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Crow Cawing Outside My Window: Should I Be Worried

Have you ever seen a crow cawing outside my window and wondered what it could possibly mean?

Of course, asking such a question doesn’t make you entirely paranoid. In fact, you have the right to do so, especially if you feel a certain “weight” to the encounter. Your unique experience with some animals could signify that one or two of them could be your spirit animal. You can always take their positive values and emulate them in your life. 

Going back to the crow, many people associate it with deep secrets and mysteries. In many cultures and traditions, the crow is a symbol of a bad omen. They are seen as bringers of bad luck and misfortune. But on the flip side, others see the intelligent birds, which potentially symbolize wisdom and inner insight. 

So what does a crow spirit animal mean? And how should you take things if it starts cawing at you?

Crows Cawing Meaning And Symbolism

The mystery behind crows is always riveting. After all, this spirit animal is always torn between the polar sides of good and evil. Specifically, people associate them with positive and negative connotations. As I said, many believe that they represent misfortunes and tragedies. Others see them as symbols of intelligence and responsiveness.

Overall, the crow has the following symbolisms:

  • Mysteries related to creation and life
  • Personal transformation and creation of realities
  • Intelligence
  • Prudence and higher forms of wisdom
  • Tenacity and bravery
  • Flexibility and versatility

Obviously, the negative symbolisms to this spirit animal balance its positive meanings. The crow is typically seen as a source of bad omen and death. In the olden days, the crow is a sign of witchcraft. In greater depths, the crow is the one that represents the void that was present before creation. Hence, there’s no denying that this spirit animal has profound significance. 

Crows Cawing Outside My Window

Many people felt disturbed when they saw a crow cawing on their windows. After all, the dark-colored bird is the least-favored view; it is the dove’s direct opposite, which is pleasing and pure in appearance. Crows have a stark presence; therefore, every time you encounter them, it feels that there’s a strong force that accompanies them. 

It is that “force” that gives us many people the conception that they bring death and misfortune. Honestly, I cannot debunk that. After all, there are many cases where the presence of these crows has actually induced negative results. However, the only assurance that I can give here is that the negative repercussions of crows are not absolute. 

In fact, cawing crows are more inclined to resonate with various spiritual aspects of your life. They might want you to understand your inner self, start a spiritual journey, or meditate for a higher calling. 

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There’s a common pattern when it comes to the cawing of the crows. It starts with three to five bursts, then a sudden pause. After that, they will caw for a couple of times again. Cawing is the way crows communicate, after all. It is their language. This action sends a signal to other crows nearby. 

In short, you should feel threatened if crows start to caw at your window. You should see it as a symbolism of communication and relationship. Specifically, it is a compelling force that encourages you to form strong bonds with the people around you–whether it is your family or friends. 

Crows Cawing In The Morning Meaning

Crow cawing outside my window - Crows Cawing In The Morning Meaning
Crows Cawing In The Morning Meaning

It is not unusual to hear crows cawing in the morning. Believe it or not, crows are not always nocturnal. They can operate even under broad daylight. When they are cawing during the day, it simply means that you have to be alert and responsive all the time. Consider their cawing as a reminder that dangers are just lurking. You have to be alert so that you will be able to avoid them. 

The cawing is also a message that you need to be logical and sharp in your daily dealings. You will encounter people and situations that can bring storms of confusion and dilemma. If you are weak-minded, they can overcome you. Therefore, you need to be mindful so that you can navigate your way from the problems that they might bring. 

Crows are intelligent creatures. When they caw in the morning, treat it as a symbolism of intuition and independent thinking. You can wield these powerful concepts to make big decisions and create new things. You can also use them to deflect manipulative controls. 

Crows Cawing: Good Or Bad?

Crow cawing outside my window - Crows cawing good or bad
Crow cawing outside my window – Crows cawing good or bad

Overall, I don’t think that the cawing of crows is a bad omen. But interestingly, it is not always good, too. There are superstitions when it comes to the nature of the cawing based on the number of crows. 

  • One crow – A single crow that is cawing may cause misfortune and tragedies. Actually, it is a worrisome implication. You should never ignore it. 
  • Two crows – When there are two crows cawing, it means good fortunes and blessings. You should be happy about it!
  • Three crows – You will be given a life full of vitality and good health. You’ll not get susceptible to illnesses.
  • Four crows – Its symbolism is related to material affluence and abundance. If you are working for a dream right now, your efforts will bear fruits.
  • Five crows – You will experience sickness and poor physical health. 
  • Murder of crows – Accordingly, a murder of crow cawing may be a sign that someone close to you is going to die. 

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Overall, you should never fear crows. You should balance your view about them. There’s nothing wrong if you believe that they are your spirit animal. You can even use their affinity toward the spiritual realms to cultivate your spiritual life. 

I am pretty sure that you already realized that there are a lot of meanings when it comes to their cawing. You should just take the experience contextually so that you will understand what these birds are trying to communicate to you. 

That’s it for now. If you want to know more about spirit animals, dream meanings, and angel numbers, drop a question in the comment section below.

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  1. i was woken up this morning to a crow cawing while banging on my window. i have black curtains so theres no way for the crow to have known which room i was in yet he stayed and kept hitting my window over and over cawing each time. am i screwed like wtf is that


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