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Dreaming Of A Dead Person Being Alive Meaning

Dreaming of a dead person being alive meaning. Dreaming of a dead person being alive is quite a perplexing one. It can make anyone curious, and sometimes, horrified. Of course, the dead should stay out from this world already. Seeing them actually alive is a product of horror and fiction, and that’s not something that you would want anyway. 

But of course, our dreams are powerful. Several things can occur in our dream that we have no control. Furthermore, there are numerous instances where these dreams are actually connected to our waking life. 

Well, given the fact that you have seen a dead person alive in your dream, there’s a huge probability that it has actual implications to you. One way or another, it is pretty important that you are aware of the possible symbolism of the said dream. 

Dreaming Of A Dead Person Being Alive Meaning

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First, I encourage that people should stop being scared by this dream. Seeing a dead person in your dream should not cause you to panic. 

Gone are the days were the belief that these people are coming to “fetch” you are prevalent. In actuality, many dream interpreters have found out that the dream is never ominous at all. 

In fact, the dream could be linked to your subconscious mind. It is a sign that you are missing a person that is not here in this world anymore. This explanation holds true for those who have lost their relatives and loved ones. Longing for their presence can drive our mind to produce mental images of them on our dreams. 

If that’s the case, then you should not worry about anything at all. As a matter of fact, you should be happy. After all, you were able to flesh out the person you missed too much in your dream. 

However, that’s not the only explanation as to why the dream appeared. Dreaming of a dead relative or someone that is dear to you have other interpretations. Depending on the context, you might contemplate on the true nature of the said dream. 

Here are some of them. 

You Have Regrets

Dreaming of relatives that are not here anymore is a sign that you have deeply rooted regrets. Evidently, such a vision somehow replicates the concept of the past. And remembering the past means that you have either good memories or bad experiences. 

You Have Regrets

If the dream is quite sad or gloomy, then it reflects your subconscious desire to bury something that you don’t want to remember anymore. Failures, embarrassments, and other shortcomings can drown you from moving forward. As much as possible, you want to chuck them out of your life. But sometimes, it is difficult to do so, especially if that particular regret is too big to ignore.

The dream is the manifestation of your predicament. If you don’t want it to happen again, you have to try harder to accept the downfalls you had. You can’t move forward without learning the process of acceptance.  

Something Is Going To Become “Reality”

If you have a dream of your dead father, mother, or siblings coming to life, there’s a possibility that you will experience a blissful episode in your life. Specifically, the dream suggests that you will achieve one of your goals.

Something Is Going To Become "Reality" - Dreaming of a dead person being alive meaning

Dreaming of dead people who are close to you when they were still alive is actually a fruitful vision. You should not feel sad or scared about it. Instead, you have to be joyful because the dream is a sign that you will attain something that you have worked for. Those people might have motivated or helped you while you are molding yourself. Their appearance could mean that all of your efforts will come to fruition. 

Honestly, I would really be happy if I would encounter such a dream. It is a promising one! 

Imparting Of Blessings

There’s a perpetual belief that the appearance of the dead in someone’s dream is actually a process of passing blessings or “gifts.” One should know that some people have special abilities or characteristics that set them apart from the ordinary crowd. 

Imparting Of Blessings - Dreaming of a dead person being alive meaning

If the person who is already dead is alive on your dream, it means that you are going to receive something from them. They are alive because they want you to realize that what you are going to “receive” is real. You have no option but to accept whatever they give to you. Trust me when I say that they will not inflict you with curses or misfortunes. Rather, they would give you gifts that can help you succeed. 

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One day, you’ll just wake up with an immense level of optimism. Or if not, you will just realize that your intuition becomes sharper than ever before. These occurrences are not accidents at all.

Being Receptive

Finally, the dream wants you to become receptive with the things that are around you. Specifically, it wants you to learn how to be sensitive to the people who are close to you. You might need to respond to them to ensure that they won’t feel that you are ignoring them.

