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Dreams About Plane Crashing (You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of It)

We all see sleep as our refuge from the troubles and problems that we experience in our waking life. However, there are some instances where even our most precious sleep is being haunted by unlikely visions. We tend to call them nightmares. 

Dreams about plane crashing are among those harrowing things that suddenly jolt a person to consciousness. Even during deep sleep, experiencing such a thing in your dreams can automatically remove the peace and stillness of your body. And sometimes, we think that this dream is an ill omen. 

Interestingly, this kind of nightmare is pretty common. It somehow illustrates the idea that this is not an unusual phenomenon. However, it is something that you can discard either. There’s a meaning to it, and you should know it. 

Plane Crash Dream: What Does It Mean?

A crashing plane in a dream is quite intriguing, especially if you are in the plane itself. That will send chills down your spine and make you sweat profusely. I had a reader once who told me that she cried right after seeing this dream. I assured her, in turn, that nothing bad will ever happen to her. 

Dream plane is something that should not be treated in a bad light. Well, it is indeed scary, but it is far from being a sort of unwanted premonition. Instead, it serves as a reminder that some aspects of your life require fixing. 

Inner Anxieties

In a psychological perspective, airplanes that are crashing symbolize the anxieties and pressure that you are hiding inside. They are just roaming in your inner self, but any moment, they can make your crash. 

Inner Anxieties

Such a dream indicates that you are not well equipped in handling stress and emotional swings. It is highly probable that you are not good at assessing the things you feel and express them accordingly. Instead of venting them out, you are hiding them. You want to hide them from the people because you are scared and ashamed. 

This habit is not good. It deters your physical health. It makes your mentality weak and reeling. The more you are suppressing your inner anxieties, the more they make your constitution frail. The dream symbolizes that you are already reaching your breaking point. 

My only advice here is for you to open up to the people you trust. Talk to some of your family member or close friends. Try to release all the loads that are bogging you down because doing so that can make you feel lighter. If this doesn’t work, you should seek professional help. Don’t be ashamed if you have things inside you that you barely understand or have a grasp about. 

Following the “Correct Direction”

Airplanes, unlike other creatures in the sky, tend to follow specific routes and direction. Pilots are always tasked to ensure that they follow their navigational devices correctly. Doing so prevents them from getting lost and helps them avoid potential air traffic. 

Following the "Correct Direction"

Your life or soul could be compared to a plane. Right from the start, your guardian angels have set a direction for you to follow. You have a fate that is laid in front of you. People are born into this world with the desire to chase the things that have been destined to them. It is for that reason why some people get distraught whenever they haven’t accomplished their goals yet. The sense of disarray always come when you are distant to your life purpose and soul mission. 

When you see a dream where a plane has crashed, then it is just a mental projection that your life will experience disappointments once you don’t follow what your heart says. It is akin to the feeling of being “lost.” It is a feeling that most of us have felt already. 

When the dream involves you being boarded that crashing plane, that simply means that you have already taken wrong turns in your life. Your guardian angels or spirit guides are reminding you that you have to keep your disposition back to where it should be. Try to contemplate the very desires of your heart because they will serve as your compass so that you can be guided in this life.

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Keep in mind that lost planes always end up crashing. In your life, this is a symbolism of admonition. You have to fulfil your life purpose; otherwise, you will experience regret and guilt.

Failed Expectations

Failed Expectations

Another significant interpretation of this dream is your expectations being shattered. We all know that airplanes do not fly on low altitudes unless they are going to land or about to take off already. Throughout their flights, these airplanes are always hovering in the towering skies. Of course, at these given distances, they are far away from our reach. 

You can see the plane as your expectations. You let it fly high and realized in the long run that you have no means of getting it. Sure enough, such a feeling is indeed frustrating. It can induce several doses of disappointments because you feel that you are not capable of doing anything. 

At this point, you have to learn that sometimes, dreaming too big can harm you in some degree–especially if you want to pursue it wholeheartedly. Such a desire will lead you to circumstances where discouragements are really present. If you are in this position already, you need to ask yourself if such dreams of expectations are still worth pursuing or not. Is giving up an option for you? 

Well, it is only you who can decide on this matter. I cannot make decisions on your behalf. All I am trying to do here is to help you understand the dilemma that you are in. After all, you are the captain of your soul. But you have your guardian angels as well that can help you where to sail or fly!

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In all of these interpretations, it is pretty clear that airplanes symbolize our internal state. If you dream of a plane that is soaring high, then it indicates that you have a peaceful mind and your emotions are free from negativity. But if the dream includes accidents and crashes, then your inner self might be in shambles or a considerable dilemma. 

That’s it for now. If you have questions about dreams, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

4 thoughts on “Dreams About Plane Crashing (You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of It)”

  1. Hi there!

    Thank you so much for posting such an insightful article. I actually had a dream early this morning that my best friend and I were ironically visiting an airplane museum and while we were there, I looked up at the window and saw a small plane crash into a building. I was very shook up and couldn’t move as I wanted to make sure that someone made it out alive. Before leaving the museum, I saw two people taking the pilot out of the plane. Whether the pilot was alive or not? I don’t know.

    But I guess my question for myself is I’m curious if this has anything to do with my semi-complicated relationship with my best friend who is actually my ex boyfriend. Deep down inside, we both love each other but I get so confused wondering if he’s really the man that God has in store for me.

    But I guess that’s just for me to continue to figure out on my own. Thanks again for the insightful article.

    Best wishes and good health,
    Bria 🙂

    • Hello. Thank you for reaching out. You really have an interesting dream, and an equally interesting relationship with your bestfriend. Well, I assume that dream is somewhat connected to your daily experiences, specifically to your connection with your bestfriend.

      In this dream, it can be seen that you are actually curious if this relationship you have with your bestfriend is something that can survive even in crashing trials and difficulties. As you have said, the two pilots (you and your bestfriend) somehow survived, but it is quite vague for you. Now, there are two things that you can do here. First, you can be brave enough to talk about what’s between two of you. Second, you can just wait how things will turn out. Both of these routes may have different outcomes, but they can actually solve the confusion in your head and heart.

  2. Thank you so much. Really helped with my anxiety about a plane crashing dream I had. I was on the plane with my husband when I felt turbulence and the plane started taking a dive. I woke up before it crashed. I guess this is very telling.

  3. Thank you so much. Really helped with my anxiety about a plane crashing dream I had. I was on the plane with my husband when I felt turbulence and the plane started taking a dive. I woke up before it crashed. I guess this is very telling.


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