Why Do I Dream Of Murdering Someone?

What does the dream of murdering someone actually means?

Is this something that you have to be worried about?  

You see, people have a different kind of dreams. Some are pleasant, while others are seemingly nightmarish. However, all of these constitute the things that are running in our subconscious mind. They are the visual representations of the aspects that we usually suppress.

If your dream involves yourself killing someone, it is guaranteed that you have some things in your life that you need to assess. After all, this dream has profound implications in your waking life. You are missing a lot of things if you let this dream pass by. 

Dream Of Murdering Someone

Why did I dream that I killed a person? Should I be worried about this?

Well, the answer is not really definite nor conclusive. However, one should know that this particular dream indicates that you have hidden aggression inside you. Specifically, you are a person that tends to suppress his/ her anger and frustration. You don’t show these emotions to others because you are afraid of potential repercussions that they cause. 

However, the dream indicates that you are almost close to bursting. It is something that you have to watch out as you will never know when you are going to snap. Anger without control can lead to serious consequences. You would never want to see yourself to be in such a predicament. 

Because of this, it is crucial that you can vent out your emotions and express what you really feel. Have someone that you can share all the vexing thoughts in your head. That’s the best way you can relieve the pent up stress inside you. 

But of course, there are still other implications that you should know about this dream.

Getting Rid Of Nuisances

This particular dream also relates to the idea that you want to get rid of nuisances and hindrances in your life. There are several things that you don’t want in your life that you want to eradicate. A good example of this is the annoying trait of a friend or workmate. You just don’t have the time to deal with them, and so, you want to eliminate them entirely.

Getting Rid Of Nuisances

The act of killing a person doesn’t mean that you have to take away his life. It can simply mean that you want that person to change his bad attitude for the better. It is pretty similar to maturing and taking responsibility. 

Of course, this could also speak about yourself. If you are aware that you have some traits that are pretty undesirable, then the only thing that you should do here is to reform, too. Become a better version of yourself. Otherwise, you will just become a nuisance that no people want to work with.

People who are seeking interpretations of the “dream of dead father talking to me” should relate to this particular matter. After all, our fathers want us to be good and responsible individuals. We are raised in the intention that we will turn out to become a useful part of this world.

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Feelings Of Discomfort

When you dream that you killed a person that is following you, then it signifies that you are experiencing discomforts in your waking life. The person that you have killed in your dream might be a person who has been giving you a hard time. You are currently subjected to difficulties by people who want nothing but to make you suffer. 

Feelings Of Discomfort

You want those people to be out in your life. You don’t want to be in the same circle as them. But the thing is, they are following you. Wherever you go, their influence or reach always extend. They are trying to control you, and it is quite sickening because you are aware that it is difficult to get away from them. 

A good example that can represent this situation is a manipulative partner. That person is a toxin. They want you to be dragged on their own misery. You want to escape, but they keep on making compromises that prevent you from leaving.

The best thing that you can do here is to muster enough courage to leave. Whether it is an abusive partner or a toxic working environment, there’s no other way to solve your discomforts but to leave the source of them.

Jealousy Or Resentment

If your dream involves someone murdered one of your family members, it is a sign that you have hidden resentments or jealousy inside you. There are a lot of causes for this particular problem, but it is notable that most people who had this dream experienced failed expectations in their real life. They are those that were not able to match what has been expected to them. As a result, they ended up being scrutinized and criticized. It made them feel terrible, which, in turn, became a source of their resentments.

Jealousy Or Resentment

This particular situation usually happens within the circle of your family. It is inevitable that some of your family members are quite indifferent or antagonistic to you. While it is true that this is just normal, there are some cases where these people do not shy away from expressing their hostility towards you.

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It is for that reason why a lot of people feel anger or jealousy even to their family members. It doesn’t even matter if it is their brothers, sisters, or even their parents. I have met a lot of people who are living for the sake of proving their family wrong. And most of the time, this is the kind of dream that haunts them.

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A dream about murdering someone is not actually pleasant. Even in your waking life, it does not bode good consequences. It is for that reason why you need to assess your life thoroughly once you have seen this dream. You might have to change or do something in order to correct whatever flaws inside or outside you. 

Keep in mind that we are being called to live a life that is purposeful and free from negativity. We should do our best to accomplish. This particular dream is proof that you are slipping away from your true mission in this world.

That’s it for now. If you have questions about dreams and their interpretations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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