Being Receptive - Dreaming of a dead person being alive meaning

The dead person alive in your dream could be a symbolism that you have to be real with your feelings, too. You have to stop pretending that you don’t care or you are indifferent about the matters that surround you. It is best that you can address yourself properly. In doing so, your expectations will not be failed. Don’t ever think that people can read your desires. If you want them to reciprocate, you have to make the first step.


Sure enough, there’s nothing that you have to fear when you see a dead person being alive in your dreams. They are not zombies, ghouls, or other otherworldly creatures. You can treat them as the subconscious representation of your desires and emotions. Of course, you can also see them as spiritual messengers. After all, the dead are much closer to the higher realms than us. 

That’s it for now. If you have questions about dreams and their interpretations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

Other comments

I sometimes see my deceased mother, exes who have passed on that i had toxic relationship with and it took me what seems like forever for me to find what this dream meant. I with w/deceased male ex, lavishing him w/affection, which he was not returning…he was looking like he was quite shocked and wondering why was i being so affectionate w/him. It was weird. I still havent figured out the meaning behind seeing deceased people alive in your dream. I just journal them anyway. 11-22-21

Thanks for reaching out. This dream of your simply suggest that you have some elusive dreams and goals that you cannot fulfil, regardless of your efforts and determination. The symbolism here is that the dead people in your dreams represent all your incomplete asspirations you have that you have to forget. Otherwise, you will just encounter difficulties coping up with them

You words were very understand about dead parent or even other dead love ones..I dream of my dad 5 times and I had wonder what it had really now I feel comfortable and at ease they’re in a higher spiritual realm and will always there to help to achieve your goals or my live siblings much is appreciated Thank you.

Thanks for reaching out. Dreaming of your dead father constantly has numerous implications. In the simplest sense, this dream could be an actual apparition of your father in your dream. If you see them happy, then that means that they are in a better place now and that there’s nothing that you have to worry about. Dreaming of your dead father is also a symbolism of the passing of responsibilities. It is a sign that you should take on more significant obligations and challenges in your life.

I have been dreaming, about my mother, my grandmother, and my great grandmother, they were sitting in one of my bedroom It felt like there was someone in the family who has passed on, I did not understand the meaning of this dream

The dream you had is a sign that the people around you, especially the important ones, are needing your help. One way or another, they see you as someone capable, so they turn their heads toward you. And since your dream feels like something is wrong, it is possible that there are pressing situations in your life that you need to attend to.

I had a dream about my brother who sadly passed away a few months ago. Was watching a war movie with my son in the middle of the day. It was very loud but I suddenly felt very very tired. I lay down on the couch and went to sleep immediately. I did not see him but he spoke to me. I know it was him. He just said “hey Susan You know what?” I woke up immediately as I freaked out a little. It all happened in 15- 20 minutes. I am left wondering what he wanted to tell me

Hello. Thanks for reaching out. At this point, it is quite difficult to ascertain what your dead brother wanted to tell you. However, I am pretty sure that he is trying to call your attention. Maybe it is a sign that you need to be attentive of the things around you. Don’t “sleep” around, especially when there are matters that you need to attend. Of course, it can also be a sign that you need to be on guard all the time.

39 thoughts on “Dreaming Of A Dead Person Being Alive Meaning”

  1. My dream was my dead sister, I’m pregnant and planning on naming my daughter after her. And ever since I picked her name I’ve been having nightmares about my sister. First it was my sister trying to kill my baby, second was my sister came back to life but my baby died. And it just gets worse. I dont know if it’s a sign to change her name because my sister doesn’t like it or what. It’s worrying.

  2. My dead father in my dream is still alive. I don’t necessarily see him. I just know he is there and think about dropping the dogs at his house or calling in. He was very ill before he died and is sick in my dreams but it is a lot more manageable

  3. Whenever I dream of one particular close male friend, my dead sister always appears in the dream as happy and alive. She has never met my friend but says she knows him
    Yet in the dream, they never talk to one another. I wonder what such dreams mean?

    • I dreamed of an ex. He just kissed and loved on me so good and nobody else seen him so they thought I was crazy until I showed them all the text messages and phone calls I received from him. It was surreal. I miss him dearly he was murdered in March ?

