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Dreams About Eggs: The Common Meanings And Interpretations

Dreams about eggs are quite peculiar. However, this doesn’t mean that you can freely ignore them. One way or another, these dreams may have implications in your life. 

Keep in mind that dreams don’t just appear out of a whim. Sometimes, they are the manifestation of our subconscious thoughts. In a nutshell, dreams may manifest our innermost desires. But at the same time, these dreams could also portray important visions you need to ponder upon. When they appear, they might have hidden messages that you need to uncover. 

This time, let us explore the possible interpretations of dreams related to eggs. 

Dreams About Eggs: Meanings And Symbolisms

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Eggs have been a symbol for life, fertility, rebirth, and resurrection. In ancient times, eggs were commonly used in religious rituals to represent the passing of life from one phase to another. Eggs were used in this way because they are a symbol of the beginning of life, from birth to birth. 

The color of the egg also had significance, depending on what was being reflected. White often represented purity, which would be carried over to the birth of a child or a new beginning. A black egg would symbolize death, and rotten eggs would carry the same meaning. In dreams, seeing a fresh egg in a bowl would mean that you were about to embark on a new phase in your life. Eggs are also symbols of new beginnings, as well as new ideas and possibilities.

In short, eggs are the symbolism of fertility, fresh start, and endless opportunities that may come in your way. 

Biblical Meaning Of Eggs In A Dream

In the Bible, eggs are also used as symbols of new life and resurrection. In the book of Matthew, Jesus teaches about the end times and uses the example of a hen gathering her chicks under her wings. Similarly, Jesus teaches that we should protect and shelter our children, even if it means putting our lives at risk. 

In the story of Easter, Jesus is killed, buried, and then resurrected to new life. The egg symbolizes the new life that Christians receive after death.

Notably, the biblical meaning of eggs has the same equivalence to their dream symbolisms. However, the Christian faith sees these eggs as a symbol of God’s promise that He will never leave His people. His power and grace will protect and bless them at all times. Regardless if you are a Christian or not, such a promise is undeniably tremendous.

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Other Meanings And Interpretations Of Eggs In Dreams

  • Dreaming of fried eggs – In your daily and nightly dreams, the fried egg symbolizes the life you live. When fried eggs are present in your dreams, it means that you are living your life the way you want to, but it also means that your life is not always the way you want it to be. The fried egg is also a symbol of fertility. In the context of family, seeing fried eggs in your dreams may mean that you are about to experience the birth of a new child.
Dreaming of fried eggs
Dreaming of fried eggs
  • Dreaming of eating eggs – Eating eggs in a dream can represent a good number of things, depending on the context. Simply eating eggs is typically a symbol of greed or gluttony, but if it is cooked in a particular way, it can represent one of the five senses. In this context, they appear in dreams to symbolize new opportunities or the urge to make a change in your life. They can be a sign that you’ve got some new idea which will bring prosperity to your life. An excellent example of this is the saying, “break an egg and make an omelet.” If you’re dreaming of eating eggs, you’re probably feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the possibilities life has to offer and feeling a little like you’re being pulled in a million different directions. 
  • Dreaming about cooking eggs – If you are cooking eggs in a dream, you may be trying to create or recreate something in your life. This may also be a metaphor for your desire to have a child. Cooking eggs in a dream can also symbolize your hunger for better sex life. In some cases, cooking eggs in a dream means that you are cooking up some scheme or that you are preparing for something. In other cases, it may mean that you are seeking to take a different approach to an issue.
  • Dream about cracking eggs – Dreaming about cracking eggs could mean you don’t see the world for what it really is. If you crack an egg in a dream, you’re opening your eyes to a new way of thinking. (Example: If you dream your egg is broken, you should be more aware of the consequences of your actions.) This can be disconcerting or liberating, depending on the way you react to the new information. While cracking eggs in a dream can signify new ways of thinking, it can also mean the end of something. (Example: If you dream of cracking an egg to find a dead bird inside, you may be worried your current lifestyle is unhealthy.)
Dream about cracking eggs
Dream about cracking eggs
  • Dream about peeling eggs – Peeling eggs in a dream means you are about to experience some big change in your life. While this can be as big as a move to another country or as small as buying a new pair of shoes, you will be able to look back and see how this change helped you grow as a person. The egg is a symbol of life in dreams. Therefore, by peeling the egg, you are opening up to a new stage in your life or shedding your old ways of thinking in order to welcome the new.
  • Dream about laying eggs – This symbol generally suggests something about the dreamer’s own creativity and the need to release their own ideas into the world. You may also be experiencing a  feeling of desperation and a lack of satisfaction. In particular, eggs often appear if you’ve been putting off some important change in your life, such as a move, a relationship, or a job switch. Perhaps you’re not ready to move forward with a project, and the dream is a way of encouraging you to stop procrastinating and start working on it.


Dreams about eggs are pretty interesting. If you pay attention to them, you’ll eventually realize that they only desire you to undergo life-changing transitions. I recommend that you follow or adhere to these implications. They might lead you to the breakthroughs you are looking for. 

That’s it for now. If you want to know more about spirit animals, dream meanings, and angel numbers, drop a question in the comment section below.

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