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Dreaming Of Dead Relatives: The Things They Want To Tell You

I am not new to instances where people ask me why they have dreamt of their dead relatives. Of course, despite the significance of this dream, it is not actually uncommon. In fact, such a dream occurs quite often. But at the same time, it is something that we cannot dismiss either. One way or another, such an enigmatic vision has deeper meanings. 

Dreaming of dead relatives, specifically, is one of the things that are highly attached to this particular scenario. It is pretty rare for someone to dream of another dead person that he/ she has no connection with. You would immediately know that you are dreaming of the dead if you know that the person is already dead in real life. You can’t do guessing in your dreams., after all. Your mind instantly knows that you are seeing a deceased person in the dream because the cognitive mind has a recollection that the person you are seeing is already dead.

This disclaimer is essential to eradicate the belief that seeing morbid-looking individuals in the dream is the same as seeing a dead person. 

So what does it mean when you have this dream?

Dreaming Of Dead Relatives: Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming of a loved one that has passed away is a thing of beauty. Well, that goes true, at least for me. When these people are alive, I always treasured my moments with them. Even in the days before their passing, I did make good memories with them. It is for these beautiful instances that I don’t feel any fear or hesitation when I see these people in my dreams. I know that they are there to remind me of some good things. 

They Are Doing Well

There are a lot of people out there who are petrified when they see their dead relatives on their dreams. Sometimes, the feeling of fear and confusion do mix up. It replaces the feeling that we are worried or missing them. 

They Are Doing Well

One should know that dreams like this are just a sign that they are doing well in their afterlife. They are telling you that they are doing well already, and there’s nothing that should be mourned about. They are asking you to keep your good memories with them so that you can move on better in life. Furthermore, they are also telling you that being depressed about their loss is something that you should not dabble about anymore. 

Of course, it is a contextual interpretation. If you have seen that your relative is happy, then there’s nothing that you should be worried about. Be glad that they are in a better place now. 

Read more: What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone Dying?

However, if their face and expression look grim, then you should contemplate the dream. It could possibly mean that they need your prayers because they have unfinished business here on Earth. They might want you to take care of something. If they have left their families or loved ones unexpectedly, then this kind of predicament is entirely possible. The best thing that you can do is to offer a prayer to them. Try to assure them that you will handle all their loose ends so that they can already move peacefully. 

The morbid nature of the dream could also indicate the feelings of regret and guilt on your part. It is proof that you haven’t spent time with them when they are still alive, or you have never told them how much you cherish them. 

Imparting Of Spiritual Blessings

Imparting Of Spiritual Blessings

Curiously, the dream of dead relatives can also speak about blessings that are not from this world. 

Some of you don’t believe it, but there are individuals out there that have been with exceptional gifts. The ability to sense their surroundings, the capability to exercise clairvoyance, and the means to communicate with spiritual beings do actually exist. They are practiced by people who have been honing them throughout their life. 

Of course, many of us can dismiss these unnatural skills are bogus and fake. With the development of modern technology and the profound emphasis on rationality, things like the supernatural are no longer seen with factual relevance. However, you need to realize that these “gifts” do exist and possessed by a few spectacular individuals. 

Now, some of you are asking why I am telling you all of these things. You see, the appearance of the dead in your dream is a known process of gaining an inheritance. Obviously, the inheritance is not in the form of material riches. The dead know that these things do not play actual relevance anymore. Instead, the inheritance speaks about spiritual gifts. Unknown to you, this dead family member of yours has special gifts. They might want you to inherit it. 

At this point, it is intrigue if you can say “no” to the inheritance they want to pass to you. Since you have seen them in the dream, the thought of rejecting them may sound not plausible. However, it still actually you that decides if you are going to practice the spiritual gifts that you receive from them. 

Dreaming of Dead Relatives Being Alive

This particular dream has a simple implication. Most of the time, it pertains to the longing that you feel to that person who has passed away. You just missed them so much that you wish that they are still alive. 

