What Does It Mean When You Dream About Spiders?

Dreams of spiders are not really convenient stuff for some of us–especially those that have arachnophobia. However, it is quite notable that this kind of dream is prevalent. It is not unique to a few people, which makes it more intriguing.

What does it mean when you dream about spiders? A lot of people had asked this question to me in the past. And honestly, I cannot give them an exact answer. After all, dreams can be interpreted differently. I am pretty sure that you are aware of this fact already.

You see, there are various factors that affect the nature and interpretation of a dream. Even dreams about spiders can represent different insights or revelations. You just have to pay attention to all of the details that are included in the vision.

So, if you have dreamt of spider, what are the potential meanings behind them? Let’s explore more about this topic here.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Spiders

Whether you believe in dream symbolism or not, dreaming about spiders can give interesting reflections about your life. Trust me. It is not just a random dream that you can freely shrug off.

Here are some of the possible interpretations when you have dreamt about your multi-limbed friend. Of course, none of these interpretations are absolute until all the elements coincide to what you have precisely dreamt.

It Could Be A Depiction of Your Mother

If what you have seen is just a flat scenery with just a spider on it, there’s a good chance that you have dreamt of your mother. Alternatively, it could be someone female that holds extreme significance in your life. It could be your aunt, sister, or grandmother. In some instances, it could even reflect your better half.

You see, spiders have been associated with feminine symbolism. They typically portray the strong vibes and assertion that women can bring! Therefore, if you are a female and that you have dreamt of a spider, this potentially means that you are just dreaming about yourself and innate strength that you have!

It Could Symbolize Manipulation

It Could Symbolize Manipulation

Nobody wants a life and relationship that have been trapped by manipulative hands. It is life-draining and full of toxicity. Dreaming of spiders can confirm that you are actually being manipulated.

When the dream involves a spider that is weaving a web, that could be a strong sign that someone has too much control in your life. And that’s not a good thing at all.

If the dream involves a spider that caught a prey on its web, there’s a possibility that some people around you are trying to take advantage of you. Sometimes, the intentions could be grim and treacherous. Therefore, it is prim and proper that you examine your life thoroughly if these visions came into you. Assess your personal relationship with your family, officemates, and even friends.

It Could Signify Hidden Creativity

Dreams about spiders don’t have to be harrowing. Just like I said earlier, the dream can be interpreted in different ways. It just depends on the elements that are present in your dream.

Dreams about spiders and their weavings can also portray positive stories in your life. They could be a constructive approach of telling you that there’s creativity hiding in you and that you need to utilize it all the time.

The weaves of spiders, especially if attached to different branches and parts, also depicts the various areas of your life. Specifically, these interconnected spider webs might be telling that you have to piece your life back together. Maybe you have severed relationships that need to be reconnected once again. Perhaps you have spoken to someone for a long time. All these things can be told through a spider’s web.

It Could Mean That You Are Excluded

We all know that many people don’t like spiders. These arachnids are simply too scary, especially if they pop out of nowhere and surprise you. They can look horrific as well, especially if they are speeding their pace towards you.

The fear that we have to the spider is a sign that you are being left behind. The spider could represent you and that the people who are scared of the spider are those people who treat you indifferently. Even if you are approaching them, they see you as a threat or something that is not worth their time.

If you feel that this is the case, then what you need to do is to either improve yourself or walk out. Not all of us can deal rejections easily. It can even cause depression. But for those who have strong wills, then being a little assertive can make the difference. There are times where you need to show off so that these people will change their opinion about you.

It Could Indicate Self-Abuse


Dreams about spiders could also mean that there’s something in your life that you need to leave of escape. If the dream involves a spider leaving its web, it means that there are certain aspects in you that you have to change or remove.

For instance, if you are being too harsh to yourself, start changing it. Give your time to rest and do the things that you like. Are you in a toxic relationship? Just leave it already–even if it is your family that is involved. You have all the means to escape these situations, as being represented by the number of legs that a spider has.

If you have been in the influence of drugs and alcoholism, this particular dream is telling you that you need to stop them already. You have to eliminate these bad habits in your life. Otherwise, dire consequences will befall on you.

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Different interpretations can be attributed to a dream that involves spiders. Most of the time, the most accurate translations can be made if all the details of the dream have been given. It is quite difficult to tailor a correct meaning if some elements are amiss. The interpretations that I have listed here are just some of the possible meaning behind dreams about spiders.

If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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