The White Owl Meaning: What Does It Bring To You?

Are you seeking the true white owl meaning? What does it mean when you see a white owl? Are there any significant points that you have to consider here?

You see, a white owl is one of the fanciest and most glamorous birds today. Often seen as an idle creature, the white owl is actually strong and graceful. It is capable of striding great heights and distant destinations.

Furthermore, the white owl exhibits a sense of depth. When you look at it, there’s an unexplainable force that draws you into its eyes. This kind of attraction is one of the unique traits that this bird possesses.

But as a spirit animal, what does a white owl could indicate? Well, you can learn some of the interesting interpretations regarding the spiritual creature here. Better read on.

Owl Spirit Animal

As spirit animals, it is undeniable that owls directly represent wisdom and intelligence. A person who is possessing the qualities of this spirit animal can see beyond things. I am not saying that they have a “third eye.” Instead, I am emphasizing that they have keen intuition and foresight. They can see beyond things. Other people can only one path; they can see a the multitude. That’s the kind of dynamism that they have.

Furthermore, the wisdom of white owl outshines other spirit animals. They are brilliant and intuitive. They can be inquisitive, but they always take their learnings in their head and their heart. People who are possessing this characteristic are often influential. They have a strong command to those around them, but they will never appear haughty at all.

Owl Spirit Animal

A white owl has been mentioned in different cultures and regions all over the world. They have different translations over this bird. For instance, the Celtic shamans see the white owl as a symbol of higher knowledge. The bigger the eyes and ears of the owl, the more knowledge and wisdom that it contains.

For old Greeks, the owl is a direct representation of Athena, the goddess of craft, wisdom, and war. When they see this bird, they immediately think that they have been blessed with the wisdom to make the right decisions over their life. They revere the owl with the utmost respect and dignity of the supernatural attachments that it has.

Meanwhile, the Native Americans call the white owl as a type of “night eagle.” They also directly link the owl to the deities of the Moon.

Interestingly, the rich Arab tradition has an ominous symbolism about owls in general. Specifically, some Arabs believe that the presence of owl is a sign that there is imminent death to befall. It could be you or the people that are close to you. However, newer interpretations see the owl as the line that represents between endings and beginnings.

As you have seen, it is evident that owls are treated differently. But these things are proofs that the white owl is a mystical creature. Depending on the context, the white owl can give abundance and spiritual blessings to your life.

Seeing An Owl At Night Meaning

It is known that owls are nocturnal creatures. They are usually active in the night, which somehow added mystery to their already mysterious characteristic. It is completely normal to see an owl during the night, especially if you residing in areas where there are an abundant volume of this particular bird.

why do we see white owl is it bad or good sign

But does this mean that seeing an owl in the evening is something that you can shrug off? Well, it really depends on you. But for those who believe that the encounter has a deeper meaning, then the following explanations can satisfy you?


The owl usually appears during the evening. The night is entirely associated with them. When they are there, it means that your life will enter a phase where problems and dangers will come through. However, since the owl is there, it means that you have a beacon of light to follow. Their sharp and strong presence can negate all the threats that are coming for you.

White owls are also a reminder that there are dangers in the dark. There are a lot of uncertainties that are residing there. It is also possible that dangers are lurking, too. The white owl tells you that there are risks in venturing these uncharted regions. If you have a weak heart or fragile mind, you shouldn’t step out at all.

Take note that the darkness is different from the area that is outside your comfort zone. The darkness is the absence of goodness. It is not worth to risk your soul for it, especially if you have a weak spiritual composition.

The white owl can serve as your defender or guardian during the dark times of your life. However, you can only invoke the fullest of its strength if you have strong faith in it. Conjuring the image of a white owl in your mind can help you get past through the perilous times.


Owls are not social birds. They don’t usually go in a pack. Most of the time, they prefer being alone. They are more comfortable if there are few beings near them.

In this context, it can be said that owls represent the desire of the soul for peaceful solitude. People who are too busy or occupied with their life are those who often long for this kind of peace.

The presence of an owl is a reminder that you always have the choice to rest and relax.

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The white owl meaning varies depending on the context and the nature of experience. Some encounters can just be ignored while others can appeal to our soul and senses at a very different level. There’s a high possibility that there are messages or warnings that come along with these insightful predicaments.

What you need to do right now is to ensure that you understand why you believe that the white owl has a significance in your life. You have to inspect your current predicament and assess the areas where the creature might be playing a part.

If you have other questions about your spirit animals and totems, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

36 thoughts on “The White Owl Meaning: What Does It Bring To You?”

  1. What does seeing a white owl during the day time mean?
    I was driving my vehicle today when all of a sudden I saw a white owl fly very low just over my vehicle while holding it’s prey grasping a mouse in it’s feet. It’s as if the owl was waiting for me and timed it perfectly.
    Right away I felt that this had meaning and purpose for me personally. Also when it flew over my vehicle it felt slow motion but it wasn’t. The entire experience was unique and 1 in a million chances that it happens.