The dream occurs to people that have not yet entirely accepted the passing of their dead relatives. It could also appear to individuals who were not able to say goodbye properly. The sadness that they have in their hearts usually manifest through their dreams. It is the one that pushes their mind to recreate the images of the dead. Don’t ever think of it as a sign of something ominous. 

Video version


Just like I said, dreaming of your dead relatives is completely normal. You need to understand what they are trying to tell you. If you can’t make sense out of them, you can just refer to the interpretations that I had given here. They should give you a good idea of the actual nature of your dream. If things are still ambiguous, then you are free to ask me. Just write them down in the comment section below. 

29 thoughts on “Dreaming Of Dead Relatives: The Things They Want To Tell You”

  1. My brother died 1 and half years ago. It looked like suicide but we are suspicious of his ex wife. I had a few dreams of him since he passed but had a dream the other night where he spoke. He was walking next to a man of which I couldn’t see the face of. The man had a deformed right foot en a specially shaped shoe. My brother leaned on the fence telling the other man the 12 years was lost time and he wouldn’t have considered it if he had known. He was serious about that, his expression on his face was also serious. His ex wife’s first husband died in the same manner and a lot of things looks off. Before his death he wanted to get a divorse. He complained about how bad his wife and her kids treated him. He said it is like a pack of wolves. Hope you can help.

    • Thanks for reaching out. First, I want to express my condolences to you and your family for the loss of your brother.

      Your dream is quite vivid. When a person passed away peacefully, they won’t show horrible or grim imageries in dreams. Therefore, there’s a good chance that your brother passed away with heavy feelings, or where involved in unlikely circumstances that made his death painful and regretful.

      The best thing that you can do here is to confront his ex-wife. Maybe she have done something that caused the death of your brother. Although your claim is not founded in evidence, keep in mind that your intuition doesn’t lie. You can give your brother peace if you can settle whatever business he left here.

      • My dad passed away 5 months ago. He suffered from Motor Neurone Disease. He appeared in my dream standing in his smart fire uniform (not in his wheelchair). He didn’t speak I don’t think but smiled at me. We were both stood in a lift alone. I shook his hand and told him how proud I was of him.

    • My ex-best friend visits me in my dream a lot. We had not talked in years before her passing. She took her like 2 years ago. Never got to say goodbye. Now she visits me a lot. I don’t know what she wants. She always looks sad. The last time she visited me, she wanted to take me with her. I have been having health issues since that last dream. It freaks me out.

  2. My uncle who I always considered as my dad, died 5 years ago i used to see him and hear his voice even smell his cigar often while awake and asleep. For the last year and half I haven’t seen or heard from him. Until the other evening I was dreaming of us together in the house he lived in for all my life before he moved into his new home two years before he was killed. Anyway back to the dream, It was a very awakard Thanksgiving I honestly dont remember who else was there I just remember his wife was not there and I was having to throw together this dinner for very few people and it was nothing like the one she and I cooked every year. When the awful meal was ready to serve I realized there were no pies for desserts. You see my Aunt Tam always made the pies and in my dream she was dead. I ran to the room at the end of the hall to cry passing my dad watching football in his room on his bed. He clear as I have ever seen him came into my room placed his hands on my shoulders and looked into my eyes to tell me it was okay. He said she was with him now and he was going to take care of her. That it is all okay because she is going to be with him again and she will be happy. I was crying so hard in my dream that I was actually crying out loud so loud my daughter got frightened by my cries and woke me from this dream.
    I of course called to check on my aunt straight away.
    What I found strange was the very next night one of my mothers dead cousins came to visit with me in my dream. She and I were not very close but in my dream we were trading clothes she only spoke to say i could pull off wearing this awful outfit of hers. I am not sure what to make of all of this.

    • The dream is seemingly complicated but allow me to sort it out.

      The very first thing that you should about this is that your family has some members that are hiding sickness. Or basically, they just don’t know that they are sick. That’s one of the reasons why you see people in your dream that are either “dead” in real life or alive in real life, but dead in that said dream.

      It is a way of showing that you need to seek out to them. As much as possible, take care of them. Give time to ensure that their physical and mental health are both okay. Furthermore, you should also ask if everything is going okay in their life. In this way, you can identify the difficulties that they are encountering.