      • I always dream about babies or small child who is always happy and I always dreamt of a man who is very fun of me but I don’t know him…what does that mean?…

  4. I dream about my dead Daughter, in my dreams she is always happy and brings so much joy to me every time I hug her and don’t ever want to let her go. the strange thing is that in my dream am fully aware that she died but then am.always happy that she is back with me. she died whe n she was 1yr 11months. I dnt know what these dreams mean but every time they feel so real and her hugs feel.very real too.

  5. I keep dreaming of a recent ex that i got close to after we split up and the first dream it was him telling me he is still alive and we went riding in his car but it broke down and we coasted to where we lived together and the second dream he was just staring down at me thru the window of the room he passed away in. like he was watching over me. i miss him so much. he was the one i went to for everything and he never turned me down.

  6. I Dreamt a phone rang and the caller said one of my sisters (who is alive) has been murdered.
    It was the murderer on the phone he then said listen carefully but the music on the radio (in my dream) was blasting and I didn’t clearly hear what he said.
    I then proceded to the place where my sister was when going I saw my friend who is close to my heart (who is dead) he said,” take my hand.” I was afraid then he assured me it was okay to do so and so I did and he led me to my (alive) sister’s body lying on the lawn.
    there were many onlookers I went up raised the sheet saw her face, her body bore marks of violence, it looked like it’s decomposing, it looked sucked in and wet.
    I was scared and in tears when I got the call but after seeing the body I was calm, only concerned about the calls to infirm everyone.
    Strange thing is I didn’t worry about her toddlers but there was a fear that my other sisters and myself was going to be next.

  7. My older sister died from an unexpected illness several years ago. She was 3 years older than me and we were never close. We had, however, developed a relationship and trying to get closer toward the end of her life. I dreamed of her for the very first time 2 nights ago. In the dream, I was looking at a small group of people I did not know and I was hesitant and nervous to approach any of them. Then, all of a sudden, I saw my sister’s face. She wasn’t smiling, yet she wasn’t frowning – she had a calm look about her – and I IMMEDIATELY felt a sense of peace. I didn’t remember the dream until two days later and the recollection was very sudden. When I did remember the dream, it made me smile and made my heart so happy.

  8. My boyfriend tragically passed away when he accidentally shot hisself in the head. I blame myself everyday! He was just looking at the gun and the clip was on his lap. I said to him put that up, you know I don’t like that shit. And he was laughing and smiling while looking at me in my eyes and said, “what this gun?” And jokingly put it to his head and pulled the trigger. There was a bullet in the chamber and my life forever changed. I tried everything to save him! ? everything! But it wasn’t good enough!! I sometimes have dreams now that he comes and finds me and says he is still alive!! I also feel like his spirit is following me. I miss him! So badly!

    • Hello. Thanks for reaching out!
      Your story is quite tragic! I can’t even bring myself into that situation. But you see, your dream of your dead boyfriend signified that he is haunting you. He is just reminding you that it’s not your fault, and you have nothing to worry about. You should move forward. Learn the lessons from the past. Keep him in your heart and let your happy memories strengthen you.

  9. I was a dream that my husband who passed away last january 9, 2021. Telling that he still alive. Hugging and kissing me that make me cried.
    On the other side, my children also had a same dreams telling that he is alive.

  10. I had a dream my husband who died from ALS was with me after learning I had cancer not really but I’m my dream he was saying I’ll be right there with you?

  11. Dream that my ex that was shot and killed in front of me wasn’t really dead and faked his death to be with someone else. He used me to help him in the beginning of the dream I did he took what I had and left to be with someone else.

  12. I attended a funeral, someone I dont know but he went to the same college as me, the whole school was mourning of he’s passing so I did as well, after the funeral at around 3am I walked back to the dorms, and slept, I was awoken by the dead student sitting beside me he touched my side hip and I woke up checked the time and it was 9am in the morning. I sat there on my bed thinking what does it mean til now. I cant stop wondering why I dreamt of him we rarely spoke or hardly knew each other.

