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Rat Symbolism: How Should You See This Spirit Animal?

It is entirely possible that rats are among those creatures that humans are quite frightened of. Their sudden appearance makes us shriek and jump out of fear.

However, this doesn’t mean that rats are all terrible and worrisome. The rat is still a spirit animal that can bring good fortunes in your life. You see, this particular creature is holding a variety of symbolism that is worth uncovering. Of course, it also has several traits that should be emulated as well.

To know more about rat symbols and other aspects that pertain to this tiny rodent, you should read on.

Rat Symbolism

Many people are quite daunted to invest their time in exploring the various symbolisms of rats. After all, many of us want to share the reflection of a lion or a wolf. These creatures, aside from being mighty and fierce, are also majestic. People desire these spirit animals because they bask in glory.

Rats, on the other hand, are typically underestimated. They are those beings that often disgust people. Of course, it is entirely understandable because of their preferred living environment or diet. But fortunately, it doesn’t really mean that their symbolisms are something that you should avoid as well.

Here are some of the interesting symbols that are directly related to a rat spirit animal.



Unlike other creatures, rats are not living a pleasurable life. For them to survive, they have to do drastic measures. They are known to be scavengers. They are willing to take any risks so that they can live another day. Even in the line of danger, they don’t fret. Rats can remain calm and focus so that they can attain their objectives. It is for that very reason why these beings are fast-moving and elusive.

The survival instinct of a rat is really an ideal trait to be replicated. In our life, there are numerous challenges that we face. Although some of them are not life-threatening, it is undeniable that these problems can compromise our sanity and future. Troubles in home, work, and school are among the things that are quite difficult to overcome. Even if we strengthen our minds, it is not easy to go past through them.

Fortunately, you can always embody the survivability of rats. You have to increase your tenacity and bravery so that you can succeed in beating whatever obstacles in front of you. The situation should not dictate the outcome of things. Instead, it should be you that will control the outcome of things. Even if the odds are against you, giving up is still not a choice.

Once you have a rat totem or spirit animal, no circumstances are too arduous for you. This spirit animal will make you a capable person. No tasks can hinder you from surviving and reaching for your dreams. You have all the tools at your disposal to turn the tide in your favor.


Rats are among the most hard-working animals on this planet. You will rarely see them go idle. Every now and then, they are occupying themselves with things that can help them grow and survive.


Having this spirit animal means that you are not reluctant to do any errand as long as you can meet your ends. You are not among those people who are afraid to get their hands dirty. For you, as long as it is part of the process, you are willing to do it. You rarely complain. You always put your heart and soul in everything that you do, even if they are little.

Having the rat spirit animal ensures that you will never go lazy. You will always find the strength to carry on. It doesn’t matter if your burdens are big; you can always solve them by grinding yourself. It is the kind of persistence that will carry you to success and every desire of your heart.

You are a good worker. You are an excellent addition to an organization. But of course, your diligence also shines whenever you are working for your studies or personal business. As long as you have the rat as your spirit animal, there’s no way you can become stagnant and complacent.


Another rat symbolism that you should know is foresight. Many of those who live under the guidance of this spirit animal is well-versed individuals. They can adapt to any situation and circumstances, whether it is favorable to them or not. They have this certain level of intuition that tells them the correct course of action.


Of course, I am not saying that these individuals can predict the future or outcome of things. Instead, they have a keen understanding of things so that they can choose a direction that is directly favorable to them.

Even if the rat seems to be a reckless animal, the truth is, they are not. They are very calculative. They don’t make decisions without weighing every factor that is present in a particular predicament. Furthermore, they don’t act rashly and according to emotions. It is an indispensable fact that they are rational.

I can say that those that have the rat as their spirit animal are fortunate because of this specific trait alone. They are those people that cannot be easily fooled by any traps.


It is also given that rats are assertive creatures. They will always chase for the things that they want or need. It is good if you can refine this characteristic and utilize it on your favor.

When chasing for dreams or planning for success, it is necessary that you are assertive. You need to be persistent so that your aspirations won’t grow a distance. You need to chase whatever your desires are.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to do some vile and uncalled acts to achieve a particular objective. That’s why it requires honing and refining. You don’t want to compromise your spirituality or morality. There should be a balance.

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The rat may not be the ideal spirit animal for most people. But it has a lot of good aspects that you can learn and adapt in your lifestyle. I mentioned them already so it is already up to you how you can make sense out of them. Just let me remind you that this spirit animal is not pushing you to do bad things. You have the total control of your life, after all.

That’s it for now. If you have other questions regarding spirit animals and their symbolism, just drop them in the comment section below.

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