    • Hello. Indeed, this experience is quite unique. While it is true that I have hear similar encounters with the white owl, yours is quite interestinng and intriguing. For most part, the connection that you have felt with the creature is due to the fact that it is your spirit animal. Of course, that statement is not conclusive but there’s a good chance that the white owl represents your well-being or personality.

      Also, there is a possibility that the passage of white owl over your vehicle is a divine guidance. Your guardian angels are telling you that your destination is safe and there’s nothing along the way that can harm you. The timing of its intersection over your car could potentially indicate that one way or another, there something good that will take place in your life.

      • I’ve had 3 encounters myself with the magnificent creature. The first time I saw it , I was during home from work and it flew in front of my windshield. As it did so , time seemed to stand still, because I was during at least 55 miles an hour, and it turned its head toward me, looked into my eyes, and flew by. Then, while driving at the edge of dark, there was one watching me go by on a guardrail. The next one was similar to the first one. Every time I was alone. What could this mean?
        Ashley Harvey

  2. Last night, I saw a snowy owl stop in front of my car. It was trying to catch something but there was nothing on the road. I almost hit it but stopped on time. I have never seen an owl so close and when it turned to stare at me, it was so beautiful and then it flew away. It had me wondering all night if this meant something. I looked up the meaning and it meant a sighting meant bringing wisdom or death. I have never seen an owl, especially a rare one in Virginia, which is considered the rarest bird to spot in our state.

    I just started a new job, I am being promised support and a lot of money once I pass an exam and recieve my license. I also was unsure about a relationship I had of 3 years and when I saw the owl that night, I was on my way to my boyfriends house. After spending time together, I had some sense of clarity come to me and I broke up with him peacefully. I did not feel fear seeing this owl, but was still curious and enchanted from its beauty and rarity. I read somewhere someone experience the sighting of a snowy owl and before it brought the death, he felt a negative energy of something bad was going to happen. I am not sure what (good or bad) energy feels like, but I did not feel negative – I felt confident and sure of what I want. And the feeling of knowing what I need to focus on in my life. I think this is what wisdom feels like..

  3. Great video thanks! I’ve been seeing 2 brown owls and a white owl altogether for the last 2 nights outside my house does it mean anything?

  4. As a kid I encountered a white owl I was about 6 years old and I happened to be across the street from my house at the park sitting on a chainlink fence in Barstow, Ca, and not even a week after my 7th birthday my mom passed away which I ended up moving in at my aunts house and almost every day I would see brown barn owls but the second white owl I came across I was dirtbiking with my brother and we saw the owl, our uncle died and this time I was 17 soon to be 18, me and my aunt had a disagreement so I ran away and the first thing I came across is a white owl following me through the trees and eventually my aunt came looking for me next thing you know her tire had a nail in it and it went flat the next day at school and one of my friends I just met in school died knew him for a week… R. I. P., came across another at 18 and a week after my 19th birthday my aunt passed away and here I am 26 and as Im driving back from fishing at the lake in Nebraska and ran across one so they show up in increments of my life and usually death follows, I love owls but their a bad sign in my life.

    • So true. I slashed my wrist as a teen cut the artery blood pumping into the air as I ran into the night and above me surrendering the scene were several white owls hovering as I sat in a dark alley blood spurting with each heartbeat. The guys who saved me couldn’t believe all the owls. So yes I so believe that they are a sign of impending death and more.

  5. I just had a dream about a white owl. It was a young one, and it’s one wing was tangled in what looked like fishing line. It was a snow storm outside, and it was on a branch of a naked tree. I climbed the tree and freed it from the fishing line. It’s wing was injured so I took it home to nurse it. I really wasn’t sure what I was going to feed it, and I was looking for knowledge as how to care for it. Any thoughts as to the meaning of this dream ? Normally I see owls as meaning death of someone around you. I dreamt of an owl (not a white one), the night before my husband suddenly died. I don’t know what to make of this white owl dream.

  6. My mom told me that there is this owl i forgot what it name was but it was a white owl but she said if you are not baptize then the owl will take you and that’s all

  7. I saw three very tall pure white owls standing together looking at me as I drove past them slowly at night and they were less then a dozen feet away, and another one just a dozen yards further, all looked at me as I drove by them. I tried to asses their reason for being there. I did not see them as a threat but wanted to understand why they were there. I was curious since I was responsible for security for that property at that time.

  8. White owl very auspicious according to Hindu religion ,it’s represent Goddess Lakshmi, who is Goddess of wealth and prosperity .