      Based on your dream, you are actually an empathetic person. You love to take care of people, even those that are not close to you. You are willing to lend your hand, even if the situation is awkward. This dream appeared to you because somebody that you know is actually in distress.

      Thank you for reaching out, by the way. I hope I was able to help you.

  3. I’m Tanya, my nanny Barbara passed away from brain cancer when I was 10. I have only had two dreams of her. The first was her with me in what i can only discribe as a gravel pathway with a giant hole in the middle and stones around it and I was walking to her and then slipped into the hole and I shouted ” nanny” and I saw her trying to save me. And the second one was I was on a quiz show and they asked me what was my favourite thing and I said of course my nans rubarb crumble a dessert we always made together and then a woman who looked like nans closest friend appeared and said ” how is your nan?” Then it went to sad music and I woke up. Even though she has been dead now for 13 years.

  4. Hello my grandma dad died 11 years ago and my grandma my dads mom died 2 years ago.Tonight I just had a dream that my dad and his other brother who is still alive convincing grandma to sign in a paper saying that she approves of selling their ancestors house and give ingeritance to all her children.My aunt told me about this but I said If it was me I dont want to claim dads inheritance if ever.What does this mean?
    Please help me undernstand my dream.

  5. Going through this pandemic my life has been stressed…..I am the last remaining member of my family of six…last night I dreamt were all in a HUGE California King size bed laying flat very close to each other… all of us dressed in WHITE….. I can remember that right before I woke up I said “I can’t believe we ALL fit in this BED……then I woke ….I miss them terribly and went to bed crying the night before ….thank you for your explanation…?I BELIEVE ?

  6. Hi there thank you for this post… My dad passed away from a heart attack all of a sudden in 2012. He was 38 and completely unexpected. It messes me up as I was extremely close to him. I’m still hurt to this day. I dreamt last night about him. We were on vacation with my family. A very nice place where there waS a hotel and amusement park in one. Than me and my dad were somewhere eating with rows of tables of people. People kept taking his seat and I would get mad at the people taking his seat. I was saying “I never get to see him, he needs to sit here “. Than he was taking in the middle of the room to everyone. He said “I might look tired and it’s because ” I interupted him and said ” because we were on vacation. We did a lot of driving.” He did look older in my dream. Like what he would look like if he was still here. I rarely dream about him. I dreamt about him a lot when he first passed. During this covid time I’ve been very depressed from not working and finding out my pregnant. So the dream made me happy. And I just want to know what hes telling me, or a gift he is trying to pass on to me. Thank you

    • Hello. Thank you for reaching out. I hope you are safe. Congratulations on your pregnancy, too!

      You dream has several things that we need to unravel. The first scenario describes your regrets because you were not able to spend more time with your deceased father. It could also mean that you are missing him so much that there are no other things that can replace that. Even if you have met a lot of people and experiences, it is still him that you want to see. Your happiness is bound to him. And that’s something wonderful.

      The second nature of your dream is a reminder. Even if your father is long gone, he is just with you. He never felt you. That’s the very reason why you sensed that the appearance of your father of your dream is just recent.

  7. Hi,
    My grandmother passed four years ago and my grandfather passed last year. I have had two really vivid dreams about them.
    In the first we were at a family gathering on a perfect summer night. My grandfather was in the corner smiling and my grandmother and I were sitting at a table holding hands and smiling. She would squeeze three times like we use to in church when I was young. Her other hand was deformed.
    In the second dream we were at their house. My grandfather was younger and good. My grandmother was super fit and hyper.

    I was wondering what these dreams mean.

