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Pig Symbolisms And The Meanings Of This Spirit Animal

Are you curious as to what the pig symbolism has to do with your life? Do you even know the relevance of this spirit animal in your life?

Regardless of the consumer-based and mundane views about pigs, these animals are actually important for those who are seeking enlightenment and breakthroughs. Through a pig totem, a person can find and realize their real purpose in this world. They may even use the essence and energies of the pig spirit animal in establishing their dreams and desires. 

In this post, we will learn more about the symbolism of the pig and how it can influence your life.

Pig Symbolisms

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Pigs are the most intelligent domestic animal and are often used as pets. When kept outdoors, pigs are social animals and will easily become part of the family. The pig is a symbol of fertility and was associated with the harvest in many cultures.

However, pigs are often used to represent gluttony and laziness.  The name “Pig” can imply a person who is careless and messy and unwilling to put in an honest day’s work. In some cultures, pigs are known as the embodiment of gluttony and are commonly used to represent greed.  Not only do pigs possess an insatiable appetite, but they are also considered to be extremely lazy.  

Depending on the context, the pig may either symbolize abundance and greed. When it comes to managing your resources and attaining riches, this particular implication is quite crucial. You may end up someone who is wise in saving and investing your blessings, or you may become a person who is swallowed by greediness. The pig represents the two sides of the coin when it comes to material riches. Hence, you need to be extra prudent to your money and your pursuit of these worldly treasures. 

Here are some of the specific symbols of the pig spirit animal


Pig symbolism - Cleverness
Pig symbolism – Cleverness

Pigs have long been seen as intelligent and cunning, and there are many stories of this cunning nature. Some of these stories may be based on fact, and there is even evidence that they have been domesticated at some point in their history. In fact, pigs are typically more intelligent than dogs and cats. As anyone who keeps a pig as a pet will know, they are quite bright and quite clean. In many countries, the pig was seen as intelligent, perhaps second only to the dog, but in others, the pig was seen as a foolish creature and a glutton. These are just a few of the reasons why pigs are such a commonly used symbol of cleverness.


Pigs have been used as symbols since the beginning of mankind. Actually, the first instance of a pig being used as a symbol was in the form of cave paintings. The ancient Egyptians used the pig as a symbol to represent fertility because the pig was known to be a prolific breeder. The Romans used the pig as a symbol to represent gluttony because they knew that pigs would eat anything. In other cultures, pigs have been used as symbols to represent wealth or good fortune.

Agriculture and Prosperity

Pigs are one of the most popular spirit animals, and for a good reason. Pigs are a symbol of agriculture because they are hardy, reliable, and lovable farm animals. They’re also well-known for being stubborn and smart creatures.  Pigs are beloved by many cultures and are a common theme in folklore, stories, and legends around the world. Some even consider pigs to be good omen and magical creatures.  In some folklore, you can see pigs as a symbol of good harvest, good weather, and prosperity. 

Masculinity (Boars)

Pig symbolism - Masculinity (Boars)
Pig symbolism – Masculinity (Boars)

The wild boar is a symbol of masculinity.  Throughout the ages, the wild boar has been seen as a symbol of power, vitality, and strength. In ancient Rome, the boar was a fearsome and respected creature, known as the “sow of war”, and it was seen as very brave and powerful.  The wild boar was also seen as a symbol of fertility and was often worshipped as a sacred animal.

Femininity (Sow)

Sow is seen as a symbol of femininity because it represents motherhood and fertility. In some cultures, the sow is associated with the moon, and some believe that the moon is female. There is a legend that the Goddess of the Moon was a pig. The story goes that she was a beautiful, kind, and loving pig. Her love was so strong that she died of sorrow when her beloved was killed by the man who had raised her from a piglet. When the Goddess died, her spirit transformed into the moon, and she was able to watch over her family from the skies.

Pig Spirit Animal

The pig is not technically considered a psychic animal in the same way as dragons, unicorns, or phoenixes. It is, however, a very spiritual animal that many people have a connection to. It is a nurturing creature that is very aware and cares very much about those who are close to it. 

Pigs are very intelligent creatures that are good listeners and can see the good in people after they have been hurt by others. They are highly sensitive to the energy around them, and they can easily pick up on negative energy. Moreover, they can be very helpful in times of need, but they can also be very hurtful if they feel as if they have been betrayed.

Pig Totem

The pig totem offers you the opportunity to be flexible and creative, to find practical solutions, and to be innovative. Keep in mind that pigs can be hard workers who get the job done, and they will help you get things moving if you have become a little too complacent. 

This particular totem teaches us to trust our instincts, to be intuitive, and to be patient. Pigs also remind us that sometimes we need to wait for the right opportunities to come along, so we need to be prepared.

The pig totem reminds us about our earthly desires. It’s a perfect symbol of the need to be grounded. Sometimes life is about being able to enjoy the simple pleasures. The Pig knows what it wants. It’s not looking for anything complicated. 


From what you read, the pig symbolisms may have different impacts from one person to another. For others, the pig spirit animal promises prosperity and abundance. For others, the said spirit animal serves as a reminder that they should never be driven by greed and their selfish natures. 

That’s it for now. If you want to know more about spirit animals, dream meanings, and angel numbers, drop a question in the comment section below.

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