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Smelling Smoke Spiritual Meaning: How Should You Interpret It?

It is unusual for us to smell smoke in real life. That’s why it is quite peculiar if we see ourselves doing this in our dreams.

As it has been said, this particular vision invokes powerful implications. It has spiritual significance that people will undoubtedly find relevance. There are various beliefs and traditions that see smokes and aromas to have a connection to the spiritual realms. Sometimes, they even see it as an indicator that something that is not from this world is visiting you.

Of course, it can be said that smoke can make you remember something. It is linked to your memory as it appeals to your senses. For instance, if you smell a familiar perfume, it could make you think of your special someone. A pleasant odor makes you feel that you miss home.

Either way, it is proof that smokes and scents should not be ignored, especially if you encountered in a special way. Below are some of the potential explanation as to why you have entangled with this particular element.

Smelling Smoke Spiritual Meaning

As I have said, smell has a connection to your life. Smelling a familiar odor or scent can make you remember something. It could also induce certain feelings such as happiness or fear. It is a natural, but it doesn’t mean that you can shrug it off.

Smelling smoke in your dream or even in real life has a lot to suggest. Many believe that the presence of smoke or scent is a lingering sign that your guardian angels are with you. They are there to guide you or tell you a specific message or instruction.

It is for that reason why we are always reminded of something whenever we smell something. The scents appeal to our senses, and not to our nose. Specifically, you should know that our body processes these odors in the limbic system. The latter, coincidentally or not, is the very part that also generates feelings and thoughts. It is a hard proof that your thoughts are directly connected to the things that you smell in your nose.

Smelling Smoke Spiritual Meaning

You should not be surprised anymore if those that have a higher level of clairvoyance and intuition use their smell to sense something. Their heightened ability to detect things through scents and odor is a gift. Not all of us can do such a feat. Although it is true that we can develop an affinity with smells, some people can just do it better.

Technically, we call this “clairalience.” It is a psychic ability that is practiced by people that has exceptional perception. While others can’t smell a thing, they can. If you don’t see any smoke, they can sense it.

They use their smell to sense or predict something. They are utilizing it as a means of detecting nearby spirits and entities. They use smell to identify potential outcomes and opportunities. In some cases, these individuals can smell danger or fear. There are other people who find such ability disturbing. On my end, I find it beneficial. It is quite helpful to those people who are trying to find peace, especially with those that have departed them already.

If the person or memory that you remembered through smelling smoke is in the past, you should pray for them. This is especially true if the person has already moved from this world. Doing so will give them peace. It also puts you in a better position to be blessed by your angels.

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Do not ever fear if you smell smoke all the time. If the feeling is calming and non-threatening, it is just an indication that you are being visited by a loved one. It is the perfect opportunity to try commune to them. If not, just pray for them so that they can have smooth passing.

Smoky Fragrances And Their Spiritual Meaning

Based on some of the psychic research that I have done, several fragrances are significant than the others. These scents, when smelled, should give you an idea that they have spiritual relevance. More or less, there are signs that are used by your guardian angels to communicate with you. Allow me to give you a few examples.



A lot of us are familiar with the frankincense smoke. We usually have this fragrance during festivities and other special occasions. Accordingly, the smell of frankincense is an instruction coming from your guardian angel. They want to guide you or give you wisdom so that you can overcome a particular problem you are having difficulties to solve or conquer.



In a spiritual sense, the fragrance of rose in a cloud of smoke is a reminder that you have loved ones that you need to cherish. If these individuals are undergoing tribulations or difficult times, you are encouraged to motivate and comfort them. Be a beacon of hope for them because it might be your life purpose to help others. And that’s a good thing!



When you smell or hint the fragrance of cinnamon, be happy. This means that your life will experience peace and contentment. This particular smell came from your guardian angels as an assurance that you will not be plunged into chaos. And if ever you will stumble on problems, there’s a guarantee that you can get past through them. The spiritual meaning of this smell is indeed captivating.

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As what you can see, smelling smoke is really rooted in the spiritual world. Most of the time, we ignore these odors and fragrances and treat them usual. But once you feel that the smoke or scent is not ordinary, then you need to take time and ponder.

There’s a good chance that you someone close to you have visited you from the afterlife. They might be there to make peace with you or remind you that you are alone. In some cases, the smoke could be indicators from your guardian angels. They are compelling you to follow a set of instructions that would lead you to success and happiness.

That’s it for now. If you have other questions regarding spiritual symbolism, dream meaning, just drop them in the comment section below.

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4 thoughts on “Smelling Smoke Spiritual Meaning: How Should You Interpret It?”

  1. My dream recently woke me up with anxiety the smell of melting plastic corner of my room covered in heavy smoke yelling out for my husband to wake up.. I was dreaming he was sound asleep.

    On another note almost everyday I smell cigarette smoke in my home. No one smokes here.

  2. I have a great sniffer others say and true I do smell more than others and always before others or they may not smell it at all have been like this since I can remember

    In my apartment and alot recently I smell smoke I have now narrowed it down to my gramps old red vet pipe tobacco I fact a old can sits in my kitchen ofcourdmse I smell it but ow the freshly lit pipe tobacco sweet cherry it smells Ike to me

    So what do you think he was a great man and still is to me..
    I learned most I know from him til I left home he passed in 1981

    • Hello. Thanks for sharing your experience.

      Smelling something that isn’t there can be attributed to the phenomenon phantosmia; it is a form of olfactory hallucination. However, since you said that it is a smell that is related to your grandfather, it can be suggested that your grandpa was just manifesting his presence. Don’t be scared, as that old soul doesn’t mean you any harm.

  3. This morning, when I was changing my cats water I could smell smoke like something was burning then I heard my name which came to the right side of me. Nothing was on fire or burning and no one was around. My cat had been restless all night as well.


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