharing.


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