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A Dream Of Dead Father Should Be Taken Heed

Most of us adore our fathers. They serve as our main support while we are growing up. But sadly, some of them departed early. Death is a part of the process, but definitely, it is quite disheartening is someone is close to you. 

It is not surprising either if we see the dead in our relatives. I have made several posts about such matters in the past, and I think their appearance in your dreams is a reminder that you are alone. They are always there to guide and protect you. 

Dreaming of your dead father means a lot of things. It is a reflection that you are missing them. It could also be a way they use to communicate with you. Either way, you can guarantee that this dream doesn’t have an ill premonition. 

Here are some of the things that you should learn about this dream.

Dream Of Dead Father Meaning

There are several things that we can draw out from this dream.

The first one is your inability to get over their passing. You just don’t want them to leave because you love them, and you need their guidance. Even if they have been dead for a long time already, there are still parts of you that can’t accept it. 

The appearance of your deceased father in your dream is a manifestation of your longing for him. And to recover from your grieving, the first thing that you need to do is to accept that time will not turn back its hands. Your dream is a good reminder that the lives that are not here will not come back anymore. But this doesn’t mean that they are not existing. They are just on a separate plane and watching us. 

Once you can relieve the pain, you can already start picking up your shattered pieces. The dream is a reminder that you have to continue living because your beloved father is always with you! 

If you can’t muster the courage to bounce back, consider getting professional help. Therapies can help you release all the pain within you. 

Taking Responsibility

Our fathers are probably the most responsible that we know. They make sure that everything is accounted for. They handle every liability thoroughly until things are settled. They take care of our needs and ensure that we can have a good life. 

Taking Responsibility

Furthermore, our fathers are always there when we have problems. They are the ones that we immediately go to if there are things that are bothering us. That’s why when they die, we feel vulnerable. We feel that we lost one of the biggest shields in our life. And that’s pretty normal.

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When you see your father in your dream, it could potentially mean that they are instructing you be more mature and responsible. They are not with you anymore. All of the challenges that come in your way should be faced alone. If you are not independent enough, these problems might consume. In fact, the inability to responsibility can drag you down away from success. Your father doesn’t want this to happen. He wants you to be brave and do something about the stifles in your life!

Forced Decisions

If the dream that you have with your father is not good, then there’s a good chance that your waking life is experiencing some issues. Specifically, you are stuck in a dilemma where you are being forced to do something that you don’t like. There’s a probability that someone wants to control you. There are people around you that want to take advantage of your kindness. 

In any of these situations, the best thing that you can do is to resist. Keep in mind that no person can hold your life. You should fall on the idea that you have to comply with the desires of other people. You have to account your welfare, too. 


If your father is angry in your dream, it is a sign that there are swelling frustrations within you. It is a sign that your ego or pride has been stepped on. Failures and disappointments are quite good at making you feel down and dissatisfied. The dream is a sign that you are dealing with these difficulties. Maybe there’s something that you want but didn’t get it. Maybe you have failed in something that is important to you. 


Recurring defeats and failures can cause frustrations to accumulate. And of course, this is not beneficial to you, nor other people. The dream is a reminder that you have to control your emotions. If you are feeling negative, you should let it out. It is quite dangerous if you let your frustrations erupt because you didn’t express them. Maybe it is your father telling you that you have to remain cool.

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Be Cautious

Always remember that your father is the one that protected you the most. He is the first individual in your life that carried you on his back when there are problems and challenges that are attacking you. Now that he is gone already, you are left exposed to the issues and troubles of this world. 

Be Cautious

His appearance in your dream is a solemn reminder that you have to exercise caution in whatever you do. It will never harm you if you become extra careful with your actions and to the things that you are doing. Now that you are independent, it is crucial that you gain the ability to protect yourself. By doing this, you will also be able to learn how to protect the people around you. 

Think of this as a manner of preparation. Always be adamant about this aspect because it benefits you greatly. 

Video version


Overall, dreaming of your father is a nice thing, especially if the dream is generally good. Seeing your father again, even in your sleep is already a moving experience. But of course, you have to recognize the fact that the encounter is not ordinary. One way or another, this dream is a message that you have to become a better person. You have to learn how to embrace difficulties and overcome them. At the very least, you can emulate the goodness that fathers always possess.

That’s it for now. If you have questions about dreams and their meaning, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

11 thoughts on “A Dream Of Dead Father Should Be Taken Heed”

  1. I just have one question, seeing my dad die in a dream,does it mean that he will hv difficulties in the waking life????
    Please revert soon,this has scared me to the bone.
    Thank you

    • I keep dreaming of going on a journey with my father. He died in 2018 and I was with him as he passed. But occasionally ,since then, I keep dreaming that he’s alive and both of us have to go on a trip. Sometimes ,my mother, who died much earlier is also with us. Can this have a meaning ? I have completed all the rituals that I should have,according to Hinduism.

  2. I keep dreaming of going on a journey with my father. He died in 2018 and I was with him as he passed. But occasionally ,since then, I keep dreaming that he’s alive and both of us have to go on a trip. Sometimes ,my mother, who died much earlier is also with us. Can this have a meaning ? I have completed all the rituals that I should have,according to Hinduism.

  3. I dream of my deceased father grandfather grandmother appeared all together.kissed long time and happy smiling and crying until I wake up.what does that mean?

  4. I dreamed of my deceased father and he hugged me and talked to me. I asked him if I was going to die. He told me no but to worry about my mother (who is still alive). Me and my mom no longer talk but the dream was so vivid. I woke up almost wanting to check on her.

  5. I had a dream my deceased father is sad comes into my bedroom and wakes me up he says he’s not feeling well and he asks me not to be mad at him what does this mean

  6. I have been dreaming about my deceased Father a lot lately. He passed away in 2019 and he was my best friend. One dream he came back alive everyone was happy. Another dream he was at a bar and another one he was standing on top of a white building watching the water rise. Have no idea what this all means

  7. I’m sorry about your dad my dad was my best friend too. I miss him a lot and I have had one astral/vivid projection of him. It’s messed with me, but he got to tell me that it’s a part of life is death, and my time will come. He said that’s ok. He was turned away from me looking at the mountain behind his house with his work gloves in his back pockets. I could see, smell, and feel his presence. I miss him everyday.

  8. Me and my dad didn’t have a strong relationship because he wasn’t a part of my life but at the end I was there when he was I’ll he couldn’t speak but he could hear me tell him I love him. Lately I been dreaming about him crazy dreams so I don’t know what it means me dreaming about him. I love him because he was my father


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