Master Number 11 And Its Numerological Significance

master number 11

What are the implications of master number 11? How can you relate to this integral figure in numerology? 

A master number–like its name suggests–is a number that has overall mastery or superiority above all numbers. Those who carry its energy are masters of their own universe. In its highest expression, it represents all that is divine and perfect in the universe. For this reason, it is the number of the divine entities, which is closely related to the Creator or the Source. Its lower expression is a karmic number, full of the potential for experiences that encourage one to awaken from the illusions of the world.

When you have the master number 11 in your life, you are up for a big challenge. Specifically, this number holds a lot of important implications that can uplift you in your current situation and change your life into something you haven’t expected before. 

To know more about the master number 11 meaning and its connection to you, you should read on. 

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