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What Does It Mean If You Dream of Someone: The Possible Interpretations

What does it mean if you dream about someone? Dreams have different meanings and interpretations. When you dream about a person, it doesn’t automatically signify a direct or literal interpretation. For instance, if you have dreamt of someone you love, you cannot just simply take it straightforwardly. After all, dreams are better understood through context.

But of course, dreaming of a person does tell you something significant. Most of the time, it directly refers to your relationship and life plans. If you can clearly remember the details of the dream, you will be able to draw out the real translation of these enigmatic visions to you.

In this guide, I have tried my best to give some answers to many dreams that are related to this topic. If you have dreamt of someone lately, you should check the interpretations that I have listed here.

Let’s get started!

What Does It Mean to Dream About Someone?

There are a lot of conclusions that we can derive whenever a person has dreamt about someone. At this point, you have to realize that there is no right or wrong answer as the meanings of these dreams can have different approaches.

For instance, such kind of dream could just be a manifestation that you are thinking of that person too much in waking hours. Furthermore, the dream is also a sign that you have developed a strong feeling for that person. Of course, the latter doesn’t automatically indicate love. Feelings of anger, sadness, and regret can also make you dream of someone.

Strong feelings can leave marks on your subconscious mind. However, they don’t always stay still in your thoughts. Sometimes, these things can appear in your dreams. In that regards, we can generalize that the dream occurred because you influence it. In my experience, this is seemingly the most common occurrence.

“What do dreams mean if you dream about someone” is a concept that is quite hard to simplify. It could have underlying meanings that should be explored deeply. Sometimes, the dream doesn’t really represent the person. Instead, there’s a part of the person that you wish to emulate or discard to yourself. Furthermore, if you are undergoing tough times, dreaming of a person means that you badly need help.

If you have dreamt of any person on a calm or serene context, it could mean that your life is at peace right now. That’s a kind of dream is a sense of affirmation of your contentment and happiness.

What Does It Mean If You Dream About Someone Repeatedly?

Dreaming about the same person repeatedly can be intriguing and appalling. Usually, people are get disturbed to it, especially if the person who you dreamt is a stranger. However, the latter should not make you feel scared. Dream interpreters typically see this kind of dream as an indicator that there are unknown aspects of you that needs to be explored.

A shadowy figure in your dream doesn’t mean that there are vile and sinister beings around you. It is a very inconclusive interpretation. Instead, these shadow figures are the things that we have denied and rejected. Depending on the context of the dream, these figures could represent the things that you want to forget to attain again. If you keep seeing dreams like this, it could be a sign of urgency.

Dreaming about a person repeatedly has still other interpretations. In the most general context, such a dream could potentially mean that you are just seeing the person a lot. There are no deep meanings that we can attribute to it. You can confirm if that’s the case if the setting of the dream is a place where you usually see the person. It could be at school, work, or office.

Repeatedly seeing a person in your dream is also a representation of the things and feelings that you had once in your life. Their intense attachment to you is the very reason why they keep appearing in your dream from time to time

Let me give you an example. If an old frame of yours keeps popping up in your dream, that person might have a significant place in your life. Maybe you have experienced good things from that person that you want to happen again. In some cases, they are a reflection of the things that you want in the future. If the person in your dreams is someone you had happy memories with, it is probable that the next person you want has the same qualities.

What Does It Mean If I Had Dreamt of Having Sex With Someone?

Sexual dreams are pretty common rather than being rare. Once or twice in our life, we have this kind of dream. And although it is quite perplexing, the dream doesn’t indicate that it has a deep meaning. If you have dreamt having sex with a celebrity, it is not a sure signal that you are going to be intimate with someone famous. Most of the time, such a dream is just a manifestation of our basic human instinct to have sex.

Nocturnal emissions are always associated with sexual dreams. Of course, it is not a surprise anymore if the person you had intercourse in your dream is someone you have a crush on. The strong feelings that you have to that person made him/ her appear in your dream. Furthermore, such kind of predicament is not a testament that you are a maniac.

How to Dream About Someone?

I am still not sure what are the motivations of the people who want to dream of a particular someone. Regardless of the reason, there’s actually away how you can control your dream so that the person you wish to will appear there.

This method involves lucid dreaming. In this kind of dream, you have some sort of consciousness. Therefore, you have control of all the things that go there. In this state, you are capable of making a person appear in your vision.

But of course, lucid dreaming requires some practice. You cannot just reach it unless you are gifted to do this. In most cases, lucidity has to be executed regularly so that you will know how to maintain it. Multiple materials and resources on the internet can help you learn this technique.

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Dreaming about a person holds a lot of symbolism. It is quite difficult to give an exact interpretation unless all the necessary elements are being present. The ones that I have listed here are just some of the potential explanations based on the exact scenario of the dream.

With that being said, I hope you have learned something from this guide. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section.

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