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Deja Vu Meaning: Why Are We Experiencing It?

I am pretty sure that most of us have experienced deja vu. While it is an unusual occurrence, it is still true that many of us have no clear understanding as to why it took place. 

Deja vu is not an ordinary happening. One way or another, there are reasons why it took place. Of course, these reasons have to go beyond the psychological aspect of this event. People with keen perceptions see it as an extra-sensory experience, which indicates that something that’s not this world has shaken us. 

Today, we are going to explore the true nature of deja vu and why you shouldn’t fear it. 

Deja Vu Meaning

There are several things that you can attach to the occurrence of deja vu. Sure enough, you are also free to ignore and dismiss it.

But there’s something about this event that’s quite riveting. Being able to experience a thing all over again can be quite bothering. Some are amused. Some are mystified. 

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Deja vu is actually a French term, which directly means “already seen.” Technically speaking, one experiences deja vu through our visual perception. Rather than our senses, it is our eyes that notice that a particular event has repeated itself again. It is like witnessing time rewind right before our eyes. 

I am not saying that this unusual experience only applies to activities and happenings that are exactly similar. Deja vu is also about events that are strangely familiar. In fact, it can reach a point where all the elements that occurred in the past are perceived to exist in the present. And it is not just your subconscious that confirms that. Even your logic submits to the idea that a thing has happened again.

Should you be scared about this? I don’t think you so. 

You see, the meaning of deja vu is far less from being ominous. But then again, it has spiritual implications that you need to understand. If you want to make sense out of it, the following interpretations could help you out. 

Deja Vu Meaning: Spiritual Interpretations

A Reminder From Your Past Self

I am not sure if you believe about reincarnation and past life. Regardless, many speculate that deja vu is actually proof that previous existences do exist. When something happens to you in a very uncanny yet familiar way, it could mean that you are witnessing an event that also took place in your former life. 

A Reminder From Your Past Self

It is just a memory of your previous reincarnations that was able to pierce through this dimension. Until now, there’s no telling why events like this take place. Perhaps there are specific seams that leak the memories of your past life to the one that we have now. You can say that it is a glitch. But certainly, there’s nothing wrong if you are going to pay attention to it. 

There’s a possibility that deja vu is a spiritual experience. In your past life, your former self might have mistakes or regrets that it doesn’t want you to experience. It is a way of reminding you that there’s a need for you to take action. After all, you have to realize that some small decisions out there could affect your life significantly. 

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Sure, you can say that the deja vu was seemingly trivial. However, you should never downplay its importance, especially if the “weight” of the event is shaking your core. Once you experience deja vu, it is essential that you contemplate and meditate. You have to see if there are some hints and reminders that you need to unravel. 

A Message From Your Higher Self

One of the most suitable meanings of deja vu still actually involves yourself. However, this time, it is your high subconscious counterpart. I am pretty sure that this is quite mind-boggling. Let me explain at least the surface of this. 

A Message From Your Higher Self

All of us humans have a higher form of our self. This existence is the one that has the closest placement of spirituality and enlightenment. It is within us, but it is not that easy to tap or unlock it. Those who have spent time meditating are the ones that can actually communicate with their higher subconscious. 

Now, our higher self and deja vu can be related things. When a sense of familiarity strikes to you, there’s a chance that your higher self is telling you that you are in the right moment. You can’t experience something twice if it does not form any semblance with appropriateness. When deja vu happens, it is a sign that you exist in a plane where everything falls right into their places.

The best thing that you can do here is to take advantage of the situation. If there are opportunities that present themselves to you, grab them. This is the exact moment that might change your life for the better!

Tuning Fork Phenomenon

The tuning fork phenomenon is usually connected to the occurrences of deja vu. Specifically, this event happens when the spiritual frequencies of a person suddenly match the spiritual frequencies of others. When this happens, an immediate connection can be made, and a level of profound understanding can be established quickly. 

Tuning Fork Phenomenon

However, such a phenomenon doesn’t last long. It is for this reason why tuning fork does not cause two individuals to become soulmates. But if these individuals will work things out, they might be to reconnect their strings again. 

Therefore, if your deja vu involves a particular person, pay attention to it. Who knows? That person who appeared in a familiar setting can never be ordinary. You might need to establish a connection with that individual since the latter can provide a significant impact on your life.

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These are the most acceptable deja vu meanings that we have right now. Honestly speaking, there are still no definite answers as to the exact nature of deja vu. The interpretations that I provided here are only parcels of the possible truth that is lying there. You can still use them to make sense of these mystifying experience.

That’s it for now. If you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below!

4 thoughts on “Deja Vu Meaning: Why Are We Experiencing It?”

  1. Hi Ihad a very strange expierence last week, I was on a motorcycle ride, through an area of upstate NY, We came into a small town and for the strangest reason I not only felt that I had been there before, but for some reason I felt that I belonged there , Im 67 yrs old and have never felt anything like this before
    very strange to be sure

    • Hello. Thanks for reaching out!

      Your experience is a manifestation of a higher forms of remembering. One way or another, your soul has remembered the places that it have been through in its previous iterations. Always remember that the stream of Life does not end. Even after death, it continues. Your soul has been a product of these perpetual transitions. Maybe you have been there in the past!

  2. When I was eleven years old I lived near a very nice old couple. I used to run errands for them and have tea and talk. One day I was asked to help them with something. At that moment I knew what words were coming and what even the next physical actions would take place. The scary part is that I had dreamed in exact detail all the events. My mind turned in on itself and I ran away. I don’t know why I ran. Nothing bad happened. I think I was in a state of shock. Not the first I’d had such an experience. Somehow this was different. It was real. The dream…everything. Whatever it was had happened already. I didn’t know what was coming next but I knew it not something I wanted to see or know.


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