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Why Do I Keep Dreaming About Him (Former Lover And Current One)

Why do I keep dreaming about him even though he is already gone from my life? Why do I keep dreaming of someone that I haven’t met before?

Surely enough, these questions are not out-of-the-blue for most of you here. Let me assume that you are here because you dreamt of your ex or former lover, and you want to know why that is the case. There are also instances where you dream of a man even though you haven’t been together at all. 

What makes these dreams perplexing is the fact that they only involve one person. It is something that can make you crazy, especially if you are interested or have feelings for that said being. Of course, even if you try to ignore it, the repetitive nature of the dreams makes you wonder why it is happening to you. 

Is the dream a positive affirmation of love? Or is it something that you should worry about?

Well, you can learn the answers to these questions by reading the interpretations below.

Why Do I Keep Dreaming About Him?

In this part, you need to learn that dreams can be a manifestation of your inner thoughts and emotions. For instance, if you think of a person too much in your waking hours, there’s a good chance that you can dream of that person when you sleep. Moreover, if you desire a particular object or event, they can take place in your dream, too. It is your subconscious that is making these things “real” in your dream.

But at the same time, we cannot ignore the mystical aspect of these dreams. Some dreams have a degree of magnitude, especially if they are constantly happening or if you have a “feeling” about them. 

Dreams of ex boyfriend
Dreams of ex boyfriend

Let us break this dream into more specific scenarios. 

  • If the “him” here is your boyfriend, the dreams mean that you need to gain some supportive qualities. Some people in your life require you to motivate and inspire them; it would be best if you can act as a helping hand for them. Of course, your boyfriend can also become a recipient of your goodwill. Alternatively, the dream might reveal your ideal goals for you and your partner. 
  • If the “him” in your dream is your husband, it simply means that you have to be more responsible in your life. You have to be diligent and prudent in your actions so that you will be able to carry your life without causing any conflicts. The dream also suggests that you need to control your words and actions. In this way, you’ll avoid potential troubles. 
  • If the “him” in your dream is a stranger, then it is a sign that your emotional state is going on a rollercoaster ride, but you are unsure of the reason. There’s a strange feeling swelling inside you, but you can’t pinpoint the cause. There’s also a possibility that the dream refers to the regrets that you have for not being able to accept offers and opportunities in the past. Also, the dream is a reminder that you have unrecognized skills and talents. It is a good time that you explore them.
  • If the “him” in your dreams are your father or brother, then that’s a reminder that you are not alone in your journey. You have people around you that you can trust. They can provide you the support and wisdom that you need so that you can continue in your progress. You have your family, friends, and loved ones that can become your beacon of hope in trying times. The dream also resonates with the possibility that you need to find someone whom you can look up to. 

In all of these dreams, we can see that there are external and internal implications that you need to deal with. Because of this, it is important that you can respond to them. Do not ignore them at all.

What Does It Mean To Dream About An Ex

Read more: What Does It Mean To Dream About An Ex? (Is This Love Again?)

Dreams of ex-boyfriends are pretty confusing and ecstatic at the same time. At one point, you think that it is a sign that you need to get back to that person. But later on, you realize that you don’t love that person anymore. You immediately dropped the idea, until one night, you dreamt about your ex again. 

Why do i keep dreaming about him
Why do i keep dreaming about him

So what is it trying to imply? 

Well, it really depends. For instance, if that ex is someone from the distant past (like 10 to 20 years ago) and plays no role in your current life anymore, then the dream is just reminding you of your ideal love life. Maybe you want something that is profound, intimate, and happy. As long as you feel delighted about it, then that’s the dream of trying to tell you. 

However, if the dream is about a recent ex, then it is a simple fact that your mind is helping you cope with the recent break-up. Of course, nobody can undermine the pain that you someone can feel after severing their connection with a former lover. But life goes on, and things like this happen from time to time. The dream is a motivation crafted by your subconscious to strengthen your resolve to move on. It is also a reminder that you should not bear a grudge against your ex. Regardless of the experience, had with him, it is not good to bear ill wishes. In this way, you can recover faster. 

What if you dreamt of your ex saying, “I want you back?” Is this a sign that your ex has feelings for you and would want to be together with you again? Well, that’s not actually the case. You see, the one who is feeling that is you. It is you that wants to explore that possibility that you want your ex back. 


I hope that I was able to clarify this particular dream of yours. I know it is quite mystifying and intriguing to dream of someone. Hence, if you still have other dreams that are related to this that you want clarifications, feel free to ask me in the comment section below.

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