    • Hello. Thanks for reaching out. Your dream could indicate several things. First, it might suggest that you and that dead person have interconnected spirits, even if you don’t know each other. Symbolically speaking, the dream can also mean that you are being “touched” by your past or aspects that you have already forgotten. There’s a possibility that something that you haven’t experience before would rise up and become a part of your life, similar to the act of being touched by a “dead stranger.”

  13. I had a boyfriend who died in a car accident more than 40 years ago when he was really young. He was my first boyfriend and lover abs it was a very complicated relationship.
    Last night, after so many years, I had a dream with him, that he was alive abs we were getting married,, it seemed that it was an old story of love that it was happening over again.

  14. My cousin passed away from an overdose and he was like a brother to me. My boyfriend is in jail for a while cuz he was back on heroin. My cousin was in the same school with him but he was never a friend of his and recently my boyfriend has had 2 very vivid dreams about my cousin and he said they are both happy and having fun and I guess he is a little bit of wondering what to think about how he was feeling like he was actually hanging out with my cousin when he awoke. He said he never had a dream where he felt like he was in reality.

    • Hello. Thanks for reaching out.

      The dream of your boyfriend suggests that your deceased cousin wants to impart some important lessons or hindsight to him. Maybe he is telling that your boyfriend should veer away from drugs and other harmful substances. Specifically, the dream serves as a medium where your cousin is imparting the hard lessons he had learned. He doesn’t want your partner to experience the same horrific things he went through.

  15. My Dad passed in December of 2020. Ever since then I have had many dreams that he faked his death to see how we would react. Many of them I’m trying to hide from him, the rest are just like how it was when he was alive. Do you think I’m just avoiding processing his loss and the regrets I have about his life? I understand him better now than ever and thought I was handling this well, but apparently not.

    • Hello. Thanks for reaching out.

      You see, when you dream of someone faking their death–in this case, your father–it simply means that there are things that you still have to know about him. And it’s quite apparent in your story, since you’ve said that you are just starting to understand him.

  16. So my best friend died in February of 2020, my mom I. June of 2020 and my dad died 11 days ago. I had a dream of my best friend last night and in it she told me “it’s your time” when asked if it would hurt she replied yes. So I’m a little anxious to know what that meant.

  17. I dreamt about an old friend who killed himself years ago. Have never dreamt about him until now. In the dream we were having good ole usual fun times and he was the life of the party as usual. We reminisced on old stories with others who didn’t know our long history of friendship. He was getting ready to leave and told me to pick out a plant. He had brought succulents for everyone and I was scurrying around to pick out my favorite and there were not many left. I finally found one but it didn’t fit the pot but everyone was saying how great a gift it was.

  18. I keep having dreams of a friend who is now gone. Yes I miss him dearly and I’m sure others do too. In my previous dreams I would normally go with the flow just relive memories just to be around that person hug them, but last night was different. Talking to him I finally got the balls up to say Hey you know you are dead right? He responded I know; when I asked him how he said he was unsure. Sadly I told him how! He was sooooo shocked and sad looking and I cried. Me and this particular person talked about a few things then I brought up his girlfriends name and he stopped talking dead in his tracks as if he knew he left her behind. I asked him to think of something only you and her know about so I can tell her. But I know its not that easy. Subconsciously something was trying to keep me from talking to him. Or maybe it was me. But this dream is beyond me missing a friend!! I have dreamnt about him over 7 times in the last 3 weeks, but each time knowing it was a dream I lived in the moment. Except last night. It was as if he is trying to tell me something I just dont know what! I woke up this morning with a nose bleed, which never happens unless injured. I dream about strangers and dead people a lot. But not consecutively like this. And when I told him he was dead he was like I know. As if he were waiting for me to acknowledge it before!! And when I did the whole dream experience changed!

    • Hello. Thanks for sharing your dream with us.

      Indeed, you dream is not just an ordinary dream. Being able to see your dead friend multiple times in your dream is not just something you can shrug off. That encounter suggests that there are things that you have to resolve between you and that friend of yours. Or maybe, that friend of yours is passing some responsibilities to you. Either way, you simply have to appreciate the fact that you can interact with him.

