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The Peacock Symbol: One Of The Most Beautiful Spirit Animals?

Peacocks are among the most flamboyant birds out there. They have a unique appearance that separates them from other animals and living creatures. 

Specifically, a peacock is a type of a colorful pheasant that comes with an iridescent tail. Once they flaunt their tails, it will immediately bloom like a flower. 

Because of its special nature and aesthetics, many people believe that the peacock symbol has something to do with our lives. In particular, it is commonly thought that the peacock spirit animal represents some of the fantastic and unyielding traits of human beings. Of course, it is pretty interesting to know the real implications of this bird to us.

Honestly, there are numerous symbolism that comes with the peacock. I will highlight some of them here. 

Peacock Symbol: Meaning and Interpretation

Based on the biological description of a peacock, it is quite easy to say that this creature is beautiful and doesn’t hesitate to showcase the things that it is proud of. 

Similarly, people with this spirit animal are said to be confident. They are not afraid to take any risks as long as it will give them gains. Furthermore, they are not reluctant to open themselves to others. They feel no hindrance and impediments when they are interacting with others.

It is also a given that this spirit animal has the power to provide you with a sense of freedom. It will empower you so that you will not be afraid to show who you really are. Those things that you are hiding will finally be revealed. By the time you can freely open yourself, you won’t feel any shame. It will just give you a sense of relief that you are brave enough to face the world.

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Another major interpretation of peacock is beauty. It could mean physical or internal beauty. Any of those applies to this symbolism. The peacock spirit animal is touted by many as a symbol of beauty and royalty. It is completely possible that people with extra appeal and physical comeliness has this spirit animal. These individuals have no problem in attracting people. They can always engage with anyone and make sure that they leave a good impression. 

Despite being a symbol of confidence, peacocks still embody the good nature of human beings. Things like kindness, politeness, and even humility are all represented by this creature. It is quite possible that the spirit animal can provide delight to people. It can remind them that being good to others is the greatest gift that they can give to this world. 

It is most likely that a peacock can give you a desire to improve yourself. It will motivate you to undergo a massive transformation. When this happens to you, take the opportunity to learn new things. Enhance your learnings and skills because that will help you achieve your dreams in the long run. Of course, don’t forget to refine your attitude as well. Fix the ugly things in you so that you will become as beautiful as the peacock. 

Other Peacock Symbolism

There are still other implications that the spirit animal can give to your life. Interestingly, several cultures and traditions have different takes for the symbolism of the peacock. Here are some of them.



It is pretty intriguing that some Christians believe that the peacock is a symbol of immortality or resurrection. They based it on the fact that peacocks undergo a molting process. After they have molted, the quality and finesse of their feathers come back to its original state. 

This particular trait made them see the animal as a symbol of longevity and vitality. Despite appearing frail, the creature is actually sturdy and highly survivable. It comes with an extensive lifespan. Even if it ages, there are no signs that is going weak and flimsy. Instead, it remains to be boisterous and overwhelming. It doesn’t succumb to any forms of weaknesses.

When you have the peacock spirit animal or peacock totem, you will be blessed with such kind of vitality. Your life will be brimming with strength. It can give you resistance to sickness and make you healthier. This is a beneficial characteristic of the bird that you should take advantage of. 

However, it should be taken into account that this vitality does not only reflect on your physical body. It could also apply in your emotional and mental aspect. With this spirit animal, you just don’t crumble down. You don’t succumb to pressure and stress. You always maintain that sense of confidence that you can overcome every odd that is thrown against you. People will not see you as a person that they can trample upon. Instead, they will see you a beacon of strength and will.

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Morality and Purity

Some say that the peacock symbolizes an incorruptible spirit. Personally, I do believe that this is the case. Keep in mind that peacocks molt their old skin and feathers to grow a new one. It is a cyclic process that happens in their life. This capability can reflect on the heart and soul of a person. Despite dwelling in a malignant and evil world, they still remain pure and righteous. They are not the people that can easily fall into temptations or negative influences. One way or another, you will see them as strong individuals that have a tempered morality. 

It would really be great if you can replicate such kind of moral stance. The world that we live in right now is full of corrupted and adulterated stuff. You cannot reach your dreams or life purpose if you are stained by evil deeds. It is time that you stand up against moral degradation because that’s the only way you can commune with yourself and with your Creator.

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Bottom Line

The peacock symbol is actually beautiful. Most interpreters will never deny that. One way or another, this bird represents the goodness of a person and the things that they can be proud of. If you sense that you have a special connection with this bird, then start contemplating. Inspect yourself so that you will find the real message that the peacock is trying to tell you. 

I hope that you got something from this post. If you have other questions about spirit animals, totems, and symbolism, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section below.

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