Raven Symbolism: A Bearer Of Spiritual Gifts

The raven is one of the most enigmatic birds. 

Most of the time, it is viewed as something ominous. It has a similar treatment to black cats. Various cultures see them as misfortunes and tragedies. 

However, the raven symbolism goes beyond that. After all, it is a spirit animal that can help you connect to your inner self and would eventually lead you to fulfillment and a better understanding of your spiritual roles. 

If you delve into this creature, you’ll realize that it can impart you with valuable lessons and values. Despite the negative perception of some people to this bird, the raven is quite a generous spirit animal.

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Raven Symbolism: Meanings And Interpretations

One should know that the raven has a strong connection to the spiritual world. Specifically, the enigmatic aura that this bird carries may represent concepts like the “underworld” and “death.” 

As I said, various cultures see the raven as a bringer of bad news. When a raven appears, they believe that someone has died or is going to die. 


Of course, this doesn’t have to be taken literally. Once you see a raven, you need to assess if it is there as a messenger. 

Most of the time, this bird is commonly governed by spiritual beings. They are sent to remind people that there are things that they should do. More or less, the raven intends to teach you the importance of spirituality, maturity, and self-control. These are the concepts that are carried by the raven as a spiritual messenger. 

Raven Spirit Animal

If you are going to view the raven as a spirit animal, things will be interesting. After all, it represents the vital process of transformation.

When you possess this spirit animal, it simply means that your life will be undergoing phases of transformations. Sometimes, it will undergo several difficult stages. But one way or another, it will lead you to a strengthened personality. In some instances, the transformation could be seen as dramatic. Your life will experience a significant change in its status. 

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Always remain hopeful that these transitions will impact your life positively. Accurately, you should aim for something that would improve your maturity and sense of responsibility. Furthermore, you also seek spiritual wisdom. The raven is known for that aspect, too.

Of course, there are some other things that the raven is symbolizing. Here are some of them.

Spiritual And Mental Cleansing

It is important to note that the raven is a scavenger. It preys on the remains and residues of other beings. 

Spiritual And Mental Cleansing

Therefore, you can associate this bird with the idea of cleansing. The bird might help you give the courage to strip away the wrong things in your life.

At this point, it would really be great if you can attain a raven totem. It would help you strengthen your resolve to forget all of your bad habits and actions. If you have struggles in resisting temptations, this particular spirit animal and totem could help you out. It will consume all the negative parts of your life until no residue is left. 

Furthermore, the raven can teach you the appropriate values that would make you a better person. It will mold your personality and well-being so that you can fulfill your purpose and role in this life. You can see it as your spiritual guide or teacher!


Many see the raven as an accurate bird. It does not have any wasted movement. All of its actions and decisions are based on specific factors. Therefore, it is rare for this bird to be delayed. It is always on time.

An excellent example of this is when it is hunting residues of leftovers. It is always on the lookout for fresh remains. If the timing of the bird is bad, then other scavengers such as vultures would get on their way first. But the raven has been a good player in this game. 

This kind of precision is what you need from this spirit animal. It will improve your awareness of time and how you are going to manage it. People who have difficulties in getting early or punctual will benefit from the raven totem

But the said symbolism goes beyond these interpretations. The raven spirit animal can remind you that you shouldn’t delay your life. If there are things that you need to do, you should do them right away. Delaying and procrastinating would put your life into peril. They impede your growth and maturity. 

Bearer Of Secrets

The raven symbolizes profound and enigmatic things. It dwells in clandestine places. It does not operate on the open, but rather in the shadows and darkness. But of course, this doesn’t mean that the raven is an evil creature. It just doesn’t like to be seen. You can even say that it is a shy being, as it doesn’t like too many interactions. 

Bearer Of Secrets

If you have the raven spirit animal, you are expected to hold secrets pretty well. The secrets don’t have to be yours. Even other people can confide in you. Sure enough, other people would see you as someone trustworthy. You should take this opportunity to gain the trust of others. It will help you in the long run. 

Don’t ever spill the beans. This is something that you should not, especially that you have this spirit animal. It will bite you back hard. People will definitely hate you. Nobody wants a two-faced individual, after all. 

Keep in mind that the raven is tainted with the imagery of betrayal. You will always be put into situations where you are going to be tempted. Don’t crack because it will stain your integrity. 

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The raven symbolism is usually related to things that would make a person morally mature and spiritually responsible. It would really be great if you can conform to its ideals. There’s nothing wrong if you can apply all of the values that it teaches you. If you make it as your spiritual guide, your life will be set for the better.

That’s it for now. If you have questions about spirit animals and their symbolism, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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