  19. Last night I had a dream of my husband who passed away 3 1/2 months ago. In the dream he was alive however was not very nice or loving towards me. He was moving back to his mother’s house because they had pretended he passed away to get him back with his “blood family” in another state. He did start to warm up a little towards me but it left me feeling very upset when I woke up… there has been a lot of drama with his passing between the “blood relatives” and us

    • Hello. Thanks for reaching out.

      Maybe that dream of yours indicate that you have unresolved matters with your dead husband. Sometimes, the harrowing feeling of the dream suggest negative aspects that you were not able to address. In fact, the dream may not be really directly related to your husband; rather, it is something that is connected to your repressed feelings of regret or animosity towards a particular person or situation.

  20. I dream a lot. I also dream of people I don’t know but in my dream I know them. I can read people with looking at them as well. I recently lost my fiancé who passed in September. I’ve had to move to another state and he was devastated. He was devastated as well that I left him and he got really sick. When I went to visit he was very angry and not wanting me to leave. We had plans for him to come and start our life again and Covid and depression hit and on top of that he got really sick. I have dreams and I know their dreams but this one was he came back and he wasn’t dead he faked it so he could see if I really loved him. There was other symbols in the dream but I was so focused on him and he was his old self again and so happy to be with me. He talked about my children which he did not fathered he talked about our future and lives and was his happy self again. Then waking up expecting him there I woke up not realizing where I was I didn’t recognize my own home at first. I realized I was lucid dreaming which I never do. Then I just hear voices that I love you, I’m sorry, your beautiful, I miss you, I’m so sorry Krystal and other things

    • Hi I had a weird dream. I visited a location where this person jumped off a cliff killing himself a year after his best friend died in a car crash, when I was at the location where he jumped i saw his photos and memorial and told him I respect him and felt an understanding of his struggles, as I am going through a similar situation he went through, losing a friend. I think the guy would’ve known who I was as his best friend who died in the crash I went to school with and hanged out with a few times. In the dream I was at a local 711 in my area and saw him inside there alive and I felt an urge to approach him and talk, I said do you know who I am? and he said yes and said my name. I then told him I put on an act in my life and I think he agreed he did the same but I can’t remember too well his reply. He then walked away from me and out of the store and I just stood there and did not follow because I am used to people doing this to me. I woke up feeling like my spiritual message I sent to him in my mind when I visited the cliff he jumped got through or something and I felt kinda nice about seeing him alive in my dream and talking to him. Can you please analyse the reasoning for this dream. Thankyou

  21. I dreamt of an ex of mine who passed away a few months ago in a naval helicopter accident. He came to me in my dream, alive and well, kissed me, told me we was going to be deployed soon and he had no choice but to go but that we’d be okay.

  22. I have a large family one if my cousins dreamt that our younger cousin passed away in the dream our aunt my younger cousins mum phoned &!was screaming that she had died three weeks later our beloved younger cousin went to bed & didn’t wake up that morning her mum phoned screaming that she had passed away! There’s more to it rip my angel

    • I dreamt of an ex of mine who passed away a few months ago in a naval helicopter accident. He came to me in my dream, alive and well, kissed me, told me we was going to be deployed soon and he had no choice but to go but that we’d beokay okay.

  23. I dreamt my deceased first love came to help me . I knew he was dead in my dream but he appeared alive . We were happy but he came and knocked on my door , he was sad and worried and tearful , he said he was here for me and he will see me soon ,, I was trying to survive and then the world began to end with the ozone layer and gravity, I woke up and now I’m worried has to what meaning it could have .

  24. Hi, I dreamt of a dead person I do not know, he was climbing a tree and on that same tree were monkeys, I, on the other hand, was walking with three dogs, both the monkeys and the dead person seemed to be a lil afraid of the dogs cos they started slowly climbing up the tree, more especially the monkeys.

  25. I have a large family one if my cousins dreamt that our younger cousin passed away in the dream our aunt my younger cousins mum phoned &!was screaming that she had died three weeks later our beloved younger cousin went to bed & didn’t wake up that morning her mum phoned screaming that she had passed away! There’s more to it rip my angel
    thanks sir


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