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What Does It Mean When A Butterfly Lands On You: Three Possible Interpretations

What does it mean when a butterfly lands on you? Is this something that you can ignore or shrug off?

Most of us understand that butterflies are among the most beautiful insects out there. The variation of the patterns and colors in their wings make them captivating and alluring. It is not a surprise anymore if we can see people having butterfly tattoos etched on their bodies. Although they don’t understand the butterfly meaning, the creature is still indeed appealing to them.

At this point, there’s a need for you to understand the butterfly symbolism. You might have encounters already with this entity that you cannot just explain. You feel that there is a message in the experience, but you can’t just explain it. If you want to make sense of all of these mystifying things that you are encountering lately that involves the insect, you should read on.

What Does It Mean When A Butterfly Lands On You?

A butterfly that is having a physical contact to you can mean something. Sometimes, it could just be a coincidence and can be taken for granted. However, several instances prove that there’s a world of interpretations that can be derived from it.

The most basic explanation for this is that you encountered a spirit or a guide. You shouldn’t worry a thing here because they mean no harm to you. Their contact is just a representation of their presence. They are reminding you that you are not alone. You are being told that even you feel that nobody is supporting you, there are higher existences that are watching your path.

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Sometimes, the butterfly could be a soul of someone important that have passed away. They are telling you that you shouldn’t grieve too much about their loss. The butterfly signifies that they are in a better place now and that you should try to move on already.

Notably, butterflies express our spiritual life. Interestingly, the Greeks use the same terminologies for the word “soul” and “butterfly.” They have a strong belief that the butterfly is connected to your soul and your soul is attached to it as well. In the context of spirituality, there are various symbolisms that we can identify. You can check them out below.


In the context of culture and traditions, butterflies have been a mainstay. There’s a strong notion in the Native American culture that butterflies are the bringer of dreams. They suggest that once a butterfly lands on you, your sleep will undoubtedly be visited by a dream. While it is true that they didn’t indicate the kind of dream that you will be having, there are signs that can help you identify it.

For instance, if the butterfly that has landed on you has a striking color of yellow or gold, you should be happy. It is believed that a yellow butterfly is a symbol of hope and aspirations. When this particular butterfly lands on you, there’s a certainty that the dream you have will be blissful. There’s a good chance that you will encounter a dream that states the fulfillment of your longings and desires. Isn’t that a good thing?

yellow butterfly

The yellow butterfly also suggests that you are a creative person. One way or another, being visited by it means that you are being called to utilize whatever skills that you have. They might lead you to success.

I am not entirely sure if dark-colored butterflies are harbingers of bad dreams. But there’s a possibility that it could have that implication. After all, animals and insects that have black colorations are often connected to misfortunes and bad luck.

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Another significant symbolism of butterflies is transformation. One should know that butterflies are creatures that undergo multiple stages of transformation throughout their life. They start as caterpillars. After a while, they will become cocoons. When the right time comes, they get out of their envelopes. But this time, they have wings already– an entirely different appearance as to what they have been used to be.

butterflies transformation

Author: Diego Naranjo.

The changes that take place in the life of a butterfly can represent you right now. When the butterfly lands on you, it is a prompt realization that you are not yet on your final stage. You might be having a hard time dealing with your problems and difficulties. You might be feeling hopeless and dreary. There’s a part of you that is screaming that your life is ugly and unfortunate.

It is okay if you feel that you are on the losing end of things. However, that should not make you quit or give up. Once you do so, you will never reach your potential. These challenges are just means of improving you as a person. You should just let the process refine you. Endure and don’t be complacent. If the time is right already, you will be able to escape your current predicament.

You will be successful eventually. Just wait and work for it.


A butterfly that lands in any part of your body are a symbolism of your happiness. The creature is telling you that you are at the time of your life. It represents your inners satisfaction.


There’s a sense of joy whenever a butterfly lands to me. Even if I have problems, the butterfly tells me that there’s no reason to be sad. It gives me a sense of hope that at the end of the day, I will be elated.

Butterflies are beautiful beings. Therefore, it is quite rare for interpreters to make a bad image out of these insects. They are a symbol of happiness and hope. There’s no denying that once the creature makes an encounter to you, your life will be bound to fruitful results.

Video version


Learning what does it mean when a butterfly lands on you is entirely necessary. There are instances in your life where you have encountered this creature many times already. If you are unaware of the meaning of their existence, there are important messages that you could have missed.

But this time, I am pretty sure that you have an idea of what to expect when butterflies come right to you. Just try to understand the context, and you will certainly get the right interpretation.

That’s it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

42 thoughts on “What Does It Mean When A Butterfly Lands On You: Three Possible Interpretations”

  1. I had a butterfly circle me four times. Each time it circled me it landed on the back of my left hand. Any interpretation of this would be appreciated.

