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What Does It Mean To Dream About Water?

What does it mean to dream about water? Is this particular dream something that you have to consider fully?

Water in dreams is common. However, it can hold a lot of meaning and symbolism. It is one of the primal elements that spurred the formation of life. Therefore, seeing it in your dream should be a reflection of something deep and grand.

Water has been a part of our history and literature. In the Bible, a flood swept the earth. It was also a sea of water that Moses split so that he can escape together with the Israelites from the hands of Egypt. It is not a surprising thing anymore if this particular element has a lot to do with your life and the things you aspire.

Dreams About Water: What Does It Mean?

Definitely, water is powerful–both in reality and spirituality. It possesses qualities that are essential for our survival. But at the same, it holds a lot of mystery. In some instance, dreams about water can portray danger and destruction.

Water in your dreams means that you see your subconscious mind. These are the strong thoughts that we don’t usually pay attention, too. It could reflect your inner peace, especially if the water you have seen is calm and unmoving (just like a lake). If you have dreamt or surging waters, like rivers and sea, it means that you want to express overwhelming emotions. It could also mean that you are in turmoil.

The general symbolism of water to dreams is our emotions. When you see the surface in the dream, you also see the borderline between your conscious mind and the unconscious one. Just like I said, the type and motion of the water often describe your traits and the innermost feelings that you have.

Interestingly, water is also a direct representation of maternity. Women who have dreamt about water are those who have excessive to give birth and become mothers. It can also be associated with everything that relates to life and beginnings. It can also portray our deep connections and relationships with our mothers and mother figures. Pregnancy is also considered to be represented by water in dreams.

But of course, one cannot deny that water is a significant representation of spirituality and other divine connotations. Religion can also be directly involved in dreams about water.

How Should You Interpret Dreams That Involve Water

Among many types of dreams, water is vast. It is difficult to have a straightforward interpretation about it, especially if you don’t have any context to present. As I always emphasize, it is important that you somehow remember the details in your dream. In this way, better and more accurate interpretations can be done.

When it comes to water, here are the things that pay attention:

  • The cleanliness or clarity
  • The depth
  • The quality or the volume
  • Movement of the water
  • Location or type of water body

These things can help interpreters provide more detailed descriptions of your dream. It will give you an insight into the true nature of the dream and the things that it wants to tell you.

Dream of Falling Into Water

One good example of interpretation based on context is to know what you are doing in the water. If you have dreamt that you fell in the water, it means that you are scared of the uncertainties around you. Most of the time, falling is a representation of doubts and fear. When you fall in the water, it means that you fear the outcomes of the things that surround you.

Since water is also a symbol of emotions, falling into it means that you are bearing problems that are overwhelming you. Are you having a bad time in your family? Are you in dispute with your spouse? Did one of your close family member just pass away? These circumstances can shake and stumble your composure.

If you have fallen in large bodies of water such as an ocean, it means that you are letting yourself delve into uncertain situations. It could be a career change or a decision to move away from your comfort zone. The outcome can be good or bad. In this case, you need to open up your situation to some people that you trust. They might give you a piece of sound advice that can help you manage your situation

Dreaming of Clear Water

If you have dreamt about a crystal clear water, it means that your life is at peace. All of the things that you hold are going smoothly and according to plan. It can suggest stability in the finances or satisfaction in your current employment or business.

Dreaming of Clear Water

Dreaming about a clear body of water suggests happiness as well. It is the state of mind where you are do not fear anything. You could also say that it is the stability of your emotions. In some cases, this particular dream tells of a good fortune coming in your way.

Dreams of Strong Waves and Tsunamis

Waves have contextual interpretation. It doesn’t automatically mean that it is a bad thing. For instance, if you have seen yourself in your dream riding or surfing large waves, it means that you have the qualities to manage difficulties and challenges. It could also portray your talent to go with the flow of the situation. Decisive individuals are often those who have this kind of dream.

Dreams of Strong Waves and Tsunamis

Tsunamis and large waves, on the other hand, can tell about threats that disturb the calmness of the dreamer. Financial troubles, uncertain careers, and rocky relationships are some of the predicaments that can send someone reeling. If not managed properly, these things can result in severe repercussions.

In some cases, these large waves represent emotions that have been suppressed for too long. When they are released, they can overwhelm the person and the people around him. At this point, let me tell you that hiding problems are not really a good thing.

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What does it mean when you dream about water? Based on the examples that I have given, the answer to this question is varied. There are a lot of interpretations that can be drawn by just seeing this particular element in your dream. Right now, it is better than you can remember the details and the settings in which the dream occur. You can better understand the wisdom behind these dreams if you have a clear grasp of their context.

That’s it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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