Taurus and Gemini: How Compatible They Are Together?

Your zodiac sign can determine your compatibility with a person. It can indicate if someone fits with your nuances or not. 

Among all the zodiac pairings out there, the Taurus and Gemini are considered to be distinct and unique. This partnership is quite interesting, as it is an intertwining of high-profile zodiacs with a myriad of attributes. However, they share intricacies that affect their interaction and connection altogether. 

If you want to know the compatibility level of Gemini and Taurus, you should read on. 

Taurus and Gemini: Sexual Intimacy

Keep in mind that Taurus is a prominent zodiac under the Earth element. Therefore, it is grounded with what the five senses can feel. It enjoys physical affection more than anything else. It seeks sexual pleasure. Furthermore, it wants its body to be pleasured. Because of this, its satisfaction lies with someone that can meet these requirements. It is difficult for the Taurus to have no physical affection with its partner. 

Taurus and Gemini: Sexual Intimacy - Taurus and Gemini
Taurus and Gemini: Sexual Intimacy – Taurus and Gemini

Meanwhile, the Gemini requires pleasure, too. But the pleasure is not derived from physical stimulation. Rather, it is founded in emotions and intellect. The Gemini person is more interested in intellectual conversations and other activities that sharpen the mind and heart. You can satisfy them without the need to touch or caress them. She is a profound individual that requires deep understanding. The Gemini is under the Air element, which signifies that their world exists higher. They have high standards, too. 

Gemini can enjoy sexual interaction, but it should come with romance. It should start with cohesive communication, too. 

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Overall, the Taurus person can be happy inside its home, as long as it can cuddle its partner. Physical proximity is essential for this zodiac. On the other hand, the Gemini would like to be outside and be intimate in open places. Therefore, the problem of this relationship can start with their sexual life. The Gemini is susceptible to getting bored. The Taurus hates the fact that its partner is numb to physical affection.

Taurus Man Gemini Woman: Trust Level 

Another issue between this partnership is their trust level with one another. The couple always feels conflict, especially on the issue of reliability. Gemini will exhibit signs of disloyalty and secrecy, especially if someone is trying to tie them in one place. Meanwhile, the Taurus guy can live a day by just being tied with his partner. The Gemini woman extremely hates this. That’s why the latter will find a way to escape. In turn, these actions of the Gemini woman will trigger the Taurus man. 

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Taurus Man Gemini Woman: Trust Level  - Taurus and Gemini
Taurus Man Gemini Woman: Trust Level – Taurus and Gemini

Trust is still plausible for the two zodiacs. However, it should start at the beginning of their relationship. Even before they become partners, they should build several layers of trust with one another. They should be clear about their intentions. They should lay down their wants and establish rules and middle grounds. In this way, they can commit to a relationship with a sense of confidence that they know what their partner is thinking. 

If trust is not present in their relationship, the Gemini will find ways to escape the grasp of the Taurus. She will make excuses. In some instances, she might resort to lying so that she will not be obliged to do the bidding of her partner. Of course, the Gemini does these things, not for the purpose of intentionally hurting the Taurus man. Instead, she is protecting his feelings. Even though she feels choked, she doesn’t want to hurt her significant half. 

The Taurus will smell that something is not right. He will feel that his partner is departing or cheating. As a result, he will start to clutch his partner even more. He will lay down strict rules so that the Gemini woman will not leave his side. 

One should know that this is a toxic cycle. An atmosphere of distrust will envelop their relationship. The one that reacts the most between the two of them is the Taurus man. He is the vindictive type. He will make sure that he will get his way, even if it means that he has to threaten his partner. The intentions of the Gemini will be misconstrued and misunderstood. Usually, these are the fire-starters of their conflicts. 

It is crucial that they can discuss things openly. They need to express their desires and make compromises. Otherwise, their relationship will never grow at all. If they do not do this, then misunderstandings will overflow, and their relationship will be damaged. 

Taurus and Gemini: Intellect and Communication

One of the interesting things that you need to know about these zodiacs is their precedence. Specifically, the Taurus sign precedes the Gemini sign. In the realms of astrology, this simply means that Gemini will not exist if Taurus is not incepted. This is where their relationship should be strong and founded. 

Taurus and Gemini: Intellect and Communication - Taurus and Gemini
Taurus and Gemini: Intellect and Communication – Taurus and Gemini

The Gemini still has carnal desires. And even if her lust for sexual pleasure is small, it still has to be satisfied. Apparently, only the Taurus sign can satisfy and take care of this need. 

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Furthermore, this unique relationship goes beyond their sexual intimacy. It goes with the way you communicate with one another. For instance, a Gemini is susceptible to forgetting her things. She might forget her meals, which is natural for her. To compensate for this inadequacy, the Taurus guy will make an extra effort. He will cook for her. He will bring her forgotten stuff. 

In fact, the Taurus could help the Gemini manage her time and finances. He will make sure that no meetings will be missed, and no funds will be wasted. He can bring balance to the life of the other. On the flip side, the Gemini will serve as the emotional base of the Taurus. She can affirm that the Taurus guy is a great person, and his actions are appreciated. 

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The Taurus and Gemini connection is actually unlikely at the start. They reside on the opposite poles. They have different desires and perspectives in life. By design, they are not compatible. But if they will work out their strong points, their relationship could possibly mature and grow. That’s something worth experiencing. 

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