    • First of all, let me tell you that you have a very unique encounter. It is completely normal for butterflies to circle around a person but not on a pattern like what you have experienced.

      Can I ask what’s the color of the butterfly? Is it black or with darkish coloration? If that’s the case, then you might need to be extra cautious. The butterfly could be your spiritual guardian that reminds you to be always on guard. Your left hand symbolizes decisiveness, firmness, and justice. Therefore, they might be a future situation where you need to make difficult decisions. These decisions have major implications. It could harm you or the people around you.

      If the butterfly is colorful, then it means that somebody that is not here anymore if parting you with a gift. The more rotation the butterfly has, the stronger the gifts that it might have endowed you. These gifts could be in the form of happiness, peace of mind, or love. Sometimes, it could be spiritual gifts such as clairvoryance and intuition.

  2. A butterfly flew up to my windshield of my truck and looked at me when I arrived at the next stop on my route. When I got out of the truck the butterfly waited for me so I held out my right hand and it landed on my hand with out hesitation or fear. It stayed there and I could see it looking at me as I looked back at it. I said thank you my little beauty but I must get to work and it flew off and landed on my truck. It stayed there till I was ready to leave which was about an hour. When I started my truck, I seen the little beauty fly off to the left of where I was parked. I can’t ever think of anything like that ever happening to me before in my life. And I am 48 years old and about to turn 49. What does this mean ?

    • Do you have someone close to you that already passed away? There’s a good chance that the butterfly who accompanied you in your trip is their soul. They are there to remind you that you are safe and that there’s nothing to worry in your life. You are in the peak of your chronological age now so there might be a lot of things that are running in your head. Some of these can make you worry and anxious. But then again, the souls of your loved ones are imparting that wisdom in which it specifies that anxieties will not get you anywhere. They are looking to your eyes because they are the windows to your soul.

      Also, you can say that the butterfly is a spiritual guide. Because you are on the road, there’s a probability that is trying to protect you. Maybe it has detected something not good along the way, which why it has to show its presence.

      • I was in my classroom all in windows shut, when I looked down I saw an orange and black butterfly had appeared on the floor. When I held my right hand out it walked out to it and remained there, I have never encountered a butterfly like that before.

      • I had an unusual butterfly experience yesterday. I got a Facebook message from a friend about the strawberry moon. While I was reading the message a yellow butterfly landed on my phone twice. It flew away and I said thank you. Then, I texted my friend to tell her about the experience, and I noticed all of my messages from that friend had been deleted. It was bizarre!

  3. Just yesterday, I was going through it with my grandma. I live with her, my sister, and grandpa. My grandma and my mom have a feud every other day and I guess yesterday she took her anger out on me. So, I took my anger out on her. I felt like I wasn’t welcome anymore so I called other family to pick me up and give my grandma time to herself. Before I left I was watching a butterfly on my grandpa’s truck. Next thing, it landed on my right thigh. I always had a thing for watching butterflies but, never in my life I would’ve thought one would land on me or even be drawn to me. I’ve been soul searching and I’m in my teenage years just trying to become the young woman I want to be. I plan to get a tattoo of the same brown and yellow butterfly in the exact same spot. But, I can’t make a message out of the encounter.

    • Seriously, that’s one beautiful encounter that you had. Based on my intuition, the butterfly that landed you is a sign that you should become a mediator. There’s a good chance that your life purpose is to become someone that can bring harmony and peace to the people around you. Butterflies are symbols of love and tranquility, after all. Maybe you have been blessed by your guardian angels of a special gift that can mend discord and conflict. You will can feel fulfillment if you can make use of this power.

      Good luck to you!

  4. Once after a 10 days meditation program, I extended my trip for two more days in the mountain. I was just by myself sitting on a huge rock in between of a flowing river from the waterfall. I was enjoying the view, the sound of nature, the water everything and decided to stand for a bit in the water since the water was around knee/ calf high. There I saw this beautiful almost lavender color small butterfly flying near me and as I saw it I just raised my hand and wished for the butterfly to come and sit on my hand and to my utmost surprise because that had never happened before it immediately came and landed on my open palm. It was a beautiful experience. I wished I had my camera / phone with me that time but it was in the rock where I was sitting and I knew if I moved it would fly so I just stayed still just watched it and captured it in my memory. And then it flew. You think this meant something ?

    • Hello. Thanks for reaching me out.

      First of all, let me tell you that your experience has something to do with your meditation. When you meditate, your mindfulness increases and your spiritual affinity sharpens. Now, this is an important detail because purple butterflies–based on their traits–is directly connected to the spiritual world. The moment you wished for the butterfly to come, the latter has sensed it. Maybe because of your pure thoughts and intentions, the butterfly became attracted to your energy.

