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Dreams About Zombies: Should You Be Scared With These?

Many people have dreams about zombies. I think it is a pretty common occurrence today considering that we are living in an era where zombie pop-culture is a thing. If you are binge watching zombie flicks, there’s a good chance that you are going to dream about them.

However, is this dream something that you can just shrug off? Or does it hold something important or crucial in your life?

Zombie Dream Meaning: A General Interpretation

Technically speaking, zombies aren’t real. They are a work of fiction and the creative minds of those who want to send chills to our spines. Zombies are those that have been dead but have been reanimated through various means such as necromancy.

The main trait of these zombies is aggressiveness. They attack humans or any creatures that are not of their kind. They feast on the flesh and will hunt until all of their programmed targets are no more. Once done feeding, these zombies can go idle or just walk aimlessly.

With these given characteristics, it is quite difficult to interpret the meaning of dreams about zombies. That’s why some interpreters just dismiss these dreams as trivial and meaningless.

However, I do believe that dreams that involve these otherworldly creatures are not just tailored by your playful mind. Sometimes, they might hold some meanings that are just waiting to be revealed. Specifically, I think of these dreams as indicators of spiritual messages. There’s a good chance that these zombies depict as to why we are encountering anxieties and delays in our waking life.

I do find this interpretation related to oppression and control. It could potentially mean that some people or factors are trying to inhibit our growth. We are awake and moving, but our desires are nowhere to be found as they have been siphoned by the negative entities and experiences in your life.

Furthermore, zombie dreams are also a sign that there’s an ambition of yours that you cannot reach. Regardless of the effort and time that you poured into achieving your goals, it seems that you cannot just close the distance. You are trying to fight it out, but somehow, you cannot fulfill the desires of your heart. This kind of predicament is life-draining. It makes you hopeless and dead–just like a zombie.

What Does Zombie Dream Means: Other Possible Explanations

Most of the zombie movies that we see involve panic and fear whenever there’s a zombie encounter. The fear that these creatures can release is truly intoxicating. They can wreak havoc, not only to people but to the entire surroundings where they are dwelling. People who are chased by zombies are always seen with horror in their faces. They are running for their lives because the dead can really eat them.

These scenarios are quite scary indeed. However, are they something that you should reflect on, especially if you have dreamt about zombies?


If your dream involves you being chased by a horde of zombies, there’s a good chance that it is a symbolism to your current predicament. It could mean that you are living in a life where you don’t have control anymore. You are trying to take hold of your life but to no avail. You are helpless as you cannot fight back.

This interpretation could reflect your current relationship. Are you being manipulated or controlled by your partner? It could also signify your career. Are you being held back by your boss? Is your work demanding and overwhelming? Are you not catching breaths anymore because of the flooding of deadlines?

Any of those scenarios are dreadful indeed. You want to change the situation, but you are up against something that you cannot change or fight back. Zombie dreams typically represent these predicaments. If you are being chased by zombies in your dream, there’s a chance that your waking life–the reality you are in–is already helpless and beyond your control already.

Zombie Apocalypse Dream Meaning

One of the scariest dreams that you could encounter is a zombie apocalypse. There’s nothing more horrifying than that. If I were to choose between a single zombie and a horde of zombie rampaging the civilization, I would take the former. Of course, the horror is understandable here. We are dealing with the undead. The merciless and heartless ones. Once they take over, restoring things would be near impossible.

Somehow, this dream–if interpreted–is not that harrowing. It is not a bad omen that signifies that the world is going to end already. The latter is just a funny interpretation. Instead, if you will probe this dream fully, it can only mean one thing: new beginnings.

The setting that is being crumpled by these malignant creatures might represent your life today. There is a change that is going to take place. Something new will blossom out from the ashes of the destruction. The process of change can be painful and overwhelming here, as represented by the zombies. However, you should accept it because that’s the only way you can move forward. Once the struggle is over, you will get the fresh start that you need.

Every beginning is difficult. There’s no denying that. However, it is a necessary step for growth and fulfillment. It may require you to end your long-term relationship with your partner or leave the job that you clung for so long.

Dream About Zombies Attacking You

If the dream involves you being attacked by a zombie, it simply means that you are going to stumble on a secret that has been kept from you. The secret can either be good or bad. Regardless of the nature of the secret, it will certainly make you feel disappointed. Specifically, you will resent the person who has kept the information because you will feel betrayed.

The secret will be revealed to you out of nowhere. The discovery can even shock you. Therefore, you should make yourself ready all the time. If possible, have an understanding heart. This will make things easier for you.

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Having a dream about zombies is quite a unique experience. Not all people can encounter them, after all. However, things can get more intriguing if you are going to find significance out of this horrific vision. The interpretations that I have made about the dream may appear peculiar. However, they are quite sensible, especially if you can take them contextually.

That’s it for now. If you have questions about dreams, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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