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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Fish? (The Surprising Revelations)

What does it mean when you dream about fish? This one is quite amusing and intriguing at the same time. I have heard a lot of people has this dream already. But most of them tend to shrug the vision as something that is just a byproduct of their playful mind.

Is that really the case?

Fish, despite its uniqueness, is still considered as a common dream motif. However, not all of these dreams can be interpreted similarly. They can have different revelations, depending on the entire context of the dream. Some of the fish symbolism out there are positive. However, other interpreters tend to attach negative meanings to dreams about fish.

I have listed some of the possible meanings behind this particular dream in the next sections. Always remember that all of these things can be subjective, as your dreams can contain elements that are unique to other dreams. Let’s get started.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Fish?

A dream about fish is an interesting one. There’s a lot of probing that has to be done to interpret this dream correctly. As a dream interpreter, I am inclined to get the context first before I assess the entire meaning of the dream.

There are a lot of revelations that you can get from dreams that involve the presence of fish. Here are some of them.

Dreaming of Fish Swimming

Dreaming of Fish Swimming

If the dream that you had recently has a fish that is swimming in an ocean or river, this one is just a reflection of your subconscious state. It is a sign that you have inner peace. You are composed and have the emotional stability that you are seeking for a long time.

Of course, this is not the only interpretation that can be given to this dream. If you have seen that the fish is swimming at extensive depths, it is a warning. Specifically, it is an omen that you will be put in a dangerous and challenging situation in the future. You have to re-examine your life and solidify your defenses to avoid any bad repercussions.

If the fish is just swimming near the surface, it is an indication that you will be blessed with wealth and fortune. It could also be a sign of good health and peaceful coexistence with the people around you.

Dream of Eating Fish

Fish is one of mankind’s staple food. A lot of countries today have delicacies that are centered on this ingredient. Therefore, seeing a dream about a fish could mean that you have cravings for this particular food. But other than that, there are still some deeper revelations that you should consider as well.

One of the possible interpretations is the spiritual connection of this dream. Eating fish in your dream is a clear reflection of your faith and spiritual belief. It suggests that you have to strengthen you’re spiritually and continue to feed it with positive practices and wholesome thoughts. In some instances, eating fish can also be a symbol of fortune and richness. The act of eating suggests that your life will have a lot of sustenance and stability.

It could also indicate good health. Fish, after all, is a healthy ingredient in real life. If the dream that you have involves eating a fish that you have caught in your fishing trips, don’t take it lightly. Such a dream is a foretelling that someone close to you is going to suffer from a severe disease.

Dreams of Cooking Fish

Dreams of Cooking Fish

We can give a lot of fish dream meaning here. But just like I said, context plays an important role. Take note that eating a fish is quite different from cooking it. However, you can see both of these things in your dream at the same time.

If that’s your dream, it means that you will get new knowledge and skills. It is a revelation that you will be able to fulfill your desire and aspirations in your life. It could also signify new wisdom or spiritual insights. You will experience something in your life that will give you a new perspective. You will become a better person if you take heed of this vision.

Dreaming of Dead Fish

Dreaming of Dead Fish

If you have seen in the dream that there are fish drifted in the shore or riverbanks, it is just a depiction of some recent loss and discouragement. The loss could involve your finances, position, power, or career. It could portray the deterioration of your spiritual life. If you are an old person, this could simply mean about your infertility. The latter still applies for newlywed couples who cannot bear a child.

Take note that fish represents your subconscious state. Therefore, such a dream can symbolize your old ways. Being stripped away to pave the way for growth and develop. It can also serve as a fresh start.

Always remember that dreaming about death or the dead does not automatically suggest a bad omen. It can have a positive revelation most of the time. Just pay attention to the details and elements that are present in the dream to make sure that you get the right revelation.

Dreaming of Big Fish

Dreaming of Big Fish

A dream about a large fish, probably a whale or a shark, is a warning that you will become an objective of a malicious gossip anytime in the future. Much worse is the fact that the issues being hurled at you will not die down quickly. People, even those who are close to you, will talk behind your back. Even what they are saying are all lies, many will still believe them.

It is an opportunity for you to filter out the people who you will let in your life. It is a situation where you can identify those who are willing to stick to you no matter what.

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Wrapping It Up

Learning what does it mean to dream about fish is quite an interesting pursuit. Not all people have this kind of dream, so you have to take advantage of the possible interpretation that it gives you. Understand the context and try to remember the details of your dream. It is the very moment you will realize that your dreams are not just ordinary instances of your thoughts.

That’s it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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