      In that context you have described, I can see that the willingness of the butterfly to come to you is a sign that a special person will come to your life. There is a good chance that you dont know this person but that individual will let you experience happiness and satisfaction that you never felt before. You should look forward to it!

  5. My husband passed away this past January. He was everything to me. I said to him as he was taking his last breath to please send me signs to let me know you’re okay. It’s been unbelievably wonderful. I was never a believer in these events, but it’s just too obvious to doubt any more. Last week I was walking a trial when a woman passed me by and said to me there was a butterfly on my shoulder. Twenty minutes later another woman said the same thing. The strange thing about this is, I was listening to a YouTube talk by Wayne Dyer, a spiritual and motivational speaker my phone. I looked at my phone to rewind an important point and I saw that the videos’ cover image was a butterfly. That is no coincidence. Signs just keep happening. I know my husband is letting me know he’s okay.

    • Your intuition about the situation is not wrong. The apparition of butterflies in our daily experiences is a good sign that there is someone that is watching over us. Of course, I am not saying that all encounters with butterflies have the same implications. But given your strong connection that you feel with this creature, it is safe to say that the being is a reminder from a realm not ours. Your husband is in a good place right now. He just want to remind you that he will always be there to guide and protect you. He is telling you that you must not forget him. Always keep him in your heart and thoughts. Extend your love to him, even he is not here anymore. In the same manner, your husband is telling you that you should move forward and be happy. Find the joys of living again and feel a new wave of freedom!

  6. hello dear,i am manik from india, i am follow few days a color butterfly flying around 7.12.19 time around 1.30 p.m to 2.00 p.m a white and black doted butterfly landed my right hand .what type sign my life.

  7. Bonsoir j’ai vue un papillon ou j’étais vole puis il revient il vole puis il revien il est de la couleur blanche ver le gris clair

  8. I’ve always been spiritual but a few years ago I lost faith after a woman I loved married another so I stopped seeing signs or just ignored them
    I’ve been single ever since just accepting my fate I may never love the way I did before ..
    Yesterday I was sitting in my chair doing a crossword when a butterfly golden dark type flew down and landed on my right shoulder
    I was amazed and happy as that’s the second time I’ve ever had that .. last time was when I was in love

    After a few seconds it flew away ..
    I wonder why ?
    No ones passed away
    I’m not missing anyone
    As I’ve accepted one I loved has moved on
    Why now?

  9. Hi Carol.
    I was at work today and was feeling soft headache. Then I tried to relax not knowing I would eventually doze off. After a few minutes my colleague came and was talking with me and he sighted a butterfly on my right shoe. It was as pure as snow and he told me not to chase it that it symbolises good luck. To my surprise, it was sleeping because it didn’t move but breeze was blowing its wings. It stayed there for more than 30 minutes. It never left even while I was walking around. After I was done with my routine, I sat down it was still there but suddenly I noticed it has disappeared despite my close watch. I was happy I took a picture of it before it left.

    • Hello. Thanks for reaching out. Just enjoy that blissful experience that you have. By all means, it is a sign that your guardian angels are just within your vicinity. They are taking care of you and your well-being. With that being said, the butterfly is subtly telling you to rest from time to time. It is reminding you that you should not exhaust yourself too much. Don’t fret, your guardian angels will help you attain whatever you are working for.

  10. Can you kindly give me meaning to this?
    I sat down at the frontage of my house to take some fresh air, while there I was playing game on my mobile, but suddenly realised that something packed on my left leg. While I looked to see what it is, it was a little butterfly: I waited to see what it was actually there for, and it stand there for almost 15 minutes.
    Even, when I shook my leg it couldn’t left, until it takes its satisfaction time and leave.
    What could this mean?

  11. Some months back, a black butterfly with a blue dot landed on my right foot.

    Last week a black butterfly with a white dot on its wing made itself obvious and landed in front of me, then took off.

    And then this morning, A brown butterfly flew passed me and landed on the right side of my head while I was walking.

  12. Hello there was a beautiful brown butterfly landed on my left shoulder as im am sitting out in my back yard under my shade tree it stayed on me for 10 mints what do that mean.

