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Tornado Dream Meaning: Should You Fear This Vision?

A Tornado in dream beholds quite a spectacle. One way or another, it can cause amazement and shock to us. Depending on the scenario, this natural phenomenon is capable of striking fear to our hearts.

Tornado dreams are already a normal occurrence now. A lot of people reportedly experienced witnessing this particular dream pass by. But not all dreams that involve tornadoes lead to the same interpretation. After all, the translation will always involve a contextual approach.

So what does a dream about tornado mean? Should this particular vision cause you some or concern? What should you do when you see a dream like this?

Read on to find out.

Tornado Dream Meaning

Dreaming about tornadoes can give different implications. However, many dream interpreters believe that such a dream indicates that there are dangers or troubles that are coming in your way. In real life, a passing tornado does not forebode good results. It always causes destruction and havoc. It takes human lives, too.

Tornado Dream Meaning

But at the same time, there’s an assurance that not all dreams that involve tornadoes are suggesting about an ill-fate. After all, dreams can be translated differently, and interpretations can be subjected to different approaches and influences.

At this point, it is already important that you have a clear grasp of your dream. You have to know the setting so that you can gain a better understanding of the dream that you have. Witnessing a tornado is quite different from a seeing a tornado that is wrecking your town or home. These two, when translated, can give different interpretations.

Allow me to give you some examples of how this dream can be interpreted.

Disturbances In Your Emotions

I have met a lot of people that have experienced recurring tornado dreams. Their dreams aren’t that clear, but they are sure that for several days or months, they have been seeing the same vision while they are sleeping. As disconcerting as this situation is the fact that they are quite unsure how to make sense out of it.

Disturbances In Your Emotions

One reasonable explanation about continuous tornado dreams is the emotional disturbances that you are experiencing. It great describes the status and health of your emotional and psychological welfare. By seeing the same dream all the time, it simply suggests that you are struggling to take hold of your emotions. Your heart right now is in a quandary that is quite difficult to sedate.

The existence of tornadoes may represent the problems that are pressing you. As long as this element is on your dream, your problems won’t be over. In fact, it might be a representation that you have difficulties in life that you haven’t solved yet. And once they are not solved, you will keep experiencing emotional disturbances.

Just like I said earlier, tornadoes are destructive forces of Nature. They can disturb the peace in a particular area by uprooting and throwing everything. Even the sturdiest buildings and constructions will not stand a chance, especially if faced by an extreme scale. In dreams, you can say that tornadoes have the same effect. Once they are there, it means that some parts of you are being attacked.

The best thing that you can do when you see recurring dreams of tornadoes is to identify the cause of it. Existing problems that left unsolved are among the major causes of such disturbances. Conflicts between your family or the people around you can also result in the same thing. Once you have identified the cause, try to address it. That’s the only way you can achieve inner peace and calmness.


Another way you can see this dream is by looking at its spiritual context. You have to know that dreams can go beyond the standard interpretation. One way or another, they can be messages that came from higher realms.


The spiritual meaning of tornadoes in dreams should deliberately cause you some concerns. After all, when interpreted in this context, tornadoes in your dreams mean your susceptibility toward self-destruction.

You have to take a look at the overall unpredictability of tornadoes. They have the capability to form and burst anywhere. You can’t even predict where they are going or how long they are going to last. These irregularities can reflect your inner self. You have that side of you that suddenly erupts whenever you are stuck on an unfavorable condition. If you are not going to take control of it, you will end up in uncontrollable outbursts.

Regardless of how you look at it, any hints of unpredictability can really ignite trouble. They invite nothing but problems and further conflicts. If you don’t take hold of your emotions, they will be able to take hold of your life. They can ruin healthy relationships and careers. Of course, they also bring you away from the original purpose of your life. Your spirituality is at danger when these things happen.

Dream Tornado Approaching

But what if the tornado has not yet stuck any objects or properties? What kind of interpretation should I make out of it?

Well, considering the nature of tornadoes, a dream like this is still a bad omen. When the dream that you have seen involves a tornado that is coming in your way, it could mean that your life is in peril. It might indicate that you will experience tragedies that will shake some major aspects of your life, such as your finances. The result of this is always devastating.

Can you avoid such predicament? For me, it is a doable thing. After all, the tornado has still not reached you. Therefore, you have always the sliver of a chance to evade it. In real life, this means that you have to take extra care. Be cautious of your surroundings and be wary of your decisions. They might make a difference in the long run.

Video version

Bottom Line

The meaning of tornadoes varies from one dream to another. It is not stuck on the idea that it can be interpreted the same way. Context is always an essential element when it comes to dreams like this. If you misinterpret it, you might end up concluding the wrong thing. And that could spell danger if not corrected.

You should always exercise your intuition and patience in understanding dreams that involve strong forces of Nature. These things have significant implications in your life, especially if you see them via your dreams. They can affect your life, one way or another.

