Dreams Of Dogs And Their Underlying Connection To Our Lives

It is quite an interesting thing if we have dreams of dogs. For many dog lovers and owners, having a dream about their pet is indeed a happy experience. It provides them with a sense of delight and relief that their beloved buddies visited them on their dreams. 

Fortunately, it is not difficult to interpret dreams about dogs. After all, a lot of people have seen this kind of vision already while they are sleeping. In fact, dogs are among the most common elements that people see on their dreams. 

If you have seen your beloved pet in your dream, there’s a good chance that the latter comes with a message or instruction. If you want to have an idea of what could be the possible symbolism or meaning behind this dream, you should read on.

Dog Dream Meaning

As I have said, dreaming about dogs is entirely normal. Even if you don’t have one, there’s still a big chance that you will experience it. After all, we have encounters with these lovely creatures on a daily basis. There’s nothing that should concern you if you have seen a dream with this animal on it. 

Dogs are considered as man’s best friend. We usually adopt these creatures because of their high-level of loyalty and companionship. They can make a bond with you that is so strong that it will never be broken. If you treat them well, they will return the favor by showing you the highest kind of love that they can give. 

We are not oblivious to the fact that dogs are generally cordial, gentle, and friendly. These are among the traits that distinguish them from other creatures. It is easy to get along with them. 

With these things in mind, a dog in your dream could suggest your own congenial personality. The dream is like an affirmation that you are doing good in being kind and approachable. Your subconscious mind is somehow telling you that you should keep on doing things that can benefit the people around you. By being a loyal and trustworthy person, more and more souls will get attached to you. They will see you as their beacon of hope, and that’s a good thing!

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Keep in mind that not all people can provide a feeling of warmth and joy to others. These days, humans tend to be cold and calculating. It is rare to see people that have the care-free and jovial attitude like dogs. If you can share your delight and love to others, then you are an exceptional soul. A dream about dogs certifies that you have a knack for making people happy. 

Dog Symbolism In Your Dreams

Of course, I am completely aware that dreams are contextual. There are a lot of interpretations that you can derive from the same concept or element. Even a dream that involves dogs could potentially differ from one person to another. For instance, a barking dog in your dream may have a different meaning from a dream where the dog is timid and tamed. 

With this given fact, you should not assume that your dream has the same impact on other people. The best thing that you can do here is to remember as many details as you can. In this way, translating the dream would be a lot easier. 

Here are some examples.

Dog Died In The Dream

In the dream, my dog died. What could it possibly mean? 

Dog Died In The Dream

Although it is a sad sight to see, this doesn’t indicate that your dog (if you have one) will die soon. However, there’s a heavier implication that you should know here. A dog that died in your dream could indicate that someone close to you has died or gone sick. Just like I said, the dog serves as one of man’s most loyal companions. Therefore, it could represent someone that you trust and rely on in real life. 

While it is not usually typical to interpret dreams as straightforward as this, such symbolism has proven to be real. I encountered several people who had this dream who lost someone close to them after several weeks or months. 

If you have seen this vision, better check those individuals who are special to you. Ask their condition and see if they are doing well. Extend help if you deem that they are having difficulties. Always remind them to take care of themselves.

Dog Barking In The Dream

A barking dog could symbolize your need for attention. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you want to show off. Instead, it is an indication that you are longing for company. It could also suggest that you are seeking recognition. You might have the skills and talent, but nobody is batting an eye on you. You want attention because it is one of the ways for you to achieve your dreams. 

Dog Barking In The Dream

Also, a barking dog in your dream could portray your playful nature. If the dog that you have seen is quite happy when it is barking, then it is just your subconscious mind telling you that you want to feel happiness. 

Bitten By Dog

Interestingly, there are also dreams that involve dogs biting you. It is a perplexing and worrisome vision because it can make you think that there’s something bad that will happen to you. 

Bitten By Dog

Sadly, that’s really the case. When a dog bit you in your dream, it could mean that someone is betraying you. It could be your close friend or partner. It could be anyone that you trust. I have witnessed individuals who discovered that their spouse is cheating on them because of this kind of dream.

This dream can also indicate that you have lost control over your life. You have lost balance, and it is biting you back. Mismanaged work time can make you sick. Limited family time could make you sad and depressed. You need to establish harmony in these aspects to ensure that you can live life more peacefully. 

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Bottom Line

Even if we can’t know what do dogs dream about, we still have the ability to decipher our own dreams about them. The things that have been listed here are some of the most common interpretations that we interpreters come up. However, I still recommend that you assess the context of your dreams so that you can understand it better. If not, just remember the details and let us do the rest of deciphering. 

That’s it for now. If you have some dreams that you want me to interpret, just drop them in the comment section below.

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