  13. Hi
    Butterflies come around me every now and then since of late.
    But today, a blue butterfly flew around my son and watched me clean my sofa. This butterfly is in my house for the past 4 hours since.
    I tried to send it outside but it didn’t want to go but rather came on my right leg.
    And then flew again behind my tv and still in the house

  14. My husband and I were sitting outside talking with friends. A monarch looking butterfly landed on me. I didn’t know it and only heard fluttering and it made me jump. Then I saw it as it flew away and I was told it had landed on my right arm. Within 1 minute it came right back and landed on me again. Same spot I believe. I read they can be attracted to sweat but I had a sweatshirt on and hadn’t been sweating. It sat there for a bit and then landed right next to my leg where I was sitting. I reached my hand out to see if it would hop onto my finger, it flew away but only a foot away from me and sat there for a while. I’ve recently had neurological issues. I’m also an artist and just received a very huge commission from a client which I’ve been excited about and stressing over. Past 3 years I’ve also lost two dogs who took a huge part of me with them. This painting I’m going to start is my clients two wolf dogs they lost and it’s going to be a very emotional project for me. So I don’t know what the butterfly meant but I’ve felt at peace since.

    • Hello. Thank you for reaching out.

      Based on your story, it seems that the butterfly is actually telling you not to hesitate. Take every opportunity that comes in your life. You see, the fluttering motion of the butterfly indicates that there are doubts and hesitations in your heart. But the butterfly keeps on coming back, right? It is a spiritual symbolism that you have to push through with whatever that’s in your plate. Do your best to accomplish them because you have your guardian angels guiding you.

      In fact, it could be possible that the spirits of your two beloved dogs are just with you. Being tasked to paint two wolf dogs is not a coincidence. It is a sign that you are being guided to the things that are important to you. Make use of your skills and all of your dreams and aspirations will be within your reach.

  15. Found a four leaf clover, while picking it, a giant swallowtail butterfly landed on my left hand. Hung out for about 10 mins then fly off. Been having martial problems. What could this mean?

  16. In went on a walk with my daughter yesterday and a red and black butterfly was flying around and following right behind me and trying to land on me. However I only saw a shadow of something flying behind me and was scared it was a bumblebee (they terrify me) so I jumped in fear and it flew right in front of us and then on about it’s way
    Do you see a message here?

  17. My niece was dieing my son had a brown butterfly land on his right shoulder and stayed a while the meaning of it???

  18. I had a black butterfly land on my forehead. It stayed there for a while until I had to move it away as it started to get too ticklish.
    Not sure how to interpret this but it was something I never experienced before.

    Anybody has any explanation?

    Thanks 🙂

  19. Today at work a butterfly was on my friends back. I told her to turn around so I could get it off of her, and I told her, her daddy was talking to her. After that the butterfly landed on me, I tried several times to get the butterfly off and fly away but it kept coming back and landing on me… I do believe it was my mom trying to tell me something. What do you think? Also, it wasn’t a large butterfly, and it was more on the brown side.

  20. I was enjoying the sunshine today and a butterfly, accompanied by a hummingbird, flew over me. The hummingbird went to the feeder, but the butterfly circled me a few times, then landed on my right cheek. It stayed there for quite some time, then it walked to my lips and stayed there a few moments. It was a wonderful, unexpected experience. The butterfly was a light color – maybe yellow.

  21. Today I had a butterfly yellow sit on my left hand for 30 minutes. Even when I moved it didnt fly first o was scared because i am going thru some medical issues right now..reading this has given me hope thank you

  22. Hi there! I’m here to ask for some guidance with one of my experiences. Today at night, I went to check one of my flowerpots. It had so many beautiful flowers and there was a brown butterfly flying around it. I touched the flowers while humming the tune of a song. Then, the most weirdest thing happened. The brown butterfly sat on my right foot. And after a second or two maybe it flew away. What does this mean? Please tell me!!

    • Hello. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

      A brown butterfly landing on you signifies that you are a person who can be trusted to deal or handle delicate things. It is a symbolism akin to the flowers that surround you; if the butterflies aren’t careful enough, they can disrupt the flowers. Similarly, you are a person who exercise prudence in dealing with different happenings in your life. Your experience suggests that you are trustworthy, responsible, and sensible.

  23. Yesterday after swimming I was sitting out in the sun with my legs extended drying off. An orange and black monarch butterfly visited my colorful towel briefly (on my leg) and then got up and hovered around me for several minutes closer than any butterfly had ever been to me. Then it landed on the back of my right toe and sat there, got up and hovered around my legs again. It landed on my towel again and sat there long enough for me to take several pictures.

    I have read that this might mean transformation. I have been going through an incredibly hard time lately and I’m ready for good and new things. Is that what this means or does it mean something else? What specifically?

    Thank you for responding.

  24. A butterfly is moving around my room about 4 days and it sats 3 time and its colourfull and main it sats when the wind is getting in my body it sats in many part on my heart on my finger so what is reason will u tell me plsss?

  25. Hi, yesterday I walked down to our creek, something landed on my nose, I swiped it away like you do at a fly or insect before realising it was a butterfly, it circled and quickly landed back on the bridge of my nose and sat there for a couple on minutes until I lowered my head and walked on. It was a dark butterfly most likely black,

    Thanks for responding.


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