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Whale Symbolism: What Should You Expect From This Spirit Animal?

What is the true whale symbolism?

I know that most of you here are interested in spirit animals. It is for that reason why you are eager to know what whales represent in your life. Maybe you have realized already that this particular creature is linked to you in some way.

Being represented by a spirit animal is quite a great thing. You can emulate their good characteristics and utilize for your own benefit. For instance, many consider whales as great spirit animals and totems because of their magnificent traits. If you deem that this is the creature that represents your well-being, then you should see yourself lucky.

But what does a whale trying to represent? Find out the answer by reading the next sections.

Whale Symbolism

Despite being creatures of gargantuan size, whales are still not that fully understood. They are among the most mysterious creatures in this world as they only prefer staying on the deep. If you have an encounter with this creature, then good for you. You just have been blessed with an opportunity to meet such a majestic creature.

whale spirit animal

It is also considered that whales are one of the oldest creatures in the world. It is believed that these marine giants are the record keepers of the world. They have been through various events and survived it.

Wisdom and Spirituality

One of the most common whale symbols is wisdom. With their long tenure in this world, it is already a given that whales are full of useful hindsight that we can use. Albeit being silent and subtle, they hold a lot of things.

People who have whale totems are those who are blessed with extensive wisdom and judgment. They are judicious enough to seek the depth of things. They are not superficial beings who rarely thinks at all. Before they do an action, they make sure that they are aware of its repercussions. You will rarely see them commit decisions that they haven’t thought over.

Wisdom and Spirituality

Aside from their wisdom, people with whales as their spirit animal have cultivated their spirituality. They have this deep connection to the higher realms. They seek the favor of God before doing anything. Just like how attached the whales to the extensive depth of the ocean, these individuals also have a strong affinity.

Being blessed by a whale spirit animal will grant you with greater understanding about your life purpose. You will no longer seek things that are mundane and worldly; instead, what you will explore things that will have fruitful results in your life.

As you gain more wisdom and spirituality, you are less susceptible to bad things. You will tend to avoid activities that will cause moral degradation. And for me, that’s an excellent thing to have.


Perhaps, one of the most beneficial gifts of a whale spirit animal is resilience. Those individuals who have encountered whales in a very sophisticated manner have received the strength to withstand adversaries and downfalls.

Most of the time, the appearance or intervention of whale totems happen when the person is in distress or emotional disturbance. You cannot feel its effects if you are sailing smoothly. But during turbulent times, you will really experience how this spirit animal work in your life.

A whale, as a spirit animal, is a reminder from above that you are more than capable of winning various obstacles. It can be a message from your guardian angels that you shouldn’t give up whenever you are facing problems with great magnitude. You are a resilient person, after all.

Strength In Solitude

Unlike other marine creatures, it is quite noticeable that whales go venture on their own. Seeing them travel in a group is a sight that is quite rare to spot. But of course, you can always sense that whales are comfortable doing this. They are not afraid to go on a solo flight. They are not bothered if they are alone.

Strength In Solitude

This trait of whales is ideal to emulate. It will make you less scared to go on paths that are rarely taken. Even if you are facing difficult predicaments by yourself, you are not struck by worry or fear. Instead, you face them confidently. You have enough strength to deal with problems by yourself.

Of course, such a trait also signifies how big your heart is. It doesn’t sink into weakness once troubles have surrounded it. Well, that should be already a given. After all, whales are no small creatures. They are a grand representation that your life should not fall too low.

Excellence in Communication

Despite having a solo-flight attitude, whales tend to communicate with other whales. They send soundwaves and other signals so that they can talk and interact with other whales. They have an excellent way of extending their thoughts to their environment. It is one of the most impeccable qualities that these creatures have.

Communication is one of the whale symbolism that you have to take heart. You have to replicate this in your life, especially if you have difficulties expressing yourself to others. While wielding the whale spirit animal, you can effectively address yourself to the world. It is an excellent opportunity to share your ideas and thoughts. In turn, others will also take notice of you.

By having whales as your spirit animal, you are enabling yourself to become a suitable medium of communication. This means that you can negotiate with others easily. You also have the ability to talk your way out without hurting others. You know how to vocalize stuff without being biased. Combined with the other traits of whales, this particular skill can be amplified to bring good to the world.

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Bottom Line

All of the whale symbolism have good implications for a person’s life. It is for that very reason why people are always seeking to have this spirit animal and totem. It brings a lot of benefits, especially if you have faith that this particular creature can bring blessings in your life.

Once you have experienced the full effects of this spirit animal, it is better that you continually hone them. Just like I said, they are blessings that you have to utilize for your good and the world around you.

That’s it for now. If you have questions about spirit animals, feel free to drop them in the comment section.

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