The Turkey Symbolism And Its Powerful Meanings

Many are seeking to know the true turkey symbolism. I wrote this post during the yuletide season, so it is pretty usual for people to think about turkey. However, it seems that they see this creature more than just the main dish on their table for the holidays. 

Turkeys are not really that flashy or amazing. As a bird, some say that it is “different” because of its inability to soar in the skies. However, because of its large stature, many still admire the bird. 

Of course, it is inevitable that some people would form a connection with it. Some series of inexplicable encounters would make them believe that the turkey is their spirit animal. And if that’s the case, then good things should be in store for them. 

The Turkey Spirit Animal And Its Symbolism

Turkey, despite its seemingly mundane appearance, is still an enigmatic creature. It is a spirit animal, and it possesses a lot of traits that you can incorporate in your life. 

But if taken in a more general view, the turkey can symbolize several things. If you think that you have a special encounter or experience with this animal, it is best that you can check the following interpretations. 



It is already a long belief that turkeys symbolize abundance. Keep in mind that turkeys are usually the main star during holidays or festive occasions such as thanksgiving. The reason for this does not only lie to its deliciousness but rather the profound meaning that it has. 

Specifically, turkey represents an abundant life. It is directly related to affluence and other forms of richness. People who embody this said creature usually celebrate life because of the abundance they always receive.

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However, the bounties that the turkey can bring does not only come in material form. It is not just about money or physical possessions. It can also induce a richness in experience, happiness, and peace of mind. It can make you abundant to these aspects, and trust me when I say that you should chase them. 


The turkey is also a being that is usually connected to the idea of seeking new opportunities. Perhaps it is the reason why the turkey vulture symbolism is quite the same. These two birds simply know when to strike. 

The turkey can teach you the same thing. Whenever you are in a predicament where a single mistake is fatal, the capability to be intuitive is definitely crucial. Not everyone has that kind of practical clairvoyance. Not all can see the timing of things. Therefore, it would really be great if a person can embody the turkey as his/ her spirit animal. Once that happens, it would be easier for you to find the opportunity where you should take advantage.

On a lighter note, this particular symbolism is telling that you should take whatever that is presented in front of you. Seize every opportunity that you have because they might not appear again!


The energies that are being held by this spirit animal is quite indicative of someone’s capability to give birth. Specifically, I always sense a feminine presence to turkeys. These birds are seemingly inclined to favor women, especially those that are desiring to start a family already.


For instance, if you want to bear a child, being close to this spirit animal would really be a good thing. Have a turkey totem to ensure that your desire won’t go to waste. Well, it is not really a surefire method to be pregnant, but it can definitely increase the chances. 

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As an animal that exemplifies fertility, the turkey is also a good source of strength to bear new ideas. I call this fertility of creativity and knowledge, and these things are quite needed these days. Being able to give birth to holistic and brilliant stuff is quite useful, especially if you are a career person. Many will take you because of this skill alone!


The turkey is also a symbolism of success and the capability to achieve your dreams and goals. In life, not everyone is given a chance to reach the contents of their heart. Failure is always a common theme these days. In fact, being not able to succeed is quite inevitable. It causes people to lose hope because despite their efforts, they still did not get what they want. 


Carrying a turkey totem could certainly help in this despondent situation. While it is true that it cannot guarantee anything, it will still be able to encourage you to do more for your success. Nothing good comes from anything easy. As a result, this spirit animal wants to remind you that hard work is crucial if you want to succeed. 

Furthermore, the turkey spirit animal can guide your mindset. Instead of suffering from hopelessness, this creature can teach you how to be resilient. It strengthens your faith that whatever adversaries you encounter, you can conquer them and reach your goals!

Also, you can see this symbolism as a sign that you need to move out from your comfort zone. The probable reason why you are not getting anywhere is that you are afraid to move. Keep in mind that complacency can sink you into situations where to think things are okay, but they are not. Staying in a particular zone for a long time can dry your mind and evaporate your motivation. You will just come to a point where you will realize that you are lagging behind. 

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The turkey symbolism indeed covers a lot of things. It would really be great on your part if you will take heed on them, especially if you deem that you have a special connection to this creature. Not only it will help you be successful, but it can also teach you to appreciate your blessings. It speaks of emotional and spiritual abundance, which are needed for your growth. 

That’s it for now. If you have questions about spirit animals, symbolism, and anything in between, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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