Crow Cawing Outside My Window: Should I Be Worried

crow cawing outside my window

Have you ever seen a crow cawing outside my window and wondered what it could possibly mean?

Of course, asking such a question doesn’t make you entirely paranoid. In fact, you have the right to do so, especially if you feel a certain “weight” to the encounter. Your unique experience with some animals could signify that one or two of them could be your spirit animal. You can always take their positive values and emulate them in your life. 

Going back to the crow, many people associate it with deep secrets and mysteries. In many cultures and traditions, the crow is a symbol of a bad omen. They are seen as bringers of bad luck and misfortune. But on the flip side, others see the intelligent birds, which potentially symbolize wisdom and inner insight. 

So what does a crow spirit animal mean? And how should you take things if it starts cawing at you?

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