  8. Hi. Thank you for this article. My mom’s sister passed away when I was 6. I am now 28 and it still affects me so greatly that it almost doesn’t even make sense. I devoted at the time of her death even though I was so young. Looking back I do not even understand how a 6 year old could have experienced the grief that I had with her passing. We were extremely close and I loved her dearly but I have since lost other people close to me and their deaths have not had the same effect. I think it is important to point out that I was actually dreaming her death while I was awoken from my sleep and told that she was dead. In that dream I was in her apartment and went into her bedroom and tried to wake her up from sleep. She would not wake up and I knew she was dead. In reality she did in fact die in her sleep from complications of type 1 diabetes. One thing that I learned about her death that always troubled me was that the night she died, before going to sleep, she told her fiancé that she was not feeling well and that she wanted to go get checked out. He refused to take her and told her to wait until morning. I guess I blame him for her death and almost look at him as a murderer. Now for the dreams I’ve been having…throughout the years I have had many dreams with her in them, but most recently I keep having these dreams where I find out she is actually still alive but she has been in hiding. She has changed her name and everything and all these years she has been alive and well and it has been some big family secret. Sometimes in the dreams I end up getting to see her again, but sometimes I do not. When I find out that she has been alive I am overwhelmed with tears and crying so much that I can’t even speak. The reason she has been in hiding is for protection. One other major dream I keep having is that I am at her fiance’s house years after her death and I sneak into his attic where I found secrets hidden explaining something more sinister about her death.

    All these dreams have been the most realistic dreams I have ever experienced in my life. I really feel my aunt there and I’m just looking for some more explanation. Thank you

    • Hey my aunt passed away 50+days ago and this is the first time I saw her in my dream. My dream was I was drunk and I was at the garahe with the lights off then suddenly someone turned them on and it was her I was shocked and scared all I could say “Oh hello auntie you’re here??” then I suddenly woke up. The way I saw her was like a normal day her clothes were the ones that she wore when she died.

  9. Hey my aunt passed away 50+days ago and this is the first time I saw her in my dream. My dream was I was drunk and I was at the garahe with the lights off then suddenly someone turned them on and it was her I was shocked and scared all I could say “Oh hello auntie you’re here??” then I suddenly woke up. The way I saw her was like a normal day her clothes were the ones that she wore when she died.

  10. First of all, thank you for what you do! Your information on dream meanings is always most helpful! I literally just woke up from one that has me a bit stumped and doesn’t really fit any one specific theme. I can’t quite remember most of the dream but it ended with me and my aunt (who passed away years ago in real life, we were close but not extremely and we always had a good time when together) being in a car and I drove us into this huge hole we knew was there but I didn’t see it and never tried to stop or avoid it. The hole we knew was insanely deep and I remember thinking we were told it was a never ending hole. We were laughing and happy as we fell. At one point I recall thinking it really was a never ending hole and a voice came over headphone I didn’t know we were both wearing that said, “oh just wait!” After a bit we were suddenly falling through lots of dirt, we never landed but we’re just surrounded by dirt and felt like we were still sort of falling but slower. I remember wondering in the dream if we should call someone and say goodbye. And then I woke up, breathing very heavy, heart racing and totally disoriented. It definitely the most vivid dream I’ve had as an adult. Thanks for any help or insight you can give me with this one!

  11. Hi my Great grandfather died of colon cancer in 1989 and today I looked down my grandmothers hallway and at the opening of her bedroom her door was open and I swear I saw my great grandfather standing at the door in spirit form and he had my moms skin color and a trimmed mustache and when I asked my grandmother about his mustache and she said he did have a trimmed mustache confirming my spiritual encounter.

  12. I dream of family members who have passed on since I was in my early 20’s. I’m 58 yea old and this morning I saw my grandmother, mother, aunt and my sister in a dream. My grandmother talked to me and seemed my out in my dream. I appeared to be surrounded by a lot of ppl which I couldn’t see at at times I would recognize a passing person. My grandmother passed years ago. I told her I loved her. She seemed surprised and I said yea I love you y your my grandmother. I saw my sister who passed 3 years ago and someone told me she was going blind. She didn’t talk to me but started to cry. The details I of my dreams are kinda weird. I saw my friend in the dream who is alive tell me to make sure the place is clean. I was also being fitted for a larger pair of pants. (weight) issues.

    • Hello. Thank you for reaching out.

      Honestly, I find your dream quite complex. However, one recurring theme that I can find is that the dead reminds you that you have to take care of yourself, as well the people around you. When your grandmother got surprised, it is a sign that there’s no need to worry about the ones who already passed away. Instead, you should worry about what’s present in the world. You have a sharp sense over what’s happening beyond the physical realms, by the way.

