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What Does Falling In A Dream Mean (The Answers Might Surprise You)

One of the dreams that are commonly sought of its meaning is falling. The situation and setting might differ from person to person. But definitely, the idea of dreaming of falling is quite confusing and intriguing.

You might not have experienced it yet. It could be your spouse that have told you about this dream in your breakfast. Although you can simply shrug it off, it would not hurt you if you are going to search for its interpretation.

What does falling in a dream mean? Are there are any significant things that you should take heed once this vision appears in your dream? Should you be worried at all?

Well, I am going to answer these questions in the following sections.

Why Did You Have This Dream: The Side of Science

Unlike other dreams that you had, the “falling” has been explored already, even in the field of science. In fact, such kind of dream is said to have physiological implications.

Accordingly, when your body gets into “deep sleep,” your nervous system gets still too. This situation causes your heart rate and blood pressure to drop significantly. Once this happens, your brain is said to force to wake itself via jerking. Coincidentally, the moment you jerked is the exact point where you are falling in your dream.

But of course, this is just an explanation.

Dreams of Falling Before Sleep or REM

Another special case of falling dreams is the hypnagogic jerk. This is somehow scientifically proven and has been observed a couple of times. There’s even a good chance that you have experienced this once or twice in your life.

This happens when a person is already on his way to sleep. It got its name because it takes place during between the transition of awareness and sleep. Many people also call this phenomenon as a hypnic jerk.

Some of those who experience this event gets scared by it. However, you should not fret because it comes naturally. It is a way of our body to respond to some stimuli. It is suspected that a person who is stressed and depressed are susceptible to hypnic jerks.

It is also notable that those who take too much sugar before going to sleep are also prone to this.

What Does Falling In A Dream?

Now, let’s move a little bit from the scientific explanation of falling dreams. It is time that we have to seek wisdom from the higher planes to understand the possible explanation for it.

Just like I said earlier, this dream can have different meanings. It just depends on the exact scenario of the dream and the belief or faith of the one that has been interpreting the dream.

However, you can always take the following as the plausible meaning that is behind your dream.

Falling Due to Loss of Balance – In this particular dream, it could mean that there’s a problem residing in you. It could be your overall life that is quite troubled. Losing balance in a dream means that you don’t have stability in your life. The dream is showing you that you need to rise and be more confident about your capabilities.

It also pays if you know other details in such a dream. Did a person cause you to lose balance? Are you not alone that has tripped off? Where did you lose your balance? These things can give better clarification of the dream.

Falling Due to Being Pushed – If you fell in your dream because you are pushed, there are things that you have to reconsider in your life. That scenario indicates that there is a person in your life that is taking you to your breaking point. Sometimes, it could mean that it is your current job that is making you things that you don’t want to do.


If you cannot determine who the person who pushed you was, then it could be that you are the one who is driving yourself too hard. It could mean suppressed emotions or desires that are longing to be released.

Falling Due to Losing Grip – Did you fall from tall building or structure after lost grip? That could potentially mean that you are holding your life and all the precious things to you dearly. It is a kind of dream that tells that you need stability in your life.

Alternatively, the dream could also be telling that you are in a predicament where you don’t have any control and that it is affecting your life severely.

On the brighter side, this dream might be suggesting that there are uncharted options or paths that you want to take but just afraid to do so. If you feel that this is the case, be brave enough to let go and pursue the thrill.

Of course, any of these interpretations can be true. The meaning that you should accept depends merely on how the dream did really play out. I am pretty sure that there are some aspects of the dream that is worth noting.

Falling to Death – I do understand that this kind of dream would really freak out anyone. Of course, dying in your dream in a very grim manner is the last thing that you want to see. Even dream interpreters like me never wished such kind of dream to befall on us.

Fortunately, there’s a relief to those who have dreamt of this already. Falling to death in your sleep doesn’t mean that you are in deep jeopardy in real life. Somehow, it could mean that you are going to slip in a situation where problems are waiting for you. It is a clear sign that you have to be careful in making crucial decisions.

Video version


Your dreams can tell a lot of things. Even a single scenario of falling from up above can signify different meanings and interpretations. Therefore, it is really up to you–as the dreamer–to take note of the essential details in the dream. We cannot interpret a dream correctly is too vague, after all.

Those examples that I have listed here are just general examples. They might appear true or relatable to some people, but they are not the end of the line. Falling dreams can have hundreds of meanings. You should always remember that.

That’s it for now. Do you have any questions? Feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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