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What Does A Tiger Symbolize? All The Interesting Answers Are Here!

What does a tiger symbolize?

This question is quite prevalent, especially among those who believe in spirit animals and totems. You see, the tiger, as a creature, can effortlessly embody fierceness and courage. By its nature, we all know and admit that this being is one of the toughest beings in the wild. It is ferocious, fast, and agile. It capable of hunting different kinds of preys with frightening speed and precision.

But of course, tigers are majestic when looked outwardly. They are among the most regal creatures that you can ever see. It is for that reason why a lot of people want to have the tiger as their spirit animal. For them, this creature can give them infinite well of strength and bravery.

However, one should know that the spirit animal tiger symbolizes a lot of things. You have to look beyond the superficial nature of the tiger before you can extract its true significance.

You can learn more about the tiger symbolism by reading the following section.

What Does A Tiger Symbolize?

A lot of people tend to speculate the spiritual importance and symbolism of a tiger. Many have drawn their respective conclusions already, and I do respect them for that. However, the following are the accurate interpretations that you can make out of this spirit animal.

Inner Strength

Bearing the tiger totem doesn’t mean that you are endowed with enormous physical strength and endurance. There’s no way you can have the physical prowess of a tiger. Fortunately, it is still can give you a different kind of strength that can be useful in this life.

Inner Strength

A tiger represents inner strength. This particular symbolism indicates that people who embody this spirit animal is tenacious and courageous. They are not easily scared by any predicaments, and they can take any challenges that are in front of them. Moreover, they are willing to face difficulties if it means that this can give them benefits in the long run.

The inner strength that is offered by the tiger is useful in your daily journey. In this life, you will encounter a lot of ordeals. Some of them are already too difficult to conquer. If you don’t have a robust inner fortitude, surviving these challenges is not a guarantee. Therefore, it is pretty essential that you can develop this particular gift because you will take advantage of it.


Nobody knows how a tiger thinks. Their actions are unpredictable. But eventually, they will move. Once it happens, everything that is around them will be caught off guard.


Tigers are masters when it comes to secluding their feelings and intentions. They are those creatures that can bury their desires until such moment they can have a hold of it. They tend to wait for certain opportunities to come before acting. One way or another, you will never see any signs that they will about to move.

Of course, people can always mimic this kind of trait. People who possess the tiger as their spirit animal are very cunning. They can play it out in the surface, but you will never know what’s running on their mind. They can do things subtly so that nobody can identify what they are up to.

However, this doesn’t really mean that these individuals are evil and deceptive. Some people just tend to hide their feelings and intentions to prevent conflicts and other disturbances on their pursuits. Sometimes, success can take place silently. If you announce your plans, some people will try to hinder it.

It is for this reason why the unpredictability of a tiger comes useful. It would really be great if there are instances where you don’t flesh out your intentions. Doing so can just impede your plans. Just act when the opportunity comes in.

Anger Or Hatred

Another unique symbolism that is within the tiger spirit animal is anger. Many cultures and civilizations have portrayed tigers as a symbol of rage and frustration. Many see these beings are ferocious, and that’s completely understandable. After all, the tiger is considered an apex predator. It is at the top of the food chain. It dominates the competition by using its seemingly peerless strength and viciousness.

It is not advisable to anger individuals who are possessing this spirit animal. They can lash out differently. You will regret that you made them agitated or aggravated. Once they decide to retaliate, things would be disastrous. They can devour and cause too much mess. Therefore, it is better to leave them be.

Hatred is also a symbolism that is being attached to tigers. Accordingly, this spirit animal can represent animosity and loathe. But of course, this is something that is arguable. Many still believe that the tiger is a creature that doesn’t get angry if you don’t annoy it in the first place. Don’t make them feel threatened; otherwise, they will act immediately in response.


One interesting symbolism that relates to tigers is the concept of balance. The distinct feature of tigers is their stripes. The color of their furs is shared between stark orange and black. The balance between these two colors makes the tiger beautiful and amazing. In fact, only a few animals can match the visual aesthetics of tigers.


The physical distinction of tigers made people believe that it is an animal that represents balance in the world. When you have a tiger totem or spirit animal, you will undoubtedly feel a change in your perspective. You will no longer pursue complicated things. Instead, you will tend to seek things that will create balance in your life. You will have to have a healthy balance between your work and family. You will avoid tilting and prioritizing one over the other.

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Bottom Line

The tiger is a fantastic spirit animal. It can represent and symbolize a lot of things in your life. It is a creature that can give a person a motivation to change for the good. Of course, it holds power so that those who believe in it can surpass any predicaments and difficulties.

If you believe that the tiger is your spirit animal, it is necessary that you emulate its good traits. They can teach you discipline, which is necessary so that you can achieve and fulfil all your desires in life.

That’s it for now. Do you have any questions about spirit animals and totems? If so, drop them in the comment section below!

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