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Cricket Symbolism, Spirit Animal, Totem, And More!

The cricket spirit animal.

I know that you are quite curious about this because frankly, crickets are mysterious on their own right, too. Even if they are small, they can still make their presence known due to the sounds that they create.

As creatures of the wild, they are not that pervasive to the environment they dwell in. They are on mutual grounds with their ecosystem, which makes them quite admirable.

Of course, it is for this reason why many cultures and traditions see crickets differently. Specifically, beyond their mundane form, others believe that crickets represent something bigger and grander. They became among the most popular spirit animals and totems even in the modern world.

Do you believe that these crickets represent you? Are you suspecting that in some way, your soul is interrelated to them? Guess what? These realizations could mean a lot of good things to you. Know more about crickets and your connection to them in the following sections.

Cricket Symbolism

The symbolism of cricket usually varies. It can be contextual to some degree. However, I can guarantee that there is a point where all agrees with what these creatures represent.

Success and Longevity

Success and Longevity

Specifically, crickets symbolize longevity and success. Many interpreters believe that these concepts are deeply rooted and attached to these winged insects. If cricket is your spirit animal, you are bound to live long. Furthermore, you are destined to have long relationships and healthy careers.

Achievements might be difficult to achieve but they are achievable, and that’s the most important thing. Once you possess the cricket totem, you will never be daunted by obstacles. All the blessings will be poured into you because you are a persevering and hard-working person. In that context alone, it can be proven that crickets also symbolizes perseverance, patience, and dedication.

You will get the things that you worked for. What you put into labor and practice will lead to fruition. That’s a promise that this particular spirit animal can give to you.


Likewise, cricket also represents abundance and richness. Despite their small figures, crickets actually indicate fortune and affluence. They actually attract these things, especially if you have their totems.

Many cultures believe that crickets are bringers of good luck. You can’t just ignore this fact, especially if you believe that this creature is somehow related to you. By making crickets as your spirit animal, you are inviting fortune to come into your life. In fact, the blessings can be so enormous that it will spill to your family and the people around you.

good luck


It is known the crickets lay a lot of eggs. This is their biological nature and we are completely okay with that. After all, these creatures are not invasive to their environment. They are just there to live mutually with us.

If you are constantly being visited by crickets, there’s a good chance that your dreams of having a baby will come true. In various traditions, it can be seen the crickets are viewed this way. They are beacons of fertility. For those households that still don’t have children, a visit from these crickets can change their predicament. Isn’t that exciting to hear?


One should know that crickets also symbolizes intelligence and wisdom. Those who have cricket spirit animal or cricket totem have a heightened sense of observation and analysis. They are those that cannot be beguiled by any deceitful acts. You can never outpace their wits because they are always one step ahead.

Moreover, crickets symbolize foresight. Only a few creatures and animals represent this kind of gift. Therefore, those who have this blessing should utilize it to full potential. In this way, they can serve the good. One animal that also has the capability of foresight and intuition is the zebra.

Cricket In House Superstition

Of course, superstitions don’t die even in the advent of science and technology. They still persist one way or another. The presence of crickets in the house has been a favorite subject of superstitious beliefs. Although some of these do appear absurd, others seem to have merit.

Cricket In House Superstition

Crickets In House Meaning

  • Rain – Those who hear the sound of crickets in their house might want to take off the laundries outside because rain will surely come.
  • Finances – According to some belief, crickets are signs that you will experience financial struggles. I deem this not be true because of the given nature of crickets to draw riches in your doorsteps.
  • Death – I don’t find this one believable. In some cultures, it is said that crickets foretell that someone is going to die. Based on my encounters with this creature, nothing ill like this did happen afterwards.
  • Fortune – This one is something that you can invest in. Just like I said earlier, crickets can bring good luck and success to your life.

There are other interesting superstitions that revolve around cricket. For instance, it is believed that you shouldn’t talk bad about crickets because they can hear and understand what you are saying.

Another superstition suggests that seeing crickets in your dream is a sign that you need to reflect. You are in the state of your life where you are looking for answers to the things that are baffling in your path.

If a cricket crosses your path, you should jump for joy. In some superstitions, this encounter is an indicator that you will have an immense level of luck. It could apply in your career, studies, or even love life.

Killing a cricket during Sundays can cause misfortune. If a cricket leaves your kitchen, it is also a sign of bad luck. Moreover, if you have seen a very strange-looking cricket in your house, then it could mean that something wrong is going to take place.

Video version

Bottom Line

As you can see, cricket symbolism is indeed varied. However, they are all promising as they give their recipients a chance to experience great fortunes, successes, and victories in their life. If you are going to put your faith to this particular creature, it is inevitable that you will experience good things sooner or later. Just don’t forget to work it out so that your destiny will become a reality.

That’s it for now. For other questions that are related to symbolism, spirit animals, and totems, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

8 thoughts on “Cricket Symbolism, Spirit Animal, Totem, And More!”

  1. I’ve been having so many obstacles on finding a new house, but I saw a cricket today in the bathroom, not sure how it got there, but I left him alone. Hopefully I can find a new house, and have the closing cost paid by the sellers.

  2. OMG i just found a cricket in my apartment and i am moving today August 28th 2019 to a new city. I resonate with this message today. Thank you so much. I am so thankful and grateful for all the beauty and abundance that surrounds me daily. I am very observant and determined to succeed. I am blessed beyond measure. All i see is BLISS and Harmony.

    Thank you very much DejaDream for your insight, and support.
    Rosalia Zucaro

  3. I’m beginning to know that whenever my little sister opened the kitchen drawer, there one cricket inside our kitchen drawer. To be honest, there were too many of them and my family are lucky. ?

  4. There was a week where there was like three crickets three different times one time one was on my front wind shield just hanging out while I was driving I tried to upload the picture but it wouldn’t let me

  5. I find brown crickets everywhere in my house. They rarely make a noise. I’ve always associated them with negative energy and kill them. We are not rich but are struggling financially. Should I just leave them??

  6. I have been hearing the sound of a cricket in my bathing room for three days now, so i looked for it and i killed it. Bcos i didn’t no the meaning then. So what shld i do when next i see them ?


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