Dreaming About Dead People: Should You Be Scared About It?

At first, dreaming about dead people can be a horrifying experience. After all, it is not really pleasant to see those that have passed away already. Fear is always the first thing that we feel when we encounter such visions. 

However, there is an assurance that most of the dreams that involved the dead are not that ominous or malignant. Instead, there could be things that this particular dream is trying to tell you. Let us explore them here.

Dreaming About Dead People: Meanings and Interpretations 

A lot of psychics and mediums believe that our dreams also serve as a portal to other worlds. Sometimes, the world that it can connect can be the world of the dead. It is not entirely impossible as there are numerous cases where people were able to talk with their dead relatives through dreams. And in rare cases, there are proofs to that. 

Now, when you dream about dead people, it simply means that they are trying to communicate with you. Furthermore, it is pretty rare to dream of someone dead that you do not know when that person was still alive. It would really be worrisome if the opposite did happen. 

Symbolically, dreaming of the dead could mean set of instructions that you need to heed. Usually, these instructions came from the spiritual realm, where your guardian angels are dwelling. They are using someone that has passed to tell you that there are important things that you have to do. There’s a good chance that these instructions could lead to your soul mission and life purpose.

Dreaming of the Deceased: Why Does It Happen?

Dreaming of the Deceased

The afterlife is still a mystery to us humans. We don’t know what takes place there. We can only rely on theories, stories, and even fables that we often hear. Whether or not these things have a trace of truth to them, we can only guess. Therefore, having the right answer to this question is tricky. But we can always speculate. 

Dead people, or the souls of those who have passed away, are still conscious. Believe or not, these souls still have their lingering memories when they are alive. Sometimes, the feelings that they carried the moment their life was taken will be brought by them. Feelings of resentment, guilt, happiness, and loneliness are strong enough that it can survive the process of passing. 

Souls can feel. Therefore, it should not be surprising that they want to convey it. One way or another, these souls will never be at peace when they are lifting heavy consciousness and emotions of them. Not all of us are clairvoyant. Not all of us have been blessed with the keen perception of the dead and the things that are not felt by the five senses. Because of these, these spirits will find other ways how to relay messages to us. 

Of course, there’s no other better way than dreams. 

When you are dreaming, your conscious mind is at rest, and your subconscious is at work. This moment is where your mind is quite receptive and open to images and visions. It is the very instance where your thoughts are unguarded. The spirits of those who have passed might be using this opportunity to tell you of things that they want you to know. They want to establish contact with you through your dreams. 

If you feel that there’s nothing to be scared about, then strengthen your resolve. Try to listen to the person so that you can understand what they are trying to say. It will be more beneficial for you if you comprehend to the things that they want to say. It gives them peace–the same as you. 

Dreaming About Dead Relatives

Interestingly, dreaming about dead relatives are not uncommon these days. From time to time, I encounter people who have visions of deceased family members. 

Dreaming About Dead Relatives

Most of the time, we tend to dismiss such an experience. Well, if you are used to it already, you might not mind it all. After all, we could just be dreaming of someone that we dearly missed already. That’s especially true if the person you have seen if your mother or father or someone that has a special place in your heart. 

But of course, you need to realize that such a dream could hold other meanings. For instance, seeing someone that has died recently could be a glimpse of the beautiful afterlife. When the relative that you have seen is seemingly happy and satisfied, then they might be showing you that there’s nothing to worry about. Furthermore, there’s a good chance that they want to show you that they are in a better place right now. Such a feeling can give you hope and delight. It is a promise that there’s something wonderful and amazing that is waiting for you on the other side. 

Other than that interpretation, a dream about a deceased relative could be a passing of a spiritual gift. Does the person you have seen is someone that have special powers? It could be clairvoyance, spiritual sensitivity, or energy-reading. If that’s the case, then there’s a huge possibility that they are passing their gifts to you. I cannot say that you should be happy with it, especially if you don’t want them. But if you can consider it as your inheritance, then embracing it would really be a good idea.

A dream of a father who passed away could potentially mean that your life has the absence of security and peace. Keep in mind that our fathers are our walls. They are the ones that we go when we are afraid. They are the ones that defend us against the things that we fear. When you have dreamed about your father, it means that you are longing to be protected and guarded. 

When you have dreamed about your deceased mother, then it could mean that you want peace and love in your life. Being taken care of is a beautiful thing. And coincidentally, our mothers excel at that!

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Bottom Line

At this point, you have to realize that dreaming about dead people is always a bad thing. There are numerous instances where they signify good things. Some messages can only be relayed through our dreams. Therefore, it is crucial that we have to receptive about it. You only need to worry if the dead person is someone that you don’t know if there’s something ominous about the ambience of your dream. That requires further extensive deciphering. 

That’s it for now. If you have other questions about dreams, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

5 thoughts on “Dreaming About Dead People: Should You Be Scared About It?”

  1. My mother’s mofher passed away last month. Last night she appeared in a dream we couldn’t see her but she called for my mother repeatedly . After that my father opened the curtains in his room and there was light he said her presence was demonic and then we started sing and praise God. My dream was very vivid it woke me up, it was scary. what does it mean?

    • Hello. Thanks for reaching out.

      The dream that you have may suggest that there are lingering forces around you that have ill-intents toward you or your family. However, you cannot easily detect them, as they have been hiding in a guise of a friendly entity. Hence, you should always keep your guard up. Be wary of the people and situations that you encounter. Some of them may present themselves as harmless; however, they might bring you risks and losses.


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