  13. I dreamed about a dead uncle telling us his dead sister had found her s antique ear muffs and wanted to either keep or sell them. My other dead aunt and her daughter also deasesed wanted to go see more things at the aunts attic to find more treasures that they had stored. Also a cousin that has been sick for sometime was there . They found the muffs but I never saw them.

  14. My deceased aunt ( who I adored very much) came to visit my home in my dream with her grandson who is still alive. She knocked on my door and I was surprised to see her when I opened the door and was shocked to see her alive and happy at the same time. We greeted and spoke to each other and It looked and felt very real to me even though it was a dream and was very clear even after I woke up.
    Please interpret this dream for me because it is making me wonder why I saw this. Thank you

  15. My mom has been passed away 14 years. She comes to me in my dreams quite often. But recently over mothers day weekend She actually spoke to me for the first time and I woke up in tears. The next 3 dreams with her after that she is babysitting my youngest son. I actually found out I was pregnant mothers day weekend too. Why all of a sudden she talks to me and she is babysitting?

    • Hello. Thanks for reaching out.

      Your recent dream about your mother talking to you has a significant symbolism. Specifically, your mother is imparting knowledge and responsibilities to you. In your context, the dream suggest that there’s a passing of torch that took place. It is time for you to take on greater roles and duties in life. You have to be strong and mentally equipped in these situations. In this way, you’ll succeed and get the rewards you deserve.

  16. My great uncle just came to me in a nap. I was only down for 30 mins. I AM FREAKED OUT. It was so weird. I must say that we were not particularly close. Furthermore, I don’t dream. I mean ever! So to have a dream of my deceased uncle who died over 5 years ago was alarming. He looked like a black Elmore Fudd but what was interesting to me is that he was outside of my house (house looked nothing like my current house) and I opened the door to let him in. He looked up at me with these over sized saucer eyes. I grabbed a throw off the couch and wrapped it around him after he stepped in the house. I turned and noticed something square was missing on the wall. Immediately walked over to the space to inspect it further and turned around and he was gone. There were no words exchanged at all. I do remember there being 1 light in the room but it felt like a hovering spot light like the one in the movies were they are interrogating people.

    I was raised by his younger sister. I was not very well received. Even my great aunt who raised me as never ever visited me in a dream. This is really really bothering me. I can’t seem to find any info on a deceased great uncle visiting you that you weren’t really close with.

    • Hello. Thanks for reaching out.

      Dreaming of strangers or dead people who you arent that close is a manifestation that you have some undisclosed feelings in your heart. This means that there are thoughts and emotions that you arent recognizing, and that’s the reason why they appear strange or alien to you.

      It is also possible thar your dead uncle is a symbolism of a problem or challenge that is yet to come. There’s a probability that this difficulty will come swiftly, and it is going to overwhelm you because you are not used to dealing with it.

  17. My wife recently had a dream about my deceased mother alive in a glorious location in the mountains. Apparently, we owned this grand and beautiful home on top of a hill overing looking water running below that you could hear from above. My mother was tired and asked to rest on a bed. This was a place that all of our close friends and relatives could come and stay. My wife weeps when telling me about this dream and how she felt.

    • Hello. Thanks for sharing your dream.

      That seemingly hallow and peaceful dream of your wife relating to your mother may indicate the peace that you want to experience in your life. Since mothers often symbolize home, peace, and calmness, the dream suggests that you or your wife is longing for a life that is free of worries and distress. But of course, we cant remove the possibility that your deceased mother is telling your wife that she is in a good place already.

  18. My cousin passed away in 2019, in my dreams she does not directly speak to me always moving around. The first one I had was about food. She was eating briyani and was really enjoying it. The recent one was there was this wheelchair an it was sort of a backpack, her 9 year old daughter loved with me, and not looking directly at me she gave me this wheelchair that turned into a backpack and said everything is in here. N she kept saying that. I wasn’t afriad in both dreams but did wake up with my heart racing


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