  9. Well believe what your gut tells you it never lies to you,¡But YOU need to listen to your very first gut feeling that’s the hard part,you most ask why? White owl before you know it you caught your self in…..¿I dont know?3th,4th,but feeling the first gut feeling is key. Just like the white owl you see in the moon shine,let me contract myself you never see a white owl in the moon shine if you do there’s a reason for it the white owl got shook or some path of that nature. It’s to bright for them to hunt. I could go on and on.. but you get the point right? Got lil carry away with the wind back to my story my true story’s no more then a month I saw 3 white owls same path around same area from all 3 of the time I seen it,its not close but not far and for some reason I could always see it directly looking at my eyes people lm going 75 m.p.h. and like some one said in this page it was seconds but very slow it seems I could see the details in the eyes oh the location I was driving to a casino and all of the 3 times I saw it I won I dont know if it was 1 and 1 or maybe telling to turn back home cuz it nows I was getting my self into by winning? What do you think?

  10. I saw a medium white owl at night. I was walking into a store with my boyfriend and it flew over us looking down at us. I saw it first then screamed which made my boyfriend look up and see it too. I wasn’t able to see how it landed it just flew over us and disappeared because it flew on top of the store. But since I’ve seen it I’ve had nothing but bad things happen.

  11. Hi I was just on my way home from work and I saw a white owl with gray spots on it. It was just sitting in the road and I stopped. It turned looked at me and flew away. It was so beautiful! I have loved these birds for a long time and I know it was a sign. I read some other meanings to owl sightings and I just don’t believe that it was a bad omen. I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes and my mouth just fell open when I realized what it was.

    • Hello. Thanks for reaching out!

      Yes. You are right. Owls are not bringers of bad omen. Gone are the days where the belief of such is prevalent.

      Owls represent wisdom and understanding. They symbolize your inner depth. The owl looked at you because it sees your soul. In the same manner, you have the capability to understand the thoughts and feelings of people. You can see “grey areas” on their intention, which allows you to be more perceptive on how you are going to deal with them.

  12. My 25 year old son died in a car accident last March. On the night of his death….(after I had been told) I dreamed of a snowy owl and it was stuck under the ice. I saw the face only and the eyes were looking at me through a thick layer of clear ice…..the picture will never leave me…..although I’m haunted by discovering it’s meaning…

  13. I was in my backyard playing with my kids around 930pm when I saw a white bird of some sort flying by. I looked it at thinking wow its a white dova (paloma blanca) but thought “its too big to be a dove” then it turned away and looked directly at me. Thats when I saw its face with its dark black eyes & small pointy nose and said “omg its an owl”. I went on google right away. I’m not sure if it was a barn owl or a white owl but it was some type of white out with black eyes. I read online it can either bring wisdom, over come things, integrity (good things) or death (bad things). What do you guys think? Thanks!

  14. Met a really interesting and intelligent woman recently, and she has come to visit at my house three times. In a lot of things we are completely opposite, but I am very attracted too her and not only is she beautiful, be we have very varied and in depth conversation. I hope too see more of her.
    The last time she came over I walked her too the front gate of my small block of land and before she drove through she stopped and waved frantically at me. She was really excited as she does a lot of bird-watching. Directly above my gate and sitting on the power line was a perfect white owl. He stayed there gazing at us for several minutes before she left and didn’t even move after I walked back inside. Out of all the places he could have perched he was there at that time … can somebody tell me what this may mean? She said it was meant to be a good omen but didn’t know much more. I am not a very spiritual person, but I too am intrigued.

    • Hello. Thanks for reaching out.

      I am quite fond of your little love story here. By the way, the owl you are seeing here is your guardian. Keep in mind that white owls are bearers of wisdom. In the context of your situation, it can be said that the white owl wants you to practice discernment and foresight. You see, things like romance and love are double-edge swords; in one part, they can make you happy. On the other end, they can cut you badly.

      The white owl wants you to take it slow. You should never let your emotions get over you. Know the person first before you jump ships! That can save you!

  15. My son and his friend were in an accident 3/4/18. His friend died. The night before a white owl flew over my car. IG was like the owl was waiting on my car to Pass by. My son was murdered this past April I dreamed of an owl.

  16. Hello,My marriage and career are going through tough time.. One night at 8.30 pm I just stood in balcony after wiping away my tears.. then I saw a huge bird fly across me.. I thought it was white eagle.. The bird sat on a wire on its way and turned towards me.. I was amazed to see a white barn owl with yellow eyes.. before this I had never seen an owl.. I never knew that white owl even exist.. I am not able to decode the significance.. In our region people say that sighting white owl is good

    • The owl has spiritual and cultural significance. Generally, this spirit animal symbolizes wisdom and intelligence. Interestingly, it also indicates the concept of femininity–or the best values that women possess, such as patience and intuition. In your experience, it is clear that the owl appeared as a messenger that you need to be patient, as a breakthrough is about to happen. While waiting, try to strategize. See your situation from a bigger perspective so that you can analyze it, and plan your next move. Your success and healing can come if you are aware of the factors that you need to “play” with. Don’t lose up. Your guardian angels are just there to guide you.

