Dream Of Being Kidnapped: You Need To Be Cautious!

A dream of being kidnapped is not something that anyone can easily shrug off. One way or another, this dream will haunt someone, even in their waking life. 

Of course, it is easy to think that the dream is a take away from what’s going to happen. People believe that this is a premonition of the possibility that someone will get taken away by people. Even though it is the most plausible interpretation that someone can think, the truth is, that’s not the case. 

Specifically, this particular dream has other implications. Keep in mind that these interpretations might have an impact on your life. Therefore, you should still be wary of it. 

Dream Of Being Kidnapped: Meanings and Interpretations

The dream of someone being kidnapped is not new anymore. Over the years, I’ve encountered several inquiries that relate to this. 

The act of kidnapping is an act of taking away your freedom. If you are going to take a look at that aspect, then the very nature of the dream. 

Basically, the dream of getting kidnapped means that your freedom is being taken by someone. Maybe somebody is prohibiting you from doing what you want. Maybe there are people who are stopping you from reaching your aspirations. Any of these situations reflect the concept of forcibly taking your freedom away. And that can cause emotional stress. It is one of the reasons why the dream itself can scar you. It is an effect of the emotional strain that comes with this unlikely predicament. 

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It would really be great if you can assess your life and see if there are things that put restrictions on you. If there are, confront them. As much as possible, find a way that you can break from them. In this way, you will regain the sense of being alive and free. 

Another implication of this dream is its connection to manipulative individuals. If you have been visited by this dream, then there’s a good chance that a person within your circle is using or manipulating you for their own benefit. Even if you want to deny this, you still have to contemplate and see if there are individuals who have tied you under their thumbs. 

You can take an abusive relationship as an example of this situation. Manipulative family members, workmates, and friends count, too. All of them can erode your life by draining all your energy. Their mere existence is already detrimental to your mental and emotional health. In fact, they can severely affect your physical state, too, as they might take things overboard. 

Of course, there are other implications that this dream can you can relate to your life. Here are some of them.

Dream Of Being Kidnapped And Escaping Meaning

Even in the waking life, cases of kidnapping are not always completed. Some people do manage to escape and find their way out of their captivators. These individuals are definitely survivors. They have the courage and determination to escape from their kidnappers. 

Dream Of Being Kidnapped And Escaping Meaning

If you have this dream and you are the one who managed to escape, then it simply implies that you are a person that doesn’t surrender easily. Regardless of the difficulty of the situation, you don’t give up. You don’t succumb to the odds. Your fighting spirit is strong, and that enables you to survive and win every time. You don’t let direness of your circumstances take away your hope. 

Dream Of Someone Getting Kidnapped

If your dream involves someone you know getting kidnapped, it is crucial that you should check on them. There’s a good chance that they are in a tight situation and require help. 

Dream Of Someone Getting Kidnapped

Always remember that this dream is all about taking someone’s control over their lives. Therefore, you should seek that person in your dream (in real life) and ask them if everything is alright with them. The moment they share that something is taking a toll over their lives, then that’s the time that you might need to intervene. 

But why do you have to intervene? Well, the reason is simple. The dream didn’t appear to you if it is not related to you at all. Its appearance suggests that those individuals require help. Specifically, it is you that might be able to rescue them from their troubles. 

Don’t think of this as an extra burden. One way or another, the dream will never be given to you if you are not capable of providing help or support. It might be a part of your soul mission to help those who are in need. 

Dream Of Someone Famous Being Kidnapped

This particular dream has multiple interpretations. The first one is when someone outside you or your “circle” is having an effect on your life. For instance, the decision of a particular politician caused you to lose your employment or something like that. In the same manner, the dream is also related to the fact that there are greater influences that can make your life better or worse. 

The second implication of this dream is your communication skills. If the celebrity that was kidnapped in your dream is a pop star, then there’s a need for you to exercise the way you interact with other people. At some point, being good at this particular aspect can lead you to greater places. Many of the successful individuals out there are great communicators, after all.

The third interpretation of this dream is missing someone. Specifically, the dream suggests that you miss an essential person in your life. The cause of this bleak feeling is the mere fact that this person that you want to be with you is out of your league. That makes things more difficult on your part. Even if you struggle, there is a small chance that they will notice you. 

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The dream of being kidnapped is not ominous. It is not life-threatening, at the very least. However, it is a reminder that you have to continually check your life. You need to see if there are people who are trying to use you. At the same time, you should always take the opportunity to control those who are in need. 

That’s it for now. If you have questions about dream interpretations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

3 thoughts on “Dream Of Being Kidnapped: You Need To Be Cautious!”

  1. In my dream a bogan (Aussie redneck) woman with a hard, craggy skin ruined by booze or drugs, came up to me strangely inside my home at midnight and told me she liked a few hobbies I liked including Tarot reading.

    She had an odd and disturbing manner to her as she gazed over me with a menancing kind of base cunning. Smart, cruel, piercing eyes. Smart in the mean dumb person kind of way – cunning.

    I tried to figure out where she was from as I had a gut feeling she was the woman who lived 2 floors under me or one floor to the left under me. She lives close enough I can hear her awful voice out my window.

    She had kidnapped a bunch of hypnotised primary school children. What tipped me off was noticing they were all still in school uniform during the night and some of them were asain. Also too many for them all to be her own children – so it was suspicious.

    The children started snapping out of their daze. The back wall of the apartment fell down to suddenly reveal a false wall hiding a ominous seeming dark black room.

    The children called to me “run, run” and after grabbing my mobile so I could call the police – I ran out the door.

    The bleach blonde bogan speed at me violently in the midnight air. Instead of an apartment block in a poor area (my reality) it was more like a trailer park.

    As I processed the horror of the situation I woke up with a scream as the bogan woman had clutched both my arms and was trying to pull me out of my body.

    I woke up feeling haunted.

  2. Some details in regard to the kidnapping dream in my previous comment:

    She was wearing my earrings (that exist in real life) she stole from my bathroom. They have little pink flowers and blue butterflies on them. They are cheap plastic so the only reason you’d steal them is because you’re a weirdo. They have no monetary value secondhand as they were only a few dollars new.

    Before noticing her in my house I was trying to mute my t.v. but for some reason couldn’t find the remote or where to pull the cord. It was making too much noise and I was feeling self conscious.

    In waking life I’m extremely quiet, use headphones to play music and am considerate. I live in a poorer government block because of a disability/chronic illness.

    I’ve been gossiped about by two very nasty women. I’ve been here over a decade peacefully, but 3-4 new houses have moved in and they are all degrees of nasty. Since they moved in they make my life hell with noise and false gossip.

    I feel I have to choose between privacy and fresh air. I speak VERY quietly, but if I get too close to the window there is an echo and they hear a stray word here or there when I relax and stop being hypervigilant about my space. I think “what could be the harm about speaking about a neutral topic like my dog or something like that” but they take words out of context and turn even 3 words said by me into huge dramas. Some things she makes up whole cloth from nothing.

    I don’t really know why they obsess over me.


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