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Delaluna Answers Review

Some divination cards like tarot, Lenormand, and cartomancy can be overwhelming to learn. Pendulum readings are limited to basic yes and no questions. Crystal ball scrying takes discipline and persistence. On the other hand, oracle cards are easier and explore archetypal energies. The Delaluna Answers oracle deck appeals to new and experienced readers alike. It is a self-explanatory card deck that does not require a guidebook. Anyone interested in the subject matters of love or relationships can quickly answer their personal questions in the privacy of their home. All 53 cards are easy to understand but invite interpretation. No question goes unanswered considering the deck was inspired by a recollection of widely popularized love questions throughout Delaluna’s psychic career. The Delaluna Answers oracle deck is easily available to help one ask unlimited questions just as they would with an accurate psychic advisor, astrologer, fortune teller, or tarot reader. Oracle cards are effective in promoting healing, clarity, guidance, and intuition. Those who seek answers can enhance their third eye at the same time.

Some questions the deck can address (but are not limited to) are

What are my partner’s feelings toward me?

Will my person of interest return?

Is this person my soulmate?

Is this person my twin flame?

Should I end this relationship?

Delaluna Answers

This deck is aesthetically designed with gold leaf foil. Illustrations are drawn from a variety of spiritual favorites such as the moon, astrology, plants, crystals, and candles. A few cards, such as purple sea moss, are inspired by herbalist Krystel Aara Love of Quiet Qrew Herbal.

Deluna Answers is a spiritual advisor who specializes in love, relationships, and careers. Her querents and love for spirituality drove her to create this deck. There is no urgency to schedule a tarot reading when the deck can pick up from your immediate vibrations. There is no right or wrong way to use these oracle cards. Combine with crystals or other card decks to enhance your reading.

These are a great solution to address the most dominating subjects in all psychic and spiritual readings.

Delaluna Answers identifies as a lightworker in raising the collective universal consciousness. She is devoted to helping people find understanding about themselves and their external relationships. She is consistently rated as a top accurate psychic and has helped many with spiritual advising. Delaluna Answers is also a proud supporter of Quiet Qrew Herbal, which promotes holistic living and healing.

For more information on purchasing the Delaluna Answers oracle deck visit

Delaluna Answers provides spiritual readings on her website

Free booklet on healing illnesses with herbs and fruit can be downloaded at

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