  17. Several years ago my nephew died unexpectedly, he was 50. Not long after that I was visiting him at the cemetery. While I was driving home a white owl was flying straight at my car. It slowly flew over my car. I felt like it was a sign from my nephew. I have never seen a white owl in wild. What do you think?

  18. So I’ve been doing a lot of growth work. Meditating, Daily walks, Journaling etc. This is due in part by my personal relationship. When I met this girl , I got this sense about her. We’ve been expanding eachothers minds and growing. However the relationship has been struggling. Ive been dealing with lots of emotional reactivity to fear of rejection. So, 3 weeks ago she somehow put the idea in my head that she might breakup with me. Accidentally or on purpose I’m not sure, so I began to change my habits. I started to take on more responsibility in my daily life, but the relationship emotional reactivity persisted. I’m not religious, but I’d consider myself spiritual. I would sometimes pray for strength courage and wisdom to guide me through this time of emotional uncertainty. I cried several times over that week. With more awareness and realization I felt like I had to let go of a part of me or a sense of self that didn’t serve my higher purpose. The second week on Monday she attempted to breakup with me and we talked for a few hours and somehow stuck it out. Now, on the same week but Friday I was gonna go to bed late at night. However, I decided to keep my small promise and go out for my walk instead of sleeping. While I was walking, out of nowhere a white owl appeared and I stopped dead in my tracks and locked gazes with this mystical creature. I was unsure of what was happening. Ive walked that area so much and never seen one in my life. It flew most of the way not taking its eyes off me before disappearing into the darkness. The next week. A book called extraordinary relationships was suggested to me by my mentor. My mind blew up. I began to realize things I hadn’t in the relationship and my part in it. I cant describe the feeling, but I feel like I transformed into a higher sense of self because that’s what I was lacking. So what was the significance of that owl?? The timing of this owl in my life in regards to how it was unfolding is just mind boggling…

  19. I was dreaming a white owl was being delivered to our house. Someone said “oh the owl is being delivered.” When they brought it in it was given to me as it perched on my arm. Our family pet the dog came over to smell it. i replied “someone come and get the dog.” As they did the owl looked at me as if showing love in it’s eyes with a slight cooing sound. I then woke-up.

  20. Good evening, myself and my son have just encountered seeing two snowy owls minutes apart. It’s rare to see one let alone two.

    Is there a meaning to this. As we left our driveway it flew over and perched on the fence opposite. Drove around the next corner and low and behold there was another snowy owl sitting on the road staring at us before taking flight!

    I love owls but very rarely see them only hear them at night next to our house.

    • Hello. Thanks for reaching out.

      The experience that you have is quite wonderful. You see, seeing these owls on mundane occasions can bid good fortune. Owls are bringers of wisdom and guidance. There’s a good chance that the owl is imparting some of its profound energies to your kid so that he will become a better person in the future. The experience could also serve as a reminder for you to keep your son and family intact. Specifically, you need to provide the right kind of guidance so that they will not got lost in their path. Symbolically, the last owl you saw is on the road! That’s a sign that you are the one that should pave a guiding path to those who you care about.

  21. I seen a white owl earlier in the evening tonight. I was going to my backyard when it flew in front/above me and landed on the electric wires above that are in my neighbors back yard. I didnt look to see if it stayed there I turned around and came back in. Not only that but when I am in my backyard sometimes I hear it wooing. I don’t know if its trying to catch my attention or someone else but since I moved into this house I hear it often. Not as much during the winter because I am in the house more.
    Should I be worried?

  22. Hello,
    I attended a beautiful garden wedding in Central America with family. As I was watching ceremony, I noticed a small white figure on top of a huge tree (the couple were under) suddenly-a white owl passed by screeched and turned it head toward me, at least that’s how I saw. What does it mean?

  23. For the past 1(one) three owls( two brown, one grey) have nested in the backside of my house, facing west, on the rooftop ceiling. They are seen everyday in broad daylight regularly. What can be the implications of such a situation? Please guide.

  24. Hi
    Im going through a strange time in my life I have already left my husband but he keeps trying to work his way back in to my life and lately I have softened although ideally I know its not the right thing to do. I spoke with a dear friend of mine today who reminded me of how I felt when I originally left him.
    Tonight I literally stepped outside in to the dark when the biggest white owl flew right past my path I ran to follow its tracks and its wings were so magnificent I was total taken aback by this truly wonderful experience and felt really grateful for having seen it. I have researched this as a sign I am holding back when I should be letting go. Could this be the case? Your advice I count as guidance thank you x


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