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Meaning Of Dreams In Islam: Unravel Interesting Interpretations


Islam, despite being a conservative religion, has a deep affinity towards dreams and interpretations. This particular religion holds dreams with extreme significance. They believe that these dreams are some sort of premonition of things that are yet to come. But just like other dream interpreters, Islam believes that dreams can provide insights to your life in general.

Don’t worry if your dream is interpreted differently in Islam. It is something that you have to expect, especially that we have different beliefs and superstitions. You are free to choose which you are going to believe anyway.

However, let me tell you that Islam has an interesting take when it comes to dreams. Do you want to learn them? Better read on.

Meaning of Dreams In Islam

Apparently, Islam has its own classifications of dreams. Of course, this is in accordance with their Sunnah. Here are they:

  • Ru’yaa – These are the good or bountiful visions.
  • Hulum – This is basically the direct counterpart of nightmares or a bad dream.
  • The third one is a dream that comes from yourself or your desire. Some call this “nafsani.”

Good Dreams

All of those who practice Islam believe that good dreams are directly stemming from Allah Ta’ala. If we are to make a reference from Prophet Muhammad, he said that all those good and desirable dreams are from Allah alone. Furthermore, the revered prophet suggested that we should thank for these good dreams.

In fact, it is already encouraged in Islam that if you have a good dream, you should share it with others. This is like a practice of sharing goodwill to the people you care about. Of course, this kind of practice has a deep context to the religion and should be adhered as much as possible.

Bad Dreams

As the opposite of the good dreams, the bad dreams in Islam is said to be coming from Shaitan. Of course, if you are a believer of this religion, this is not good news because Shaitan is a vile and treacherous entity.

According to the teachings of Islam, there are things that you have to whenever you have a bad dream. First, you need to spit on your left side for three times. After that, you have to ask for Allah to protect you from Shaitan three times. Once done, you can go back to sleep but make sure that is in the opposite direction of your previous sleeping position.

The best way to negate a bad dream and relieve from its consequences is to stand up and pray. Furthermore, Islam has strict teaching that bad dreams should never be shared with anyone. This could potentially harm the person, which is not really a good thing.

Dreams And Their Meaning In Islam

I have listed some of the interpretations of Islam to specific dreams. You can check them out below:

Snake In The House – This particular dream suggests that you have relatives or family members that you have a strong disagreement or dislike. If the snake is coming to your house, then this means that you have close relatives who are your enemies. If the snake is leaving the house, then it is your distant relatives who are your enemies.

Snake In The House 

PregnancyIf a man dreams that his wife is giving birth to a baby boy, this could indicate that his wife will deliver a baby girl. The opposite happens when a man dreams that his wife has given birth to a baby girl.


There are instances where dreams of giving birth have different implications for Islam. When you have dreamt that you have delivered a baby through your mouth, this could potentially mean death. In lesser accounts, such a dream could mean that you are going to deal with a person that you don’t want to offend.

If the dream involves a man giving birth to a baby boy, this means that the person will be heading to difficult times. But there’s an assurance that he can overcome it. Some interpreters in Islam suggest that this dream could potentially mean that you are going to conquer your enemies. Some even suggest that this is a sign that you are going to escape from a toxic relationship.

Speaking or Talking – When your dream involves a beast or a monster talking to you, this is signifying death. Pretty scary, right? If you have this dream, make sure that you should seek refuge to Allah and repent your sins. There are still chances that you can avoid this.

If a nose or head talk to you in your dream, the person who owns these parts will have an adversary. You have to remember whose body is it so that you can figure out the person who is going to suffer.

If the dream involves a talking tree, this means that you are going to be intertwined in a fight. It could also mean that the person will have his exile ended. The talking tree could also mean that people will be going to exalt you or give you accolades.

Once you dream of a talking baby, pay attention. In Islam, the words of the baby will come true.

Lion – A person who dreams of a lion is potentially in the presence of a tyrant or someone powerful. It could also potentially mean that there is a dangerous and insidious person lurking in your life.


However, in general, lions can represent different personas. For instance, it could symbolize you as a warrior. Sometimes, it could also portray of a treacherous workmate. In some settings, a lion in your dream indicates that there is a thief, swindler, or an enemy that you need to be careful about.

Sex – In Islam, dreaming of sex means that you are going to escape debts and financial liabilities. It could also portray satisfying achievements. Dreaming of sex could also be a direct reference to the person you cherish dearly, especially if you see that person in the dream.

However, if the dream that involves sex ends with orgasm, it is considered invalid. That’s not a dream that has a connection to otherworldly realms; instead, it something that stems from your physical desires. When this happens, you have to get out of bed and wash.


The meaning of dreams in Islam is quite interesting and amusing. If you are going to use their interpretations as your reference, you can really get significant and meaningful results. Even if you do not belong in this religion, you can always use the wisdom present in their dream translations. There’s nothing wrong if you will heed them.

That’s it for now. If you have dreams that you want to be interpreted, just write them in the comment section below.

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