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What Does It Mean To Dream About An Ex? (Is This Love Again?)

What does it mean to dream about your ex?  

It is a common question that is being asked by those who just got into recent break-ups. However, those who have fully recovered from a painful separation can still have this vision. Sometimes, it can be unnerving. But most of the times, it makes you reassess your emotions. Have you ever really moved on? Or are there some parts of your heart that still want to go back.

Is this particular dream a sure sign that you haven’t gotten over your ex?

Fortunately, that’s not really the case. Although it will make you draw obvious conclusions, a dream about your old flame doesn’t have literal or simple interpretations. Dreams are complex and mysterious. Those that have significant meanings are often told in bizarre ways. They cannot be straightforward at all times.

If you want to understand this particular kind of dream, I suggest that you check my interpretations that I have written below.

Why Does It Mean To Dream About an Ex?

Dreaming of an ex boyfriend or a former fling is not a new thing to us. Many of us have encountered such visions while they are sleeping. In fact, there’s a great possibility that we can dream more of our exes than our current partners. Of course, I know that a lot of you can secretly relate to that.

Why Does It Mean To Dream About an Ex?

Don’t worry if this is the thing that is running in your head right now. Dreams about exes are not a sign that you are unfaithful to your spouse or partner. Just like I said, dreams can’t be interpreted literally the way they appeared in your dream. Therefore, seeing your ex in your dream doesn’t mean that you want to see them or you still have lingering feelings.

Moreover, dreams like this are not proof that you are interested in going back to them. It is a pretty silly thing that others have this kind of idea. They are just fooling their hearts because of a misinterpreted dream.

But despite these reassurances, there are still some individuals out there that are pretty disturbed by the dream, especially if the latter happens frequently. What are the things that these dreams are trying to tell us?

Why Do I Keep Dreaming About My Ex?

Let me tell you again that dreams are rarely simple. Instead, they hold symbols that you need to decipher to fully understand their true nature. The things that are happening in the dream can be a concoction of various events, experiences, and stories that you have met in your life. Of course, it is not a long bow to draw to say that dreams are forms of spiritual guidance.

If the dream of your ex appears many times, it simply means that they have something that you don’t have anymore. I am not saying that you are jealous of them or their current stature or relationship. Those who have fruitful and intimate relationship of their former lovers will tend to miss the experience. If you currently engage with another one today, such kind of dream means that there are things that are not present in your current relationship that was there when you were still with your ex.

Is this is a sign of infidelity? I don’t think so. We cannot demand people to be perfect. However, we can always adjust things so that our current relationships will be good on both parties. You don’t have to stress it out. If you deem that a particular trait or experience is absent in your present relationship, then you can let it be. Just focus on the things that you have.

If you will keep on thinking about these “inadequacies,” your relationship is bound to fail. You will end up hurting your partner over things that should be left in the past already.

Dream Of Ex Husband: What Does It Mean?

One of the most intriguing dreams out there is a dream of an ex-husband. Sure. The break-up that you had maybe painful and nasty. However, nobody can ever deny that such person had held importance to you once in your life.

Dream Of Ex Husband

Dreaming about your ex-husband can signify several things. The person has been a part of you for quite some time, so it is not a surprising thing that they are still a part of your soul. If your ex-husband appeared in your dream, it means that there is a certain level of dissatisfaction to your life right now, especially in aspects where you have invested a lot of time and emotion.

Furthermore, the dream implicates that you are missing the support you need right now. Your ex-husband might have been a supportive person to you. If that’s the case, your subconscious mind is telling you are longing for motivation and guidance. For those who are still in speaking terms of their husband, such a dream means that your life is peaceful and stable. You have a healthy relationship with everyone around you.

However, what if your ex-husband has been abusive? How about if the break-up is painful?

If you have a dream about your manipulative and abusive ex-husband, it means that you are just reliving a painful experience. Maybe parts of you are still not healed from the wounds of your previous relationship. If that’s the case, getting help is not really a bad thing. Try to open up your problems to your close friends and family members. Find an outlet where you can pour your heavy heart. In this way, you can heal faster.

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Wrapping It Up

It is not a new thing anymore if you will dream about your old lovers. Many of us have already encountered such a thing in the past. However, there’s nothing that should make you worry if you will see this dream. These are just flashes of reminders that you have to take better care of yourself and emotions. Old flames are symbols of strong emotions and significant things in our life.

Once they pop in your dream, you need to further re-examine yourself. If there are things that you need to fix or settle, do them. Do not leave them unattended for a very long time. Otherwise, you might suffer from emotional problems.

That’s it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below!

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