That’s it for now. If you have other dreams that you want me to interpret, just drop them in the comment section below.

10 thoughts on “Tornado Dream Meaning: Should You Fear This Vision?”

  1. Hi Carol,

    In my dream, I’m driving down a country road, there is an open field on either side. The sky looks dark like it could storm. Clear liquid looking tornados drop from the sky, in the fields, on either sides of the road. They come down and go back up. New ones continue to drop down. Some come a little close to the car and the car is swayed from time to time. I call them tornados because I don’t know what the heck else they would be? They are clear and filled with bubbles, funnel shaped, produced wind, come from a cloud, are not over water, but appear to be made of water? I make it past the field areas into a wooded area. I feel relief. My car seems to be going slower so I press down on the gas pedal. I’m not moving any faster. I floor it. I realize I’m not moving at all. I look in the rear view mirror and notice one of the bubbly tornados on the dirt road in the distance behind me. I look out my windows for any deep ditches to get into for safety…….there aren’t any. I realize at that moment that it’s over, I have nowhere to go. That’s when I wake up.

    • Hello. Thank you for reaching out.

      I don’t want to call this dream of your ominous. But there are parts of it that are screaming that you should be extra careful and cautious to the things that you are doing and to the decisions you are making as well.

      You can say that you and your car represents your journey in this life. In a much more specific sense, that a could be a symbolism of your pursuits toward achieving something–like a career or goal.

      I presume that you are running on a straight lane, which should indicate that you could be on the right track. However, a stormy weather suddenly came in a tornado-like formations are suddenly hampering and chasing you. These disturbances are actually external and internal problems that you could encounter in the near future. Based on the context of the dream, they are so severe that they threaten the smoothness of your journey and even your emotional state. You feel fear because they appear enormous.

      These problems might be the very challenges that you have to face before you can accomplish the desires of your heart. If that’s the case, then you are good. However, there are some people and things out there that would want you to fail. Be careful in their presence and make sure that you don’t deal with them with too much.

      In your dream, your vehicle has stopped as well. It is a sign of surrender. You wanted to find a ditch to hide but there’s none. It is another sign that giving up is not an option. You need to push your pedals to face the problem and not escape it. Victory is reserved for those who are brave and steadfast.

  2. I’ve had tornado dreams for about 20 years around the 18th-22nd every month. I have found shelter in the dreams. I can think of only 2 times when got sucked up, then I wake up as if I succumbed to it. Death.

  3. In my dream I saw a building. Everyone was watching when the tornado hi.vt it then they ran to their vehicles. I was in one of the vehicles that was like a jeep. open. As we circled around to leave Suddenly it was like being on an octopus ride .we were sped up and lift it up in the air. I saw people below me and realized that the jeep had been pulled up into toward the tornado. but yeah, I was still low enough to the ground to jump. suddenly I jumped from the car but instead of hitting the ground I was sucked up and I started screaming. then I turn and face the tornado and said I’m facing God. I tried to pray but I couldn’t get the words right. Then I was just there and said,” I am going to live.”. then it went black. Then I saw myself going through two doors back into the same room as if we went back in time. back to right before the tornado hit . and someone for some reason I think it was me for one second but I was watching in the back so it could not had been. Someone was saying run to the cars in the parking lot. They said, “these cars willl still be here after the tornado”. As if they knew what was coming and what was going to be hit and what was going to be left. When I got into one of the cars I saw it was a convertible type and the roof was torn. And I was trying to figure out why we were getting into a car with a torn roof. if we’re expecting a tornado. Woke up.

    • Wow. Such a detailed dream!

      The first thing that I’ve noticed is that there are numerous elements in the dream that you have. There are hurricanes, people panicking, cars, and so on. While they appear to be random, they have some significance and connection with one another.

      Based in my intuition, this dream is a foreboding vision of the things that are yet to come. The hurricane that you are trying to escape is a great problem. Unfortunately, it will come inevitably. Therefore, you need to gear yourself up. In such a predicament, you will be on the center. It means that the problem–regardless of its nature–will be connected to you. The burden will not only be felt by you but those around you as well. It is clearly seen in the dream, where a lot of people were taken and drifted by the storm.

      Even if you run or hide, the problem will still find you. This cements the idea that your tribulation will not leave you unless you muster the courage to face it. Keep in mind that in the dream, there’s nothing bad that happened to you. In real life, that simply means that the problem should be solved head-on. You should not run. The more you avoid it, the more people be drag with you. The moment you got inside in the car for shelter means that your actions will definitely other people. Do not ever hide. You can always challenge the odds, even if they are not in your favor.

  4. i was having a dream about a tornado and i was in a broken house and ran back in my own house finding that i left my computer on (i was watching cartoons on it for some reason) i went back outside to see a big tornado then alert my family about it and went outside again to see no tornado but was feeling high winds and rain.. then i came back inside to see sans on my computer?.. then i woke up. i been getting this same dream